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the rock, the rest built. Hassaia, or Amada, a temple of Thothmes, ancient; nearly opposite to it is Dayr or Dirr, on east bank, the capital of Nubia, which has a temple, cut in the rock, of the time of Remeses II.

Ibreem (Primis parva); part of the ancient wall on south side of town; remains of a stone building amidst the houses ; some small grottoes below the town, near the river. Aboosimbel, two temples, cut in the rock, the finest Egyptian monuments out of Thebes : they are of the time of Remeses II.

At Ferayg, nearly opposite, on east bank, a small temple in the rock. Farras, on west bank, few remains ; grottoes, with Coptic inscriptions, some distance from the river. Wadee Halfeh; remains of three buildings, on west bank; fine view of the second cataract from a rock on the same bank, a short walk to the south of Wadee Halfeh.

A day and a half beyond Wadee Halfeh are the two small temples of Sámneh, and the third cataract.

The distances from the Mediterranean to the second cataract are as follow:

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