Records of the Town of Newark, New Jersey: From Its Settlement in 1666, to Its Incorporation as a City in 1836

New Jersey Historical Society, 1864 - 294 Seiten

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Seite 2 - Tho' all others admitted to Be planters have Right to their proper Inheritance, and do and shall enjoy all other Civil Liberties and Privileges, According to all Laws, Orders, Grants which are, or hereafter shall be made for this Town. 2nd. We shall with Care and Diligence provide for the maintenance of the purity of Religion professed in the Congregational Churches.
Seite 1 - Brandford, together with their associates, being now accepted of, do make one township, provided they send word so to be any time between this and the last of October next ensuing, and according to fundamentals mutually agreed upon, do desire to be of one heart and consent, through Gods blessing with one hand they may endeavor the carrying on of spiritual concernments as also civil and town affairs according to God and a Godly government ; there to be settled by them and their associates.
Seite 10 - The Town freely Consented, by their Jointly Voteing to Give freely to Mr, Parson, the Charges off diging and Finishing his well Hitherto ; with the Rest of his Transportation Charges. Item — the Town Consented to pay Mr. Parson Eighty pounds for the first Year, Which is to Be Laid out in Building his House at Moderate prises for their Labour ; which Year began the first of Oct'br. Last in the Year 1667, and To the Last of October 1668, and so to Stand from Year to Year.
Seite 4 - Persons so ill disposed and affected shall after Notice given them from the Town quietly depart the Place Seasonably, the Town allowing them valuable Considerations for their Lands or Houses as Indifferent Men shall price them, or else leave them to make the best of them to any Man the Town shall approve...
Seite 51 - Town, that every Individual Man or Planter in the Town, shall by Way of Proportion in a Rate be engaged for the Purchase of that Part of the Neck, which formerly belonged to Major Kingsland. Item — Mr. Crane, Mr. Molyns, and Mr. Hopkins, are chosen to see after Confirmation of the Neck, and to sue for further Easment in Respect of Pay. Item — Mr. John Ogden, Mr. Jasper Crane, Mr. Jacob Molyues, Mr.
Seite 285 - Election, if they so Long Live, or Pay the Sum of five Pounds for the use of the poor of the Said Town, AND that in Case of the Death or Refusall of any of the said Officers to serve in any of the said Offices as often as the Same Shall Happen out of the Useuall Anniversary time of Election, that it shall and may be Lawful for the said freeholders and Inhabitants to assemble, and meet together to Choose others in their Room and place...
Seite 234 - ... Wilbur, Siias Condit, Wm. Tuttle, James Bruen, John Taylor and David Hayes. Overseers of the Highways — Caleb S. Riggs, Samuel Pennington and Nehemiah Tunis. Overseers at Camptown and Lyon's Farms — James Canfield, Israel C. Crane and Joseph W. Camp. Pound Masters — William Stevens, Elihu Picrson and Robert Hayes. Resolved, That Hogs running at large are liable to be drove to the Pound, and Charged for each Hog Fifty Cents, that is to say — Twenty Five Cents to be paid to the Driver and...
Seite 188 - They shall hold their office for the period of two years from the date of appointment, and subscribe to the oath of office and give bond to the Territory of Oklahoma in the sum of one thousand dollars each for the faithful performance of all duties enjoined upon them by law or the live-stock sanitary commission.
Seite 4 - ... ruled, and governed by such magistrates and rulers in the town as shall be annually chosen by the friends from among themselves, with such orders and law, whilst they are settled here by themselves, as they had in the place from whence they came, under such penalties as the magistrates, upon the nature of the offence, shall determine.
Seite 3 - Inhabitant with us, shall first produce and bring a certificate from the Chief of the Place from whence he comes unless the Town be upon their Knowledge satisfied in and about the Good Carriage and Behaviour of them otherwise; then it is agreed upon by a full Vote of the Town assembled, that all and every Man that comes to be received an Inhabitant in our Town on Passaick River, shall first subscribe his Name and declare his assent with the rest of the Town, to all and every one of our fundamental...

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