The Gallery of Nature and Art: Or, a Tour Through Creation and Science, Band 6


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Seite 465 - I wished to satisfy myself whether any, and which of these opinions were just. For this purpose I determined to open and examine it thoroughly. It was situated on the low grounds of the Rivanna, about two miles above its principal fork, and opposite to some hills, on which had been an Indian town.
Seite 26 - When pieces of charcoal about an inch long and one-sixth of an inch in diameter were brought near each other (within the thirtieth or fortieth part of an inch), a bright spark was produced, and more than half the volume of the charcoal became ignited to whiteness, and by withdrawing the points from each other, a constant discharge took place through the heated air, in a space equal at least to four inches ; producing a most brilliant ascending arch of light, broad, and conical in form in the middle.
Seite 467 - ... both origin and growth from the accustomary collection of bones, and deposition of them together; that the first collection had been deposited on the common surface of the earth, a few stones put over it, and then a covering of earth, that the second had been laid on this, had covered more or less of it in proportion to the number of bones, and was then also covered with earth; and so on.
Seite 264 - And the Lord said unto Moses, Write this for a memorial in a book, and rehearse it in the ears of Joshua : for I will utterly put out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven.
Seite 383 - I have heard nothing to-day but shouts and acclamations by the successive bodies of pilgrims. From the place where I now stand, I have a view of a host of people like an army, encamped at the outer gate of the town of Juggernaut; where a guard of soldiers is posted to prevent their entering the town, until they have paid the pilgrim's tax [to the British East Jndia Company].
Seite 386 - 1 have returned home from witnessing a scene which I shall never forget. At twelve o'clock of this day, being the great day of the feast, the Moloch of Hindoostan was brought out of his temple amidst the acclamations of hundreds of thousands of his worshippers. When the idol was placed on his throne, a shout was raised, by the multitude, such as I had never heard before. It continued equable for a few minutes, and then gradually died away.
Seite 465 - Others again supposed them the general sepulchres for towns, conjectured to have been on or near these grounds ; and this opinion was supported by the quality of the lands in which they are found, (those constructed of earth being generally in the softest and most fertile...
Seite 383 - At this place we have been joined by several " large bodies of pilgrims, perhaps 2000 in number, who " have come from various parts of Northern India. Some " of them, with whom I have conversed, say that they " have been two months on their march, travelling slowly " in the hottest season of the year, with their wives and " children. Some old persons are among them who wish " to die at Juggernaut. Numbers of pilgrims die on the " road ; and their bodies generally remain unburied.
Seite 387 - ... advancing. A body of men, having green branches or palms in their hands, approached with great celerity. The people opened a way for them ; and when they had come up to the throne, they fell down before him that sat thereon, and worshipped. And the multitude again sent forth a voice, ' like the sound of a great thunder.

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