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LIFE OF SALVATOR ROSA, by Lady Morgan, 2 vols. with so unerring a skill the subtle windings of the 12mo. 10 fr.

deepest affections. "-(New Monthly Magazine.) " Lady Morgan has surprised us. We could not SPIRIT OF THE AGE, or Contemporary Portraits, by have given her credit for the depth of reflection and

William llazlitt, 2 vols. 12mo. 9 fr. extent of taste and judgment, connected with Italian

"Another Work from the acute, brilliant, spiritLiterature and Art, she has here displayed." (Month. Review.)

stirring, and always entertaining pen of the Author " Two of the most amusing volumes we have ever

of Table Talk.' Those who desire a notion of the inmet with."-(Edinburghi Magazine.)

tellectual characters of Lord Byron,Sir Walter Scott,

Mr. Coleridge, Mr. Southey, Mr. Wordsworth, ABSENTEEISM, by Lady Morgan, 12mo. 4 fr. 50 c. Mr. Campbell, Mr. Crabbe, Jeremy Bentham, Mr?

Godwin, Mr. Irving, Horne Tooke, Mr. Canning, Sir WASHINGTON IRVING.

J. Mackintosh, Mr. Malthus, Mr.Gifford, Mr. Jeffrey,

Lord Brougham, Sir F. Burdett, Lord Eldon, Mr. Wil WASHINGTON IRVING'S WORKS, 18 vols, 12mo.elegante berforce , Mr. Cobbett, Elia, and Mr. Knowles, will ly printed on fine paper, with portrait, 75 fr. 50 e. nowhere sind what they seek under so distinct a form containing : Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada; as here. "-(New Monthly Magazine.) Life and Voyages of Columbus History of the Voyages and Discoveries of the Companions of (o

MISCELLANEOUS. lumbus; The Sketch Book, Bracebridge Hall; Salma- THE MUSÉE FRANCAIS, or Collection of three hundred gundi; Tales of a Traveller; History of New York ; and Tales of the Alhambra. The following may be

and forty-three beautiful engravings, from the finest had separately :

paintings and statues which existed at the Louvre in

1815.-The letter-press in English and in French. THE NEW SKETCH BOOK or Tales of the Alhambra, Twenty-five numbers, large folio, 1250 tr. by Washington Irving. I volume 12mo. 4 tr.

This is the niost

splendid work France ever produced, « The Landscapes of Spain, and the peculiar cha- CAMPAIGNS OF THE DUKE OF WELLINGTON, from the racter given of Spaniards, would cause us to lay up storming of Seringapatam to the battle of Waterloo. this book among our favourites, and reserve it for With 24 splendid Illustrations and descriptions, in the reading in happy hours.-(Spectator.)

two languages. I vol. folio, vellum paper, 150 fr., To pass over its pages is like treading upon a velvet carpet of curious pattern. There is not a word | HISTORY OF ENGLAND, by Sir James Mackintosh,

boards, or 300 fr. on large paper, with proof plates. that is not a picture-not sentence that is not

Vols. I, and U. 12mo. 12 fr. smooth, deep, yielding, yet springy:"-(Examiner.)

Mr. Irving has fairly carried us by the spell of an HISTORY OF ENGLAND, from the Invasion of Julius enchanter into a world of marble fountains, moon- Cæsar to the Revolution of 1688. BY DAVID HUME: light arabesques, and perfumes. ( Literary Continued to the Death of George II. BY T. SMOLGazette.

LETT. With the last corrections and improvements. A CHRONICLE OF THE CONQUEST OF GRANADA, by of the Authors, Portraits of Hume and Smollett, Washington Irving, 2 vols. 12mo. 8 fr.

and a short memoir of Hume, written by himself, This Work fills a blank in the historical library

complete IN ONE THICK VOLUME, royal 8vo., bound which ought not lo have remained so long a blank.

in cloth, 36 fr. - (Literary Gazette.)

ENGLAND AND THE ENGLISH, by E. L. Bulwer, Esq. It is somewhat midway between history and ro- M.P. author of Pelham, Eugene Aram, etc. I'thick mance; or, rather, it is a history written in the vol. 12mo. 6 fr.

language and manner of romance."-(Month. Rev.) GIBBON'S DECLINE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE, HISTORY OF THE LIFE AND VOYAGES OF CHRISTOPHER with an Introductory Memoir of the Author, by W COLUMBUS, by Washington Irving, 4 thick vols. Youngman, complete in ONE thick royal 8vo. vo12mo. with maps, 16 fr.

