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degree, that he died within half an of hands being now engaging for

hour after. The horse's mouth was that purpose.

found full of dead bees, that he had Yesterday Nicholas M'Cabe and killed with chewing. Malachi Doylcy were re-examined We hear from Diss, in Norfolk, before William Kelynge and Thothat the late tempest was \ery severe mas Kynaston, esqrs. relating to bein that neighbourhood, with much ing concerned with James Murphy, lightening, thunder, and hail; the and aiding and abetting him and lightening set sire to a cottage at others in the wilful murder of John Hoxne, and also to a houfe and barn Beattie; and further, in (hooting at at Banham, which were burnt down: Mr. John Green in his dwell)nga large oak was split to pieces at house at Shadwell; and being charged Roydon; a timber elm at Wortham therewith on oath, were committed was stripped cf its bark, and several to Newgate.

sinall branches were thrown to a The fame day Dennis Toner and

great distance. Peter Flaharty were also re-examined

The following remarkable circum- before the said magistrates, and bc

fiance may he relied on as a fact. A i«g charged on oath with shooting ac

. little porter of the Middle Temple, the said Mr. Green, were committed

scarce five feet high, called for a pot to Newgate.

of porter, at a house in Chancery- From tie LONDON GAZETTE, Lane, about five, o'clock yesterday St. James's, July 5. evening, and drank Wilkes and The king has been pleased to Liberty to his companion; upon this grant unto William Stockwood, toast being given, a grenadier of the clerk, master of arts, the place .arid 3d regiment of guards, who happen- dignity of a prebendary in the ceded to be in the fame room, blasted legiate church of St. Peter, WestMr. W—s's eyes, and loaded the minster, void by the promotion of little porter with'the most scurrilous doctor John Thpmas, late prebendary language; the grenadier afterwards thereof, to the place and dignity of went on his bare knees, took his pot dean of the cathedral church of §t. of porter in his hand, drank confu- Peter, Westminster, fion to W—s and Liberty, and flic- The king has been pleased to grant cess to a favourite lord. On this, unto William Arden, clerk, master little five-feet was put on his mettle, of arts, the place and dignity of a challenged the grenadier (though he prebendary in the cathedral church often threatened to put him on the of Christ and the blessed Virginj fire and broil him) which being ac- , Mary in Worcester, void by the precepted, a battle ensued, which lasted motion of William Stockwood, clerk, for near 20 minutes, when victory master of arts, late prebendary theredeclared so far in favour of our lit- of, to the place and dignity of. a tie champion, that the grenadier prebend of the cathedrat churcji of gave up the battle, but not till both St. Peter,- Westminster, his eyes were closed, and he was so Wednesday, ft.The-UtrechtGazette, .'beat, that he was forced to be led under the head London, June 14, has tome. , the following article:—Mr. Wilkes is Yesterday the intended road from not the only, object of the frequent Black-Friats-bridge to Fleetstreet was councils held at court, and at which fully measured and set out by the the king very often assists. The new city surveyors, and next week the . subjects of complaint of the Amerisame work will be begun, a number cans, who obstinately refuse to submit, Foreign and Domestic Intelligence.

mit to the imposts laid on them in 1767; the sending of the French troops to Corsica; the troubles which agitate Poland, are, among others, the great objects which demand the atttention of the ministry."

We are told by the Flanders mail, that they have begun to introduce the practice of inoculation for the small-' pox at Rome, where the prince de Braciana has undergone the operation with great success..

And from Germany we have an account that the princes WilliamAugustus and Frederick-Lewis of Holstein-Gottorp have been inocufctfed by Dr. Haller.

At Nichol-forest chapel, in Ktrkandrew parifli, in Cumberland, on the 13th uk. a young couple came to be married, and at the fame time the brite's mother appeared, in order to prevent their union, when a quarrel ensued between the old woman and the parson; however, he at last got the young couple into the church, and the doors shut on her, and, while he was marrying them, she broke all the windows. The parson was wounded in sundry places before he could get clear of the vixen and secure himself in the church, and was obHged to apply to a surgeon afterwards to dress-his wounds.

