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contrary to the true intent and meaning of this agreement, such person or persons shall by us be deamed enemies to their country. : VI. Lastly, we agree, that if any goods ihall be consigned and sent over to us, contrary to to our agreement in thitf subscription, such goods so imported, shall be lodged in some public warehouse, there to be kept under confinement until the forementioned acts are repealed. Subscribed by nearly all the merchants and traders in town.

Providence, (Ncw-Er.gfand) Aug. 5. On Monday sc'ennight, at live, in the afternoon, being the time appointed for dedicating thegreat Elm-Tree, at Capt. Joseph Olncy's in this town, to be a Tree of Liberty, there was a great concourse of very respectable people of this and the neighbouring towns, many coming a considerable distance out of the province of the Maslachu setts-Bay, to on the occasion. An animated discourse was delivered'from the Summer-House in the Tree, by a Son of Liberty, wherein was briefly pointed out the terms of colonization of the sirit'Planters'of these colonies, a declaration of our rights, and a particular enumeration of our grievances, together with a designation of the means of redress. After which followed the ceremony -of dedication, thus: The people in the summerhouse laying their hands on the tree, the gentleman who gave the discourse pronounced these word6 aloud: " We do in the name and behalf of ajl the true Sons of Liberty, in America, Great-Britain, Ireland, Corsica, or wheresoever they may be dispersed throughout the world, dedicate and solemnly devote this Tree to be a Tree Of Liberty. May all our counsels .and deliberations, under its. venerable tranches, be guided by wisdom, and directed for the support and maintenance os that Liberty,

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which our forefathers sought out and found under .trees, and in the wilderness: May it long flourish, and may the Sons of Liberty often repair hither, to confirm and strengthen e^ch other. When they look towards this tiered Elm, may they be penetrated with a fense of their duty to themselves and their posterity j and may they, like the House of pavid, grow stronger and stronger, while their enemies, like the House of Saul, ihaXl grow weaker and weaker. Amen,"

B-ston in Nrw-Enland) August 8. The week before last was finished, by order and for the use of the gentlemen belonging to the Insurance-Office at the North-end, an elegant silver bowl, weighing 45 ounces, and holding 45 gills. On one side is engraved within a handsome border, To the memory of the glorious Ninety-two Members of the Honourable House of Representatives of the MaflachusettsBay, who undaunted by the insolent menaces of V——s in power, and out of a strict regard to conscience, and the liberties of their constituents, on the 30th of June, 1768, veted not to rescind.—Over which is the Cap of Liberty in an Oaken Crown. On the other side, in a circle adorned with flowers, No. 45, Wilkes and Liberty, under which are General Warrants torn to pieces. On the top of the Cap of Liberty, and out of each side, is a Standard, on one Magna Charta, the other Bill of Rights.—On Monday evening last, the gentlemen belonging to the office made a genteel entertainment, and invited a number of gentlemen of distinction in the town, when 45 loyal toasts were drank, and the whole concluded with a new song, the chorus of which is, In Freedom we're born, and in Frccdcm well live, &c.

Foreign and Domestic Intelligence*

SATURDAY, October I. 'THE magnificent entertainment provided for his Danisti majesty at Richmond Lodge on Saturday night last, made a splendid appearance. In the centre was a large triumphal arch, about forty feet high, of the Grecian order, decorated with figures, trophies, and other • embelliihments; from which, cn each side, was a range of statues, supporting festoons of flowers, in proper colours, forming a circular paviilion; at the termination on each side were two letter arches, thro' which appeared emblematical pictures, alluding to the arts and sciences, &c. The great arch led into a very superb enclosed paviilion, in the centre of which was a dome, supported by eight columns, wreathed with uow«rs; and Vol, I. ■

ornamented with gold; from the centre the plan extended four ways, with apartments within for a band of music, fide-boards, Sec* the whole of it decorated with elegant paintings. At one end was a passage to another room, which was painted and ornamented likewise on three sides, the other being all rlazed for seeing the fire-works from, which were some of the finest ever exhibited.