LUME, beautifully printed on vellum paper, bound This work gives Mr. Irving prodigious increase of in cloth, 1831, 30 fr. fame;the novelty of factexhibited co nands wonder, ROBERTSON'S WORKS, complete in ONE thick royal only to be explained by the circumstances which have 8vo. VOLUME, containing History of America, Scotgiven the author access to public as well as private ar- land, Charles P.; Disquisition on India, etc. Beautichives, hitherto a fountain shut up. The chaste fullý printed on vel. páp., bound in cloth, 1831, 30 fr. and nervous elegance of the style , and the philoso- | HISTORY OF PARIS, from the earliest period to the prephical cast of thought, are what no one need be sur

sent day; containing a description of its antiquities, prised with who has read his previous writirgs; but public buildings, fostitutions, with facts and anec this performance is of higher pretensions; and with

dotes hitherto unpublished, to illustrate the æras of unmingled pleasure do we contemplate the fruit of his arduous labours.-(Literary Gazette.),

French History, particularly the Revolution; a notice

of the chureh of'st. Dents, statistical tables, from ofEvery thing is as judiciously reasoned as it is

ficial sources, ete. Second Edition, 3 vols. 8vo. 21 fr. beautifully and forcibly expressed; it will become "We are thankful to the author for supplying a one of the standard works of our literature."-(New

desideratum in our literature. This work will soon Monthly Magazine.)

find its way into every good library."-(Chronicle.) HISTORY OF THE VOYAGES AND DISCOVERIES OF " This curious publication, we particularly recom

THE COMPANIONS OF COLUMBUS, by Washington mend to notice. "-(Literary Gazette.)
Irving, 12mo. map, 3 fr. 50.


28th, and 29th July 1830; with an account of the or"Mr. Irving might prove no contemptible rival to

currences preceding and following those memorable Goldsmith, whose turn of mind he very much inhe

days, accompanied with state papers and documents rits, and of whose style he particularly reminds

connected with this extraordinary revolution. by the us."-(Quarterly Review.)

late Rev. C. C. COLTON. I vol. royal 18mo. 6 fr. GOLDSMITH'S MISCELLANEOUS WORKS, edited by


with those of the Continent, for the use of Foreigners Washington Irving, 4 vols. 8vo. 28 fr.;

on vellum pa

in Great Britain, and of Britons abroarl; particularly per, 40 fr.; on large vellum paper, 72 fr. with fine portraits of Goldsmith and Irving.

of those who desire to be presented at Foreign Courts,

to accept foreign military service, to be invested with FENIMORE COOPER.

foreigo titles, to be admitted into foreign orders, to COOPER'S NOVELS, 21 vols, 12mo 93 fr.

purchase foreign property, or to intermarry with foLast of the Mohicans, 7 Ir. The Pioneers, 13 fr.

reigners. By Sir Jantes Lawrence, 12mo. 3. edit. 4 fr. 50 c. The Rert Rover, 13 tr.

"Much is promised in the title-page, but it is meriLionel Lincoln, 7 fr. 50 c.

toriously redeemerl, in a small compass, a great por: The Prairie, 13 fr. The Spy, 13 fr. The Borderers, 13 fr.

tion of useful heraldic information is conveyed, with The Pilot, 13 fr.

considerable ingenuity and learning.'!-(Month. Rev.). The ability displayed in the novels of this author

Every person going abroad should read this bill has rendered him a decided favourite. His characters

of fare of foreign Nobility.—Gentleman's Mag.) are well drawn, spirited, distinct, and natural, and TRAVELS IN NORTH AMERICA IN 1827 AND 1828, by might have figured with credit on the pages of Sir

Captain Basıl Hall, R. N., 3 vols. post 8vo. with a Walter Scoti." -(New Monthly Magazine.)

coloured map. 38 fr. HAZLITT.


BLANC in 1827. By John Auldjo, Esq., of Trinity Col. TABLE TALK, or Original Essays, by William Hazlitt, lege, Cambridge, I vol. in 4to, with plates, 25 fr. containing : 1. On the Pleasure of Painting. 2. The-The same, in 1 vol. 8vo. 16 fr. same subject. 3. The Past and Future. 4. On People MEMOIR OF THE CAMPAIGN OF 1815, dedicated to the with one idea. 5. On the Ignorance of the Learned. Duke of York, by 1. Halliday, 8vo. 4 fr. 6. On Will-Making. 7. On a landscape of icholas Poussin. 8. On going a Journey. 9. Why distant ob


RIOSITIES OF ROME, from Personal Observation durjects please. 10. On Corporate Bodies. II. On the knowledge of Character. '12. On the fear of Death.

