A history of Ireland ... to ... 1801, Band 1


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Seite 400 - my wife and children are in your power. , Should they receive any injury from men, I fhall never revenge it on women and children. This would be not only bafe and unchriftian, but infinitely beneath the value at which I rate my wife and children.
Seite 35 - Irifh could the right of tenure furvive the poffeflbr : " and as the crimes or misfortunes of men frequently forced them from one tribe to another, property was eternally fluctuating, and new partitions of lands made almoft daily.
Seite 389 - Irish ecclesiastics were seen encouraging the carnage. The women forgot the tenderness of their sex; pursued the English with execrations, and embrued their hands in blood: even children, in their feeble malice, lifted the dagger against the helpless prisoners.
Seite 323 - But wounded pride was the real fource of complaint ; and, as Leland obferves, " men, whofe religious principles expofe them to grievous difadvantages in fociety, are particularly bound to examine thofe principles with care and accuracy, left they facrifice the interefts of themfelves and their pofterity to an illufion.
Seite 108 - ... tribute, and to the maintenance of certain numbers of knights and inferior foldiers for his fervice, they were otherwife, each in his own territory, abfolute and hereditary lords or princes.
Seite 107 - Brehon laws, their ancient cuftoms, their modes of lucceffion, and their mutual wars, waged as if by independent potentates, remained as much in force after, as they had been before the Englifh invafion. The...
Seite 29 - The accounts tranfmitted to us of the afts of Saint Patrick bear all the marks of legendary fiction, and appear no better founded than thofe of other fabulous champions of the church, whofe tutelage, as patron faints, has been feverally adopted, from the cuftom of the times, by the chriftian nations of Europe in the dark ages. Whoever were the happy inftruments in the planting of Chriftianity in Ireland, their progrefs appears to have been flow in the converfion of the natives. So lately as the end...
Seite 332 - They obtained commissions of inquiry into defective titles, and grants of concealed lands, and rents belonging to the crown, the great benefit of which was generally to accrue to the projector, whilst the king was contented with an inconsiderable proportion of the concealment, or a small advance of rent. Discoverers were every where 'busily employed in finding out flaws in men's titles to their estates.
Seite 290 - Loftus, archbimop of Dublin, chancellor, and Sir Robert Gardiner, chief juftice : the military to the earl of Ormond with the title of lord lieutenant of the army. While this new general detached Sir Henry Bagnal to fupport the garrifons of Armagh and Blackwater, O'Nial, dreading the experienced fuperiority of the Englifh forces, and...
Seite 29 - He is mentioned in no writing of authentic date anterior to the ninth century, a period replete with forged lives of faints...

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