"We are informed from Rome, that a fire broke out on the 30th of August in the library os the Vatican, which began in the head librarian's apartment, and destroyed' all his books and papers, together with some valuable works which were preparing for the press. The. fame letters add; that the church of the Trinitarians at Montenero, near the palace of X the the French ambassador, lately tosk fire, and that the whole edifice, with all its ornaments, &c. were consumed, except the glory and the host, which were preserved from the flames by * priest, at the hazard of his life.

last Wednesday Mr. Alderman Halifax, and Mr. Alderman Shakespeare, were sworn in sheriffs for the city of London and county of Middlesex.

And on- Thursday Mr. Alderman Turner was chosen lord-mayor sot the year ensuing.

The whole of the national debt, as it stood On the 5th of January 1768 (being old Christmas-day) was 129,724,9361. 8s. 2d. 3-4. The yearly interest for the fame 4,646,271. 7s. 5d.

Black-friars bridge was opened on Thursday morning for fout-pastengers.

Oji Wednesday last his Danish majesty went to Woolwich, and was present at the launching a fine new sixty gun lhip, which was named "The king of Denmark." Hie majesty often expressed his satisfaction and approbation of his polite reception at Woolwich-warren, and partook of a cold collation.

Yesterday the four city members, with John Paterfon, efq; dined with his Danish majesty. : On the 6th of August last, about eleven at night, a fire broke out in the Harem of the grand vizir, at Constantinople, and reduced that extensive building to asties. The furniture was allde'iroyed, and most of the jewels.

Monday 3. Friday night her royal highness the princess dowager of Wales gave a splendid ball and magnificent supper at Carlton-house, at which were present their Britannic majesties, his Danisti majesty, and the rest of the royal family, and a great number of the nobility.

On the 14th ult. the princess royal of Denmark, consort to the hereditary prince, was delivered o( a princess.

Advice has been received at the court of Vienna of the pregnancy of the queen of the Two Sicilies, and of the grand duchess of Tuscany.

A letter from Warsaw, dated Sept, 10. fays,. "The troubles of this unhapvy kingdom increase every day. What gives most affliction to the king and senate are the three confederacies just formed in Lithuania, in which feme persons of great consideration have taken part. Some detachments of Ruffian treops are in march that way, to endeavour to disperse them. All the noblesle on the frontiers of Hungary are up in arms, and the clergy are Incessantly animating the peasants to rev olt. Major and lieutenant de GoltE (sons or the general baron de Coltz) hive been assassinated on the highway." .

Thursday died at Bath, the right hon. Arthur Upton, of Castle-Upton, in Iceland, one of his majesty's most honourable privy council ot that lttpgdom. He served in parliament for the county ol Carrjckfcrgus, twenty-six years.

At Abingdon races on Thursday last, Mr. Alder (who had the 20,0001. prize in the last lottery) started his grey horse Prize (alias Sulphur) against nine others, for the gentlemens subscription purse of 501. arid won in the fourth heat by no more than about half a neck. The bets, before starting, were four to one against Mr. Alder.

Tuesday 4. A certain great lady of royal distinction, having been informed of the distress which a late opulent family are now labouring under, generously sent, last Saturday, a purse, containing eighty guineas, requiring, at the fame time, to be informed whetherthat sum was fully sufficient to extricate them out of their difficulties; on enquiry, it appeared, that an addition of twenty-five guineas more to her m 's bounty, would effectually retrieve their affairs; which account she no sooner received, than (with a greatness of foul peculiar to her noble self) she ordered that sum to be immediately carried to them, and thereby fully compleated her noble and great design of rescuing an unfortunate man, his wife, and four children, from destruction.

Wednesday 5. A few days ago, as seven miners were at work in an old mine near Taddington in Derbyshire, some props of wood gave way, and many tons of marble fell upon six of them. They were dug out dead, and shockingly mangled.