Ing a visit to Italy in the years 1818-19, with Illustra

tions from ancient and modern writers; by the Rev. 13. On application to study. 14. On the old age of

E, Burton, M.A. 2 vols. 8vo. 14 fr. artists. 15. On Egotism. 16. On the look of a gentleman 17. On reading old books. 18. On personal cha-SHAKSPEARE'S DRAMATIC WORKS, beautiful edition, racter. 19. On vulgarity and affectation. 20. On ad

diamond print, complete in I vol. 12mo. only 15 fr. In tiquity. 21. On the regal character. 22. On the con

boards, or 21 fr. in morocco. The same Svo 20 fr. duct of life, or advice to a schoolboy. 2 vol. 12mo. 91. STANDARD MODERN NOVELS AND ROMANCES; by live

"We are acquainted with no writer who depicts ing authors, beautifully printed to on vel. human character with so masterly a hand, or follows lum paper in a bold and clear type, and illustrated

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by engravings, possessing the advantage of the Au- 1 ODO, COUNT OF LINGEN; a poetical tale in six cantos, thors' own revision, Illustrative Notes, and new In- by Sir Egerton Brydges, Bart. 32mo. 3 fr. troductory matter, and sold at a fifth of the origi- | TRIAL OF SIR R. WILSON, CAPT. HUTCHINSON, AND sal price, each volume containing the matter of 3 to MR. BRUCE, for the escape of Lavalette, 8vo. 3 fr. Avolumes, being only seven francs.-The following HENRY'S EXPOSITION OF THE OLD AND NEW TES

save appeared and can be purchased separately :- TAMENT, wherein each chapter is summed up in its Cateb Williams, by Godwin, 'I volume.

contents: the sacred text inserted at large in distinct Leon, by Godwin, I volume. Taddeus of Warsaw, by Miss Jane Porter, I vol.

the sense given, and largely illustrated, with The Scottish Chiefs, by Miss Jane Porter, 2 vols. practical remarks and observations. 3 thick' large irankenstein, by Mrs.Shelley, and the first part of The 8vo, vols. 100 fr.

Ghost Seer, by Schiller, I vol.,
Edgar Hurtly, by B. Brown, and the end of The Ghost JOHNSON'S DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE;
Ser, I vol.

in which the words are deduced from their original, The Hungarian Brothers, by Miss A. M. Porter, 1 v.

and illustrated in their different significations by The Canterbury Tales, by Sophia and Harriet Lee, examples from the best writers. To which are prefix2 volumes.

ed a History of the language, and an English GramSelf Control, by Mrs. Brunton, I vol.

mar, printed verbatim from the last folio edition corDiscipline, by Mrs. Brunton, I vol.

rected by the Doctor. I thick royal8vo. vol. beautifully

printed on vellum paper, bound in cloth. 1829, 50 fr. THE NOVELIST'S LIBRARY, comprehending only such WALKER'S PRONOUNCING DICTIONARY OF THE ENGporels and romances of old authors as have been un

LISH LANGUAGE, with Key to classical pronunciagaivocally stamped with approbation, with Bio

tion, 18mo. 7 fr. 50 c.-The same, I vol. 8vo. 12 fr. phical and Critical Notices, by T. Roscoe, and Ilastrations, by G. Cruikshank. --The following have AINSWORTH'S LATIN DICTIONARY, reprinted from the appeared, and may be purchased separately, at only folio edition, with numerous additions, emendations seves francs per volume, cloth-bound and lettered. and improvements, by the Rev. B. W. Beatson, A.M., Kamphrey Clinker, by Smollett, 1 vol.

revised and corrected by W. Ellis, A. M. of King's Roderick Random, by Smollett, 1 vol.

College, Aberdeen. I thick royal 8vo. vol., beautifully Ferestine Pickle, by Smollett, 2 vols.

printed on vellum paper, bound in cloth. 1831.40 fr. Tom Jones, by fielding, 2 vols.

A NEW FRENCH AND ENGLISH AND ENGLISH AND eph Andrews, by Fielding, I vol.