Monday se'nnight, about six in the evening, a sharper went to Mr. Morison's, a shoemaker in Lamb-Alley, Sherborne lane, on a pretence, that he was his brother, just come from the Indies; which Mr. Mori son believed, as he had not seen his brother for above sixteen years; he stayed with-him till nine o'clock on Tuesday night, when, after having got a new pair of shoes, &c. he desired Mr. Morison to step with him to the Fountain in Cheapside, to fetch some of his ■ things, but he made off, and has not beeivheard of- since. He is a little man, pitted with the small-pox, and was dressed in a great coat, blue jacket, and trowscrs. ~ Vol. I,

Monday at the sessions at Guildhall, a woman was tried for assaulting Mr. Emmerton, constable of St. Bride's; the cause of her being taken into custody was for crying Wilkes and liberty, when she assured him ihe would for his folly take the liberty of beating him, which she did by breaking his head, &c. The jury found her guilty of the assault, and the court fined her one shilling.

Thursday, 7. Yesterday his excellency the French ambassador had his audience of leave of his majesty, he being in a few days to set out on his return home.

They write from Algiers, that of five hundred men, who composed the last caravan to the banks of the river Niger, two hundred and seventy died in the passage out and home; so that the people began to be sick of an undertaking attended with such hazard, and very little advantage.

On Wednesday se'nnight a woolcomber, of Grey Eagle-street, Spital-fields, being invited to eat some beef-stakes, eat,heartily of the fame; but about an hour afterwards, being informed they were cut from the rump of a young horse, he fell sick, and died on Saturday last through conceat of his meal.

An eminent master taylor who paid his addresses to a young lady at Chelsea, gave her a bond to marry her in a limited time, or forfeit joool.—This time being expired, the lady employed "her attorney, and rhe lover was glad to compromise the- affair, by paying the attorney's bill.

Among the various effects of our glorious William III. which, in his disputed succession, were adjudged to the family of the king of Prussia, was a remarkable sword which that great prince wore at the day of the battle of the Boyne. Sum libertatis was engraven on the hilt. This sword the king of Prussia has sent as a present to the hereditary prince of BtunsF wick

wick, -with a letter, in which it ■ is said, / never measuredfivords with tile French, but at Rcjlack, your highness has made half Germany a Redback to them. ■_

Friday, 8, Yesterday the French ambassador took leave of her majesty, and this morning he will let out on his .return home.

Yesterday the right hon. lord Cathcart and his lady, took leave of their .majesties, he being in a few days to set out on his embassy to the court of Russia.

Wednesday they began paying, at the Bank, the remaining part of the four per cent annuities, 1763, reducible by parliament, pursuant to an act made last sessions.

Yesterday fourteen prisoners were tried at the Old Bailey, three of whom were capatally convicted, viz.

Samuel Craycraft, and Patrick Burn, for feloniously assaulting Robert Nicholson on the king's highway, on Stlt-petre bank, knocking him down, and robbing him of a guinea, and some stiver.

Philip Blake, a gardener, at Brompton, for ivilfully and maliciously shooting at Philir Evans, to whom (about six years since) he was married; but in February last, lhe finding he had another wife living, preferred an indictment against him for bigamy; of which he was convicted, and burnt in the hand. The ball went through the back of her neck; and the unhapy man afterwards cut bis own throat, in a shocking manner, as formerly mentioned in the papers.

. Orders are given for three men of war of the line to be built at Milford-Haven, in Pembrokeshire.

It is said an additional body os fifteen thousand seamen will soon be taken into, the government's service.

We hear orders are sent to Ireland for all the fortifications of that kingdom to be immediately pat into a proper state of defence.

Last night as a young woman \rt> Ludgate-Street was ironing with an old-fashioned box-iron, she held it to her cheek to know whether it was hot, when the heater fell into her bosom, and burnt her in a most shocking manner.

Saturday 9. By a person who came home in the Carcase bomb, capt. Jourdain, from our new-found settlement, named Falkland Island, we have received the few following lhort anecdotes respecting the same.

"The extent I cannot tell; but there is another island a short distance from this, seeming of much the same size, and a number of smaller, said, to be near 100 in number. Falkland Island is but very thinly peopled, perhaps not zoo in the whole. They are tall and well-made, and of a copper complexion; but not the height that has been whimsically related. Indeed I have seen some of the men from six feet to six feet and an half high; the women are much shorter, as are the generality of the men. The captain, soon after landing, caused a small spot of ground to be cultivated, and sown with useful vegetable seeds, which produced^ some, but not so many as was expected, the climate being so excessive hot; however, a sufficiency was raised to afford a comfortable relief to the ships crews. The inhabitants talk an unintelligible language, and are only to be understood by signs and gestures. In the other large island, it is said, there are many wild beasts, but here there are not any. The inhabitants live upon a fort of Indian corn and jerked beef, or meat dried in the fun. There are a number of little harbours, very safe and commodious, having great depth of water, and so land-locked, that no storms can damage any ships taking shelter therein. There are also a number of small rivulets of fresh water, so that the island will make an excellent watering place for


Foreign and Don. our shipping tn time coming, and may be rendered otherwise serviqeable. When the Carcase sailed for, Europe, they left the Swift sloop of war, a storefliip, and a man of -warthere."