Thursday 6. When the king of Denmark, with his suite, went to Flamstead-House in Greenwich-Park, they found earl Morton, admiral Rodney, Sir Thomas Robinson, general Honeywood, general Harvey. &c. After viewing, with the greatest attention, the many curious astronomical instruments &c. he partook of a breakfast of fruit and tea. He went then to lady Catherine Pelham's house, and from thence into Greenwich Hospital, and visited the hall, chapel, wards, &c. from thence he went to the admiral's apartment, where an elegant cold collation was provided, and his majesty and the company went back in the admiralty and naval barges to Whitehall.

Of 124 ships senttoGreenland by theDutch, 119 are returned, loaded wiih 390 whales.

Friday 7. The French have expelled the jesuits from Corsica.,

The favourite toast among the friends of the colonies is, " May steady perseverance never be construed into obstinate resistance"

A comnjendam passed the seal yesterday, t« empower the right rev. the bishop of Bristol, to hold therewith the deanry of St. Paul, London, worth upwards of 1200I. per annum.

By the death of the rev. Dr. Ferdinands Warner, the valuable parsonage of Barnes in Surry, and the rectory of St. Michael, Quecnhithe, London, becomes vacant, both which are in the gift of tile de;ui and chapter of St. Paul's.

Saturday Foreign and Dom

Saturday 8. Yesterday the most rev. father in God, Frederick, lord archbishop of Canterbury, was, by his majesty's command, sworn of his majesty's most honourable privy council, and took his place at the board accordingly.

The mails from Holland, France and Flanders, which arrived yesterday, brought advice, that several bands of Turks had passed the Niester, and were committing hostilities on the Pobfli territory; that the Confederates of Bar, who were lately dispersed by the Russian troops, had reunited themselves on the Ottoman side of the Niester; and that general Kreczetnikow has posted a line of iroops from Mniedziduc to Constantinow.

The French have received a total defeat in Corsica. M. de Chavelin having divided his farces too much, they were attacked every where by the brave Corsicans, who drove them out, and recovered every place they had lost before, with vast slaughter of the French, who were drove to the very walls of Bastia.

Last Sunday night, about half past eight, his Danisli majesty arrived at Newmarket, in five hours from London; a great number of the nobility immediately waited on him, and he supped in private, Monday morning his majesty, attended by the lords of his train, walked to lord Rcckingham's stables, and after that went to fee the horses exercise, where the king continued near an hour on foot upon the heath. From thence he went in the duke of Ancaster's coach, attended by his grace, rount Bernstorf, and the Russian ambassador, to the grand stand to fee the races, where he appeared the whole time to indulge the curiosity of the multitude. Many of the nobility, &c. dined with him afterwards at the king's pala e in public. On Tuesday morning, by six o'clock, his majesty was on horseback at a foxhunt, where he rode remarkably bold, and was in at the death. This day his majesty again honoured the races with his presence, and the nobles afterwards dined at the palace as the day before. On Wednesday he went to the cocking, and at one o'clock set offfor London. The expences of his Danish majesty's tour to Newmarket are estimated at 4000I.

Thursday two ladies were convicted before the lord mayor of wearing chintz gowns, and were fined agreeable, to the act.

Monday 10. Saturday morning the horsegrenadiers on foot, and the grenadiers of the three regiments of foot-guards, were reviewed on Wimbledon-common by their majesties, the king of Denmark, their royal highnesses the dukes of Gloucester and Cumberland, lord Ligonier, the marquis of Grajrby, and several other persons of distinction, when they went through their exercise to the entire satisfaction of all present. A littie before eleven his majesty set out in a post-chaise from the queen's palace, fcojn whence he went to St. James's,

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where his Danish majesty got in, and thus tliey proceeded to Wimbledon-common. Twenty -horses, very richly caparisoned, attended on the occasion. Their royal hignesses the dukes of Gloucester and Cumberland also followed their majesties in their respective carriages.