FRENCH DICTIONARY, containing full explanaletla, by Fielding, 2 vols.

tions, definitions synonyms, idioms, proverbs, & Launcelot Greaves, by Smollett, and Goldsmith's

terms of arts and science, and rules of pronunciation Sicer of Wakefield, 1 vol.

in each language, compiled from the Dictionaries of Iratram Shandy, and Sentimental Journey, by Sterne, the Acadeiny, Boyer, Chambaud, Garner, Laveaux,

Descarrières and Fain, Johnson, and Walker, by the -WAYS AND BY-WAYS, or Tales of the Roadside, Rev. J. Wilson. One large volume, Imperial 8vo. 40 f. picked up in the French Provinces, by a Walking " This great Dictionary, in one volume, each page Testleman, containing Caribert the Bear-Hunter, the being in three columns, is a noble, we might almost Price and the Garde du Corps, and the Vouée au say a wonderful production. The Editor, it will be ARC, 3 vols. 12mo. 13 fr.

found, has done his duty amply; and both the English * The style is light and elegant, and the descrip- and French portions will bear the strictest investigafans comprise much originality of conception.

tion. » Monthly Magazine.)

NUGENT'S French and English and English and French "We have been delighted by all the stories which Pocket Dictionary. I vof. 18mo. bound, 5 fr. this intellectual sportsman has contrived to pick up NEW FRENCH AND ENGLISH PRONOUNCING DICTIOalong the roads and in the villages of France.

NARY, on the basis of Nugent's, with many new (Monthly Review.)

words in general use. In two Parts-French and EngTHE TOR HILL, an historical novel, by Horace Smith, lish, and English and French. Exhibiting the proaun3 vols. 12mno. 13 fr.

ciation of the French in pure sounds, the Parts of The general strength of the narrative carries us

Speech, Genders of French Nouns, Regular and Irreagreeably along. The antiquarian displays are amus. gular Conjugations of Verbs, Accent of English Ing and curious, and the historical characters are Words, List of the usual Christian and Proper Names, arought with a truly graphic power.” -(London and Names of Countries and Nations. To which are Uiterary Gazette.)

prefixed, Principles of French Pronunciation and an "This novelexhibtis high beauties."(New M. Mag.) Abridged Grammar. By F. C. Meadows, M. A. One

thick volume 18mo. bound. Il fr. TELAST MAN, a romance, by Mrs. Shelley, 3 v. 13 fr. "The graceful and the disordered, the tender and

(This forms a most complete Pocket Dictionary, and te true, the erring, the noble, and the passionate,

contains quite as much as those in one volume 8vo.) icmpose the powerful charm of these volumes, and ROW BOTHAM'S PRACTICAL GRAMMAR OF THE FRENCH eschain the reader as he threads the interesting LANGUAGE, illustrated by examples and exercises, story of The Last Man."

selected from the best French writers; I vol. 6 fr. ADA REIS, a tale, by Lady Caroline Lamb, 2 vols. BOSSUT'S FRENCH PARASE BOOK, or KEY to FRENCH ras. 8 fr.

CONVERSATION; containing the chief Idioms of the "The Author is acute, ingenious, imaginative,

French language, 15 sous. of quick and shrewd observation, with feelings as COBBETT'S FRENCH GRAMMAR, or PLAIN INSTRUCexalted as her fancy; her pages exhibit in curious

TIONS FOR LEARNING FRENCH ; I vol. 12mo. 4 fr. contrast a strange mixture of simplicity and shrewdRess, of domesticity and dissipation, of wild ideality FIRST LESSONS IN ENGLISH :: PREMIÈRES LEÇONS and satirical touches of real characters and passing

D'ANGLAIS, avec une traduction française interlifollies. "-(New Monthly Magazine.)

néaire et mot à mot : précédées d'un aperçu des

, PanTHE BETROTHED LOVERS, a Milanese tale of the 18th century, from the Italian of Manzoni, 3 v. 12mo. 15 fr. ÉLÉMENS DE LA CONVERSATION ET PHRASES FAMI:

glais, I vol. 12mo. 3 fr. 50 c. GOLLICEB'S TRAVELS into several remote Nations of the World, by Dean Swift, 2 vols. 12mo. plates, 5 fr.


Règles simples pour traduire les Verbes, avec des THE MODERN SPECTATOR, by M. Galignani, consist- Thèmes servant d'introduction à la Syntaxe anglaise, fog of moral and instructive Essays, 12mo. 3 fr. 50 c. par Tibbins et Nimmo, 12mo. I fr. 50 c.

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GALIGNANI'S ENGLISH LIBRARY, Rue Vivienne, No 18, (in the court-yard), near the Palais-Royal.

ON SALE, a large assortment of French, English, Italian, SPANISH and German Books, Travelling Apa, Guides, etc.