Monday, 11. The hon. and rev. Mr. James Yorke is presented to the living of Allhallows the Great in Thames-Street, in the room of Mr, Tallbott, who has resigned.

Yesterday twelre prisoners were tried at the Old-Bailey, seven of whom were capitally convicted, viz.

John Grainger; Daniel Clarke alias Clarie; Richard Cornwall,' Patrick Lynch, Thomas Murray, Peter Flaharty, and Nicholas M' Cabe, coalheavers, who were in the late riot in Shadwell, and mooting at Mr. John Green in his dwellinghouse; the trial of whom lasted seven hoars. - ■ • - ! (*& »

On Saturday nine coaHteavers were tried at the Old-Bailey, 'vi2. . James Murphey, for the wilful murder of John Beattie, by giving him several'wounds with a hanger on his head, and divers parts of his body, of which he died; James Duggan, Thomas Kearman, John Costello, Thomas Davis, James Hammond, Hugh Henley, Malachi Doyle, and Thomas Farmer, for being present, aiding, abetting, and affitting the said Murphey, in committing the said murder; which trial lasted the whole day, and the jury, after withdrawing for about twenty minutes, brought in their verdict against Murphey and Duggan, who immediately received sentence to be executed this morning, and anatomized; the other seven were acquitted.

Wednesday 13. There is now living at Whitehaven, one Peter Magee, who is upwards of 102 years old, has had eight wives, by whom he has had twenty-eight sons and four daughters, the youngest of whom is fiow between eleven and twelve years of age,

tstic Intelligence.- 43'

Friday,- 15. We hear from Cor-' sica, that M. Murati, who lately com-' manded at Capra:a, is to have the^ command in the Gulf of San Fiorenzo, and the direction of the towers and batteries there, which are all to be fumiihed with large artillery. Considerable magazines are forming, and the garrisons have been augmented. <

Saturday, 16. His excellency the Ruflian ambassador, has engaged Dr. Dimsdale, an eminent physician at Hertford, to go over and inoculate the empress queen and the great duke of C our land.

Tuesday, ip. Thursday last his royal highness the duke of Cumberland, attended by some sea-officers,, went incog, and visited the-dock yard of Chatham, and veiwed the several (hips now building there.

Sir John Pringle, ban. is appoint-' physician to her royal highness the princess dowager of Wales, in the room of doctor Duvall deceased, and yesterday he received his warrant for that purpose.

Wednesday, 20. The Mary yacht, at Deptford, commanded by capt. Campbell, is.ordered to be got in immediate readiness to fail for Calais, for the reception of the prince of Travendahl, (king of Denmark) on board of which will embark lord Boston, chamberlain to her royal highness the Princess dowager of Wales, to accommodate and accompany that prince hither.

Thursday, 21. Tuesday the rev. Dr. Thomas was installed in the collegiate church of St. Peter, West-i minster, dean of Westminster, void of by the resignation of the right rev. Dr. Zachary Pearce, iord bishop of Rochester.

Friday, 22. A commission has pasted the great seal for incorporating the heads of the Civilians in. Doctor Commons.

Tuesday z5. Oxford, 'July 23. On Thursdav last thcorgan which has late. ly been rebuilt, with considerable additions, by Messrs, Byfield and co. of London, at the expence, and by the voluntary contribution of the inhabitants of the parish of St. Peter in the East, in this city, was opened with a grand Concerto, and gave general satisfaction; when the oratorio of the Messiah was performed for the benefit of Mr. Waloud, the Organist, to a polite and very crowded audience. The music was conducted by Dr. Hayes, and the oratorio performed by the voices and instruments of this place; the whole of which went off with great spirit, and yas received with universal approbation.

Friday, ?o, Orders are sent to Portsmouth for a sloop of war to be immediately got in readiness to carry over some important dispatches to his excellency general Gage, commander iii chits of his majesty's forces in NorhrAinerica.

It is rumoured, that some disagreeable advices have just been received from South-Carolina.

There is now living at Hartley in reflex, one Arthur Jackson, a ploughman, aged 107, and his wife aged 103; they have been married 81 years, and never had a child.

MARRIED. The_riiiit hon, the earl of Abingdon, to Miss Charlotte Warren, daughter, of the late Sir George Warren. At St. Kitt's, Alexander Kume, efq; searcher of his majesty's fr uiloms at that place, to a widow gentlewoman of St. .Croix, with an actual fortune of i j,ecQl, John Kenrick, efq; one of the commissioners of his majesty's Stampt-office, to Miss Gyffotd, only daughter of Apthony Gyftbrd, efq; of Queert-square. James Skinner, efq; of Hillstreet, Berkeley-square, to Miss Ann Sylchester, of New Bond street. •VU Bishop-Middleham in the county of Durham, capt. Baron, of his majesty's 5th regiment, to Miss Heron, only daughter of Sir Thomas Heron, baft. --.Hickman, efq; of the lecond troop of horse guards, to Mise Polly Hughes. At Stafihope, Francis Tweddel, of rereepv.ood, in Northumberland, efq; to Mjft Weftgarth. . At ihe cathedral in Salii1 ury, by the ri«ht rev. the bishop of St. David's.. John Douce Gartbwaite, efq; only fop of Edward. Gsrthwaite, of Sh:cklefcrd,

in Surry, efq; to Miss Finny Hancock, yttun;* est daughter of Dr. Hancock, of the Close. The earl Cornwallis, to Miss Jones. The, ceremony was performed by the hon. and rev. James Cornwallis, at Mrs. Jones's in Strettonstreet. "»

DEATHS. At her apartments in the treasury, Mrs. Shephafd, many years house-keeper to the Treasury. Aged near 91, at Richmond. William Sannders, efq; late a scarlet-dyer in. Southwark. At Clapton, capt. Charles Beringer, who formerly acquired a large fortune in the East-Indies. At WiHiamfburg in Virginia, the rev. Mr. Floyd, vicar of Westoning in Bedfordshire, and author of several learned works. At his feat near Paris, Rich. Lambert, efq; nephew to the late earl of Cavan. At her lodgings in St. Giles's, aged 81, Sarah Morelove, whose business was that of picking up rags aad sifting cinders in the streets; in searching her lodgings, there were found 140 guineas, and above thirty pounds in silver, principally in crowns and half-crowns. At Scarborough, aged $3, Robert Bigland, efq; the oldest inhabitant sf that place. In the $id year of his age, at his feat at Downturn, Essex, Wm. Selwin, esqi At his lodgings at Vauxhall, James Regnier, efq; many years in the commission of the. peace for the county of Bucks. At his house: in Red-lion-street, Holborn, James Coningham, efq; governor of the London hospital, the Magdalen, and most of the charitable foundations. In Biihopfgate-street, William Colebrooke, efq. in the 80th year of his age. At his house near Worcester. Capt. John Lee, formerly belonging to the navy. JohnPayne, efq; at his house near Chester. Athis house near Dorking, Surry, the rev. Jo-, seph Pennell. M. A. Thomas Piggot, efq;, of Charlow, near Wantage, in Berkshire. On Epping Forest, Meredith Jones, efq; formerly an eminent Turkey merchant. At St. Kitt's, May 14, capt. Robert Crawford, of the lady Camilla, from London, At Gourdie, near Dundee, in Scotland, James Haldane, efq; late capt, in the East-India company's service. The right hon. lady Hinohinbrook, consort of lord Hinchinbrook, son of the earl of Sandwich; her ladyship was one of the daughters of the earl of Halifax, At his house in Charterhouse-square, the rev. Mr. Moore, many years curate and lecturer of.St. Sepulchre's church. In Frederick county, Virginia, capt. Alexander Stephen, late an officer of his majesty's royal American regiment. Mrs. Nash, wife of William Nasli, efq; alderman of Walbrook-ward, and one of the present sheriffs of this city. Of a pu'rid fever, at his house on Epping-forest, Jacob Howcl, esq; formerly a considerable ironmonger in the Steel-yard. After a few daysi'Jncss, the rev. Mr. Mark Hall, M. A, vicar of Earsdom in Northumberland,

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