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names in the Register kept for that purpose, or may forward the same to the Secretary to be recorded, giving the date of his or her arrival in the Territory of Oregon, where from, native State or country, and year of birth, and pay an admission fee of one dollar ($1.00) and a yearly due of like amount at each annual meeting ; Provided. that no admission fee or yearly due be exacted from female members of the Association ; but all members are required to surnish the Secretary with their photographs on becoming members, or as soon thereafter as convenient, the same to be arranged in groups to accord with the date of arrival of each year's immigration, and to be preserved with the memoirs of the Association.


It shall be the duty of the Executive Board to select annually a Chaplain, Occasional and other Orators, Chief Marshal, and such subordinate officers and invited guests of the Association, as in its judgment may be proper and necessary for the occasion of each annual re-union.


The time of holding the annual meetings shall be June 15th, except when that date falls on Sunday, in which event the re-union shall take place on the following Tuesday. And it shall be the duty of the Secretary to give at least sixty days' notice of the same, through the medium of the public press, stating the time and place designated for such purpose.


The officers of the Association shall be elected by ballot at the annual meetings. The candidates having a majority of the votes cast, shall be by the President declared duly elected. And it shall be the duty of the President to appoint two members to act as tellers, and conjointly with the Secretary and his assistant, shall receive and canvass the votes.


The Association shall, at each annual meeting, make an appropriation out of moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, sufficient to enable the Secretary to provide the officers of the Association with suitable books, stationery, and stamped envelopes, as may be necessary to enable them to discharge the duties of their respective offices, and to meet all outstanding indebtedness or in. cidental expenses incurred in conducting the business of the Association.


This Constitution, defining the objects of the Oregon Pioneer Association, the powers and duties of its officers and members, shall not be changed or amended except by a two-third’s vote of the members voting in the affirmative at the annual meetings of the Association ; but the members may, by resolution, require the President to appoint a committee of three members to revise and report an amended copy of this Constitution at the annual meeting next ensuing, and if the copy so reported, or any Article or Section thereof, shall receive two-thirds of the votes cast, it shall become valid as the fundamental law of the Association.


It shall be the duty of the Secretary to procure from the author of each annual address, a manuscript copy, the same to be preserved with the archives of the Association ; also, manuscript or printed copies of each regular address delivered by special invitation of the Board; and all papers read before, or presented to the Association, to be in like manner preserved.


The Association, in its deliberations, shall be governed by rules made in conformity with parliamentary usage.

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There had existed, for a number of years, a growing desire on the part of a goodly number of the early immigrants who settled the Wallamet and other vallies of Oregon Territory, to organize an Association, the object of which should be to collect reminiscences relating to the Pioneers and early history of the Territory; to promote social intercourse, and cultivate the life-enduring friendships that in many instances had been formed while making the long, perilous journey of the wide, wild plains, which separated the western boundary of civilization thirty years ago, from the land which they had resolved to reclaim.

Accordingly, a few individuals signed a call for a meeting of Pioneers, to be held at Butteville, Marion County. After several preliminary meetings, an organization was effected Oct. 18th, 1873, by adopting a constitution, and electing the following Executive Board:

Hon. F. X. Mathieu, President, J. W. Grim, Vice President, W. H. Rees, Secretary, and Eli C. Cooley, Treasurer.

Their first annual re-union was held at the same place on the - I Ith of November following, in commemoration of the 16th anniversary of the adoption, by the people, of the State Constitution. There were in attendance at this first meeting, some 5oo persons. Ex-Gov. Geo. L. Curry delivered the Occasional Address. Speeches were made by Gen. Joel Palmer, Hon. S. F. Chadwick, and Dr. Wm. Keil.

The Pioneer ladies had prepared bountifully for the feast, and throughout the entertainment, all who chose to accept their hos

pitality, were made welcome at the festive board.

At the close of the first annual meeting, the Pioneer Register contained the names of 45 members.

The second annual re-union of Pioneers took place at Aurora, Marion County, June 16th 1874. The programme for the occasion was promptly executed by W. J. Herren, Esq., Chief Marshal, assisted by his aids. After the procession, numbering some 15oo, had been comfortably seated in the Aurora Park, Hon. F. X. Mathieu, President of the Association, called the meeting to order, opening the exercises in a brief and very appropriate


LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF THE OREGON PIONEER ASSOCIATION :-In opening the exercises of our second annual re-union, permit me to congratulate you, one and all, upon this happy meeting of long-cherished friends---the fathers and mothers of Oregon’s earliest Christian civilization.

I see around me a goodly number of faces that were familiar to me more than thirty years ago. To have seen them at that time, in the full vigor of man and womanhood, buoyed up only by their firm resolves, and looking, long years in the future, for the rewards which their posterity are now enjoying, you would have beheld as true a type of the Western Pioneer as ever followed the course

of the setting sun.

I am truly proud to say in the presence of the sea of upturned faces before me here to-day, that although Old Time has brought his many years of toil, with privations and hardships incident to frontier life, and has given to many of our friends a venerable appearance, they are nevertheless the same honored and honorable Pioneers to-day. I have done.

Then introduced Rev. J. L. Parrish, Chaplain, who invoked the Divine Blessing upon the Pioneers who had laid the foundation of the thirty-third State of the American Union in the wilds of Oregon Territory long years ago, and upon the State and her people for all coming time. &

Hon. S. F. Chadwick, Secretary of State, delivered before the Association the second annual address, which was replete with historical facts and incidents of Pioneer Life in the Territory of Oregon.

He was followed by His Excellency, Hon. L. F. Grover, in a very able disquisition upon the early history of the Northwest Coast, and especially the Oregon controversy which terminated in the definite treaty between the United States and Great Britain, June 15, 1846.

These addresses will be preserved with the archives of the Association.

During the afternoon, brief addresses were delivered by Rev. J. L. Parrish, Col. J. L. Meek and A. F. Davidson, Esq., which were heartily applauded.

At 6 P. M., two large halls, furnished with bands of music and all necessary appointments for the amusement of the younger portion of the assembly, were thrown open under the direction of the Chief Marshal.

At 7 P. M. the members, with invited guests, assembled at Pioneer Hall for the purpose of holding the annual election of officers, and transacting the general business for the ensuing year. The balloting resulted in the election of the following officers for the year ending June 16th, 1875:

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