TO PURCHASERS OF BOOKS. — Messrs. GALIGNANI deliver French Books in London at full Ferty per cent below the price demanded there, the charge made by them for carriage and duty being for bound or unbound books only the difference of shillings for francs in addition to the Paris Prices. Orders executed with the greatest attention and dispatch. From London the books will te forwarded at the Purchaser's expense.

READING ROOMS, where English, American, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and Portaguese Newspapers may be read in elegant apar nts opening into a garden.-All the London Deily and Weekly Newspapers—as well as Irish, Scotch, and Provincial Papers, Prices Current, the Quarterly and Monthly Publications, Navy and Army Lists, New Publications, and more than 30,000 vols., in English, French, Italian, and German, are also for the service of the Reading Rooms.

TERMS, 4 fr. per Fortnight, 6 fr. per Month, or 10 sous per Day:—The English Papers are received every morning, as also four days a-week, by Estafette.—Three days after their arrival they are lent out by the month or fortnight.–Subscribers may have their Letters directed to the Library, and may receive every information to guard them against imposition.—A book is kept of the English arrivals and addresses in Paris, in which persons are invited to insert their names.

CIRCULATING LIBRARY. Thirty Thousand Volumes, in French, English, Italian, and German, are lent out to read, by the Month or Fortnight. Catalogues niay be bad. The entire Library has just been carefully inspected, deficiencies supplied, and important works added. No expense is spared in adding every publication of merit, and the utruost attention is paid to the accommodation of subscribers. Persons subscribing to the First Class are entitled to the immediate perusal of New Works.


Class I.
Class II.
Class I.

Class II.
A Fortnight.... gfr. A Fortnight.... 4fr. A Fortnight.... hfr. A Fortnight...3fr.
One Month ....12 One Month.... 6 One Month ....10

One Month ... 5 Three Months.. 32 Three Months.,16 Three Months ..26 Three Montbs. 13 Six Months ....56 Six Months....28

Six Monibs ....


Six Months... 24 One Year . 104 One Year .52 One Year......88 One Year.....44 ITALIAN BOOKS.

SAME TERMS AS FRENCH Books, Class II. Same TERMS As French Books, Class II.
Terms for Persons subscribing for Books in more languages than one at the same time:

Class I.
Class II.

-Class I.

Class II. A Fortnight ... 8fr. A Fortnight.... 5fr. A Fortnight... 8fr. A Fortnight , .5fr. 5o c. One Month....15 One Month....

7 One Month...16 One Month ...gfr. Three Months. . 42 Three Months..21 Three Months 45 Three Months 24 Six Months. ...72 Six Months....36 Six Months...75 Six Months..44 One Year ....130 One Year .....65 One Year ...140 One Year ...80

Subscriptions are paid in advance, and the som of fifteen francs left as a deposit, which is returned at the expiration of the subscription. Four or five volumes are given at one time, which volumes may be changed every day, Sunday excepted. Sabscribers in the Environs of Paris, desirous of having more than the above number, up to 15 volumes, will pay double subscription. Subscribers residing in distant parts of France, and would desire 30 or 50 volumes, will pay 3 or 4 times the

subscription. Boxes, having double keys, and carriage of Books to and from the library, are at the expense of the subscribers.



Published every day (Sundays excepted). o'clock in the morning, whicha del pered some afte sin | Marriages and Deaths, Fashionable Movements, Thea

soon after in tricals, etc., etc. The latter includes the earliest inforParis and its Environs, and the other at two o'clock mation on the progress of affairs in France, Belgium, in the afternoon, containing all the news received up Italy, Poland, Germany, Russia, and every other part to the moment of going to press, thus anticipating of the Continent; the proceedings of the Chamber of the morning papers by 24 hours, which is forwarded Peers and Deputies, an analysis of all the important the same day to Foreign and Provincial Subscribers. leading articles in the various political Journals puThis paper has two distinct departments, the one

blished in the French Capital, and accounts of all dedicated to intelligence received from England, and political, judicial, theatrical and fashionable occur the other to occurrences in France, and all news

rences in Paris. reaching Paris earlier than London. The former con- Terms of Subscription.-A Fortnight 6 fr.; one tains the recorded opinions of all the London Journals month 10 fr. ; three Months 28 fr.; six months 52 fr. ; of every political party, full reports of the Parliamen-ope Year 100 fr. Two francs per quarter must be added tary Debates, the Proceedlings in the Courts of Justice, to receive it free of postage throughout France, and Commercial News, Markets, Naval, Military, University tive francs in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, etc. and Clerical Intelligence; Stocks , Bankrupts, Births, Advertisements are received for insertion.


(Published every Sunday morning). This Journal combines the advantages of an English | Blackwood's