'Tuesday 11. Yesterday a court of common- * council was held at Guildhall, when the freedom of this city was unanimously agreed to be presented to his majesty the king of Denmark, in a gold box of two hundred guineas value.

The entertainment given to his majesty the king of Denmark, on Friday last, by their graces the duke and duchess of Northumberland, at Sion-House, was most remarkably elegant and magnificent.—On the king's arrival lie was recei ved at the coach-door by the duke and duchess, and conducted by them through the grand suite of new apartments into the gallery, where he amused himself till dinner-time. At dinner,-the company consisted of the king of Denmark, several of the foreign ministers and their ladies, the Danish noblemen, and form; of the first nobility of both sexes in this kingdom. Three courses, of whatever was mod: rare and excellent in, this country, were served up in gilt jilate, followed by a most superb and highly ornamented desert; and a band of music from the vestibule accompanied the whole. Aster dinner, coffee, tea, and other refreshments, were served to the company, which, towards the evening, was increased to above two hundred, and consisted of their royal highnesses the princess Amelia, the dukes of Gloucester and Cumberland, and persons of the first quality an 1 distinction. About nine o'clock his majesty of Denmark, atrended by this noble assembly, being in the gallery, the folding doors were snddenly thrown open, and displayed to him a most superb and magnificent rotund temple, communicating with four open pavilions of Grecian architecture, erected in the great inner court of Sion-House, and ornamented with transparent paintings of the arms "f Great-Britain and Denmark, and the badges of the several orders of knighthood of both kingdoms, with festoons and pyramids of lights, and a variety of emblematical devices, the whole being illuminated with upwards of fifteen thousand lamps. A band of music was placed in the pavillions, which, on his majesty's appearance, saluted him with a grand concert of martial instruments. The king having remained here some time, returned by the great hall through the vestibule into the ball-room, where he opened the ball with dancing two minuets, one with the duchess of Ancaster, the other with lady Francos Manners; he then began the country dances "with lady Gower, which continued till near twelve o'clock; at which time his majesty again passed thruugh the illuminated X i temple temple and principal apartments to supper, which was served in a room over the gallery, being accompanied there by the dukes of" Gloucester and Cumberland, the foreign ministers and their ladies, and some of the principal English nobil:ty. The rest of the company supped at a range of tables about 140 feet in length, in the arcade next the garden, which had been inclosed and fitted up in an elejant runner for this purpose. After supper the company assembled again in the ball-room, and renewed the dancing, from which the king and his train retired between one and two o'clock, and some time after the ball ended. In honour of their royal guest, their graces had a new road made on purpose, leading frem the turnoike-road, in a winding di'rection, towards Sion-Housc, and a new bridge laid over the great canal that surrounds it. This road was lined with lamps, quite up to Sion-House, which had a most beautiful errect, and prevented any accident happening amongst the' numerous train of carriages that crouded it on th:S occasion.

The following extract from Voltaire's Princess of Babylon, will (hew how high an opinion tiiat writer entertains of the present king of Denmark: "Ainazan, however, [the princess's lover] was gone to see Scandinavia {Denmark]. In these climates his eyes were Struck with new sights: here royalty and liberty existed together, by an agreement which seems impossible in other states; the peasants have a share in the legislation as well as the grandees of the kingdom: and a young prince gives the greatest hopes of being wonhy to ommand a free nation. There was something stranger still;—the only king who had a right to be despotic on earth, by a formal contract with his people, was, at the fame time, the youngest and justest of princes."

(Wednesday 12. An account of the" grand masquerade given by his Danish majesty to the nobility and gentry of this kingdom, at the King's Theatre in the Hay-market, on Monday evening, last.—The masquerade was opened about nine o'clock.—At ten, his Danish majesty, accompanied by his excellency t*0nt . Kolcke, came in his own coach and pair, in n private manner, down Market-lanf, behind the Opera-House, with only two servants and one siambeau, and afterwards dressed in his masquerade in one of the dressing-rooms of th'e 'Opera-House.—A little after ten, the nooltmen of his Danish majesty's suite followed ,in chaiis, in their proper masquerade "dresses, extremely rich and elegant, up Market-lane, and so entered the house at the lack-duors in that Jane.—The ball was opened by the king of Denmark and the duchess of Aucaster.—His Britannic mr.jtsty was in a private boy, apparently shut, but with ueepJloles in the shutters.—The duke of Cunibtr

land was in a crimson dominee, trimmed with gold, black hat, and white feather. Duke of Gloucester, in a purple dominee, white hat and white feather. The duke of Northumberland appeared in a Persian habit, with a turban richly ornamented with diamonds. Her grace thj duchess of Northumberland appeared in the chaiacter of Rembrandt's wife, in a close black gown, trimmed with gold, a round-ear'd coif, short apron tucked up, with a painter's brush in her hand. Lord Gro'svenor was in a splendid suit of the Turkish fashion. Lord Clive appeared in the dress of a Nabob, very richly ornamented with diamonds. Ai> East-India Director was dressed in the real habit of a Chinese Mandarin, ornamented with diamonds, particularly the collar, which . wr.s entirely covered with diamonds, to an immense value, which greatly attracted the notice of his Danish majesty, who vsewed the same for a considerable time. Mr. Cambidge; and his three daughters, composed the Indian ■ family. Mr. Scraston was in the superb dress of a Nabob. Mr. Muilman, magnificently habited in the characted of Tancred. Two gentlemen of the London common-council, in their mazareen gowns, as if they were sensible that the very dress of their own office was, of all others, the most proper to play the fool in. The character of Mungo, in the Padlock, was very exiellently assumed by Mr. Mendez, who was, very fine in jewels, and exceedingly diverted the company. Dr. Dominiceti, and his lady, in the character of » gardener and his wife, excited much curiosity, from the singularity of their dress, which was greatly admired. Lady Bell Stanhope1, and her sister, represented Pilgrims, they wore brown gowns vvith blue fashes, trimmed with silver, and small hats laced rotmd with diamonds. Diana, lady. Stanhope. Old Woman, general Conway. Witch, Mr. James* Indian Raggi, Mr. Vanfittart. Sailor, Mr. Thompson. No Sailor, Mr. Broderirk. Sir Epicure Mammon, Mr. Kelly. A Methodist Preacher, with long lank hair, all in black, except his band. A Chimney-sweeper, with his bag, shovel, and scraper, whom the centinel at first refused admittance. Cleopatra, Mrs. Gamier. GoOdds of Chastity, Miss Groves. Mrs. Ross, in the character of Ni9ht, displayed much fancy in the choice of. her dress; it was a thin black silk, studded with stars, snd fastened to the head by a moon very happily executed. Miss Elliott, in the character of Pallas, armed with a helmet arttt a lance. A beautiful Quaker, in a hik of a faint maiden's blush.. These were all the principal characters. The "king of Denmark

(bein^ master of the house) appeared' unmasked, in order that the masques might pay their compliments to him, which they did. He was habited hi only a yellow silk dwninee,


Foreign and Dom

trimmed with silver lace. The ladies; in general, made a very beautiful and brilliant appearance. The duchess of Ancaster, in the character of a Sultana, was universally admired j her robe was purple fattin bordered with ermine. The princess Amelia, the duchess ot Bedford, lady Howe, and several other personages of high rank, were present, hut did not mask. Lady Harrington, and the two young ladies her daughters, were extremely simple in their appearance, but, at the fame time, extremely elegant, and attracted the general attention of the company. The ■ dress of the countess of Waldegrave was remarkably splendid. The lady of an eminent merchant had her dress ornamented with jewels to the amount of 30,0001. Many ladies were dressed in fine Spanish and Turkish habits; several as shepherdesses, with crooks; and some were like dancers. The noblemen and gantlemen were for the most part in dominee3. — At twelve the company went to supper, which was a very elegant cold collation. At table the company were all unmasked, except one person, who appeared in the character of an African, with a rich diamond collar round his neck: his face was so completely covered with black silk, and so neatly put on (for he wote no mask during the ■whole night) that he could not take it off.— The king of Denmark, with the dukes of Gloucester and Cumberland, the princess of Amelia, &c. supped in a private room (one of the dressing-rooms).—His Britannick majesty did not mix with the company either at the supper or at the ball, and retired ot one o'clock. —The plenty of provisions and profusion of wines of every fort exceeded any thing of the kind ever seen in England: at supper seven hundred ladies and gentlemen were complcatly accommodated at a time with the greatest order and decorum; when supped, they retired to dancing: then a second party of the like number took their places, and so on alternately, till the whole company had partook of his Danish majesty's truly noble entertainment.— The illumination of the Opera-Houfe was splendid and elegant; the front of the galleries, which were full ofcompany, very richly dressed, being decorated with several rows of small lamps, as were the pillars on the stage, and other parts of the theatre. At four yesterday morning the company began to go away, but the house was not totally clear till past eight. The house, in general, was extremely Well lighted.

Thursday 13. Tuesday last the earl of Hillsfeoruugh was married, at the chapel at Lambeth palace, to the right hon. the lady Stawell.

Yesterday at a court of common council, the lord-mayor complained, that a member of the court had said,' in a private company, his lordship's illness was a political one, which, he apprehended, would continue till after the

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9th of November; and his lordship declaring he was determined to make his appearance on that day, the member got vfp in his place,' antl politely asked his lordship's pardon for such hit misapprehension.

Yesterday morning, about nine o'clock, the1 convicts under sentence of death, were put into two carts in the Seslions-houfe-yard (on account of the paving of Newgate-street) and conveyed to the place of execution. Robert Paterson, alias Wright, James M» sf and Hannah Smith, in the first, and Mr. Holt and Slocombe in the second. They all behavM extremely penitent, and sensible of their unhappy past conduct.

Friday 14. In consequence of some disagreeable advices lately received, and a variety of circumstances both atiiome and abroad, the apprehensions of a war are affirmed to have something more for their foundation, than, mere probability and report.

Wednesday the king of Denmark rook 'leave of their majesties, and all the royal family* and yesterday morning, at nine'o'csodc, he set out from St. James's, accompanied by tire noblemen of his houshold, three post-chaises and four, preceeded by two postillions to each on horseback, for Dover, on his way to France. His majesty on entering the chaise, and passing through the Court-yard and Cleveland-row, very condescendingly bowed and saluted the people as he passed by them, who were assembled in great numbers, for the last time, to take their farewell of this truly amiable monarch, crying out, "God bless your majesty;" and with hearty and unfeigned acclamations wished him a good journey, and every blessing on earth to attend the gracious monarch. His majesty was dreft in light blue, and narrow silver lace, and furtout coat over, accompanied in the chaise by his excellency count Holcke; and preceded through the Stable-yard, down St. James's Park, where, on the parade, he was faluttd by the guards at he past them. The grand maremal count Molck fate out with another gentleman in 'apost-chaise and four, about half an hour before'his majesty, preceeded by two postillions on horseback, followed With two oxaches and six, with servants and baggage •very heavy laden. His Danish majesty left one "thousand guineas to be distributed among the English servants at St. James's, who wcie appointed to attend him during his stay here.

His Danish majesty having signified his pleasure to take up his freedc.m in the company of Goldsmiths, London, Mr. Sheriff Halifax, the prime warden, immediately called a court of assistants for that purpose; and On Wednesday it was unanimously ordered, that the freedom of the said company be mbst humbly presented to his majesty in a gold box of 15* guineas value.

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