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Additional Pieces from the Editions of 1580 & 1600.

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Printed by T. Bensley, Bolt Court, Fleet Street,


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The present new edition of the Paradise of Dainty Deuises is printed literatim from a copy belonging to the Editor, made by the hand of the late eminent George Steevens, the Commentator on Shakspeare, from the first edition of the original, then possessed by his friend Dr. Farmer. The public, it is hoped, will give credit to the accuracy of such a copy. The defects, if any, are best accounted for by a note in Steevens's hand-writing. “ It has been attempted to render the following MS.

fac-simile of the first edition of the Paradise of “ Dainty Devices, with all its inaccuracy of spelling,

punctuation, &c.; but as habits of orthography, &c. " are not easily got rid of, perhaps they may have occa“ sionally prevailed over the blunders which the tran- scriber has professed to copy.”

The pages of the original are imperfectly numbered; and this peculiarity has been retained in the present impression. It has been also thought proper to retain the ancient orthography; but the punctuation has been somewhat changed, as, in its old stale, it appeared to the Editor too frequently to destroy the sense.

Mr. Haslewood, with that indefatigable zeal and industry which cannot be too much applauded, transcribed with his own hand the copy, which has passed the press; and most carefully and faithfully corrected the sheets from the Printer.


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