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Foreign and Domestic Intelligence.

The Ridiculousmatch, with a Copper-Plate annexed.

Saturday the 2d of July, was married at Horn-Church, Thomas Feeble, Esq-, aged 90, to Miss Frisky, aged 16; after which they set out for Feeble-Hall, to attempt to consummate the nuptials. Daily Adv. See this article more particularly explained in the Copper-Plate, entitled, The Ridiculous Match.

LONDON, Friday, July I.

NO material changes or alterations in the ministry will take place till the parliament meets for business which is expected in November next.

Wednesday the 29th os June lord Cathcart and the hon. Sir Joseph Yorke were sworn in members of his majesty's most hon. privy council, and took their feats at the board accordingly.

An express arrived in town on Wednesday from Paris, which, we are informed, brought an account of the death of the queen of France, consort of Lewis XV. and daughter of the late Stanislaus, king of Poland. Her majesty was bom June 'l3> 17°3> and has left the following issue by the present French king, viz. Elizabeth, dowager dutchess of Parma, princess Adelaide, princess Victoria, and two other princesses.

We are told, that a bill is preparing for parliament, to abolilh the cruel custom of farming out the parilh poor, whose sufferings, when they fall into mercenary hands, are inexpressible.

Candles are now 7s. 8d. per dozen, yet the price of fat, the cost of making, and the duty, do not amount to quite five shillings.—An enormous prosit in such at) article. We have received the further fal

lowing particulars of an article from Leeds in Yorkshire, concerning four men having been struck down with, lightening at Slingfby barn, two ot whom were killed, viz. that there were seven men, six of whom were struck down, and the seventh made to stagger. Mr. Cleaver, sen. and Mr. Mason, received no damage, but one Dinely was very much hurt, and one Beal only a little. Matthew Fryar was the only person that did not fall. The manner in which George Chapman (whose death has been already mentioned) was struck is remarkable, there being a final! round hole in his hat, but no wound in his head, only the hair on it and his breast were singed. It is supposed the lightening went quite through his body, as there was another small hole in the foot of e3ch of his stockings aud boot heels. His left fide and leg were greatly scorched, and the stocking much singed.

There is now living at Alchester in Worcestershire one George Moore, a shoemaker, aged 11 o, whose wife is in her 100th year.

ExiraSt' of a letter from Camcridge, June 29. "Our worthy representatives for the university give annually two prizes of fifteen guineas each, to two senior bacli.-iur'! of arts, and ths'

like like to two middle bachelors, who lhall compose the bell exercises in latin prose. They are this year adjudged to

Mr. Clowes, of Trin. Col. 1 senior
Mr Hunter, of Sid. Col. J bachelors
Mr. Raikes, of St. J. Col. ] middle
Mr. Pearce of St. J. Col. ] bachelors

"On Tuesday last an elegant Latin letter, drawn up by the orator, was sent, by order of the senate, to the hon. Mr. Charles Yorke, to thank him for his great and important services to the university, particularly for having formerly pleaded our cause so successfully, as to establish cur privilege of printing books in law, and all other faculties; and having just now proved an effectual advocate for us in the great Downing cause, whereby an estate of four thousand pounds a year is secured to the university, for building and endowing a new college; and for the many other signal proofs he has frequently given of his zeal and attachment to the interest of this university.

It is reported, that at a late conference the French ambassador, the count de Chatelet, had with the earl of Sheiburne, secretary of state for the southern department, the count observed, that the king of France, in sending so many troops to Corsica, did no more than his duty in assisting his ally, the republic of Genoa, against their rebel subjects. Lord Sheiburne replied, " We do not consider the Corsicans as rebels," "Your proclamations stile them so," answered the count.

Saturday, 2. The French ambassador's departure was fixed for last week; but, by reason of the death of the queen of France, it is, we hear, put off till this: it is assured he will not return here again, but occupy some great post in the French ministry.— The report still continues, that the baron de Breteuil will succeed him at this court.

From the LONDON GAZETTE. <S'/. James's, June 29.

This day the right honourable? Charles Shaw, lord Cathcart, and Sir Joseph Yorke, knight of the Bath, were, by his majesty's command, sworn of his majesty's most honourable privy council, and took their respective places at the board accordingly.

Stockholm, June 10. The king of Sweden is perfectly recovered of the bruises he received by his fall; public thanks are ordered to be returned in all the churches of this city, and 9000 dollars to be given to the person who stopt the horses. The court is gone into mourning for a month, on the death of her late royal highness the princess Louisa Anne, the king of Great-Britain's sister.

Whitehall, July z. The king has been pleased to order letters patent to be passed under the great seal of the kingdom of Ireland, containing a grant unto Dudley Alexander Sydney Crosby, esq; of Stradbally-Hall in the queen's county, and the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten, of the dignity of a baron of the said kingdom, by the name, stile, and title of lord Sydney of Leix, baron of Stradbally in the said county.

The king has been pleased to" order like letters patent, containing a grant unto John Eyre, of Eyrecourt, in the county of Galway, esq; and the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten, of the dignity of a baron of the said kingdom, by the name, stile, and title of baron Eyre^ of Eyre-court, in the said county of Galway.

The king has been pleased to order like letters patent, containing a grant unto Abraham Creighton, esq; and the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten, of the dignity of a baron of the said kingdom, by the name, stile, and title of baron Erne,

of foreign and Dom

of Crum Castle, in the county of Fermanagh.

The king Tias been pleased to grant unto John Thomas, doctor of law, and one of his majesty's chaplains in ordinary, the deanry of the collegiate church of St. Peter, Westminster, void by the resignation of the right reverend father in God, Dr. Zachary Pearce, bisliop of Rochester, late dean thereof.

Monday, 4. Friday their serene highnesses the two princes of Saxe Gotha, nephews to her royal highness the princes dowager of Wales, paid a visit to their aunt, her royal highness the jprincess Amelia, at her house in Cave ndiih- square.

The hon. Richard Rigby, esq; whose seat was vacated in parliament for Tavistock, in the courity of Devon,' ii 're-elected for the said borough without opposition. Extras of a Letter from Genoa, June j..

"The treaty concluded between our republjck and the court of Versailles for the cession of the island of Corsica, is just made public, and contains the following articles.

I. The republick of Genoa cedes the kingdom of Corsica, including its fortresses, to France, who is to pay for the artillery and ammunition found therein, according to the estimation which shall be made,

II. The sovereignty of that island shall still appertain to the republick.

III. All private property shall be inviolably maintained.

IV. The Corsicans shall be accounted subjects of France, during the time that she shall possess that island.

V. France lhall be under an obligation to keep sixteen battalions in the island.

VI. France guaranties the Genoese commerce against the Corsicans or Barbarians.

VII. In cafe the republick Ihould be desirous of re-taking possession

•flic Intelligence. 39 of that kingdom, flie must restore to France all the expences which that crown shall have incurred in this affair, for which purpose an exact account is to be kept of all the money advanced, as well as of the revenues collected.

VIII. France engages to leave the possession and sovereignty of the island of Capraja to the republick.

"Besides these articles, there are three others, which are kept very secret by the two governments."

Friday night last about ten o'clock, in the great storm of thunder and lightening, a waiter at the Barleymow in Thames-street, near Paul's Wharf, was struck blind with the lightening, as he was carrying a pot of beer out, and now continues raving mad.

Friday a stone-mason was tried before the bench of justices at Guildhall, Westminster, upon an indictment brought against him by a methodift preacher, for disturbing him and his congregation some time ago in Lambeth, in a riotous and outrageous manner; after a full hearing of the matter, both parties were obliged to sit down contented with paying their own costs.

Tuesday, c. The right hon. Dudley Alexan. Sydney Colby, created baron of Stradbally, was member in the late Irish parliament for the borough of Carrick: Abraham Creighton, created baron Erne, was member for the borough of Lifford; and John Eyre created baron Eyre, was member for the town of Galway.

We are informed from Northwaliham, in Norfolk, that on Monday last Mr. Robertson, of that town, fellmonger, tied a horse very near a bee-hive; the horse feeding too close to it, several of the bees stung him, which set the horse a kicking, and he spurned down the hive; the bees immediately gathered round the horse's head, and stung him to that


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