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Printed and pablished by U. CLEMENT, No. 183, Fleet Street.

Contents of Volume XLIX.




1.-American President's Speech.- in Parliament: Bank Notes :

West India Islands. Straw

Game Laws.-Fatal effects of

Platt.-American Trees.

Slovenliness.-Sir Thomas Bee-

2.To Sir Thomas Beevor, Bart., on

vor's Proposal.

bis proposition for placing Mr.

9.-To the Chancellor of the Exche-

Cobbett in the House of Com. quer, on his description of the

mons.-American Trees.

State of Public Affairs.--Extra-

ordinary Trial.--Subscription for

3.-To Sir Thomas Beevor, Bart., on Byrne. - Straw Plat. -Turnip

the prospects as to War, or Peace.

and Mangel Wurzel Seed.-Gen-

-Trees and Seeds.-Mr. Deller.

teel Residence at Farnham, Sur-
4.–To Lawyer Scarlett, on the Trial rey.--Mr. Cobbett.

of Mr. John Hunt, for Printing 10.—To the Chancellor of the Exche-
and Publishing Lord Byron's quer, on his Speech in the House
Poem on George the Third.

of Commons, on the 23d of Fe-

American Trees and Seeds.

bruary, 1824.-Subscription for

5.-To Mr. Canning, on the Alliance,

Byrne.- Straw Plat. — Turnip

about to be formed with the

and Mangel Wurzel Seed.

United States. - Stock-Jobbing 11.-Game Bill.- To the Chancellor of
Press.-Turnpike Roads.--Lying the Exchequer.-Straw Bonnets.
Press of England,

Practical Botanists.--Turnip and

6.-King's Speech.-Turnpike Extor- Mangel Wurzel Seed.

tions. - Captain Hook. -West 12.-To Sir John Shelley,on Mr. Stuart


Wortley's Game Bill.–Trial of


7.-King's Speech. - Poaching Re-
cords.-Turnpike Affairs.

13.—To Mr. Stuart Wortley, on the

Game Bill, as Amended by the
8.-The Trial of Byrne against Par- Committee.-The Turnpike Dis.

kins; to the Subscribers to the pute. - American Apple and
Fund for Byrne.- Proceedings Pear Graffs.

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Vol. 49.No. 1.) LÒNDON, SATURDAY, JANUARY 3, 1824. [Price 6d.

Published every Saturday Morning, at Seven o'Clock.

speech, it will be necessary that

I lay before my readers the part

of the speech to which I particu-
PRESIDENT'S SPEECH, larly allude.
Kelative to the Spanish Colonies.

“ It was stated at the com-
mencement of the last Session, that

a great effort was then making in
Kensington, 31st Dec. 1893. Spain and Portugal to improve the
The Speech of the American condition of the people of those

countries, and that it appeared to
President, or, the Message, as it

be conducted with extraordinary
is called, which was delivered to moderation. It need scarcely be
the Congress on the 1st of De- remarked that the result has been,

so far, very different from what was
cember, and which bas been re-

then anticipated. Of events in that
published in most of the London quarter of the globe, with which we
newspapers, contains matter rela- have so much intercourse, and

from which we derive our origin,
tive to South America, or, rather, we have always been anxious and
relative to the Spanish Colonies interested spectators. The citizens
in America, which matter has of the United States cherish senti-

ments the most friendly, in favour
most agreeably surprised me; of the liberty and happiness of their
that is to say, upon


fellow men on that side of the At-

lantic.' In the wars, of the Euro-
tion that the Congress and the

pean Powers, in matters relating
next President will act upon the to themselves, we have never taken
principles here laid down by Mr. any part, nor does it comport with
MUNRO. Before I proceed to when our rights are invaded, or

our policy so to do. It is only
observe any further upon this seriously menaced, that we resent



Printed and Published by J. M. COBBETT, No. 183, Fleet-street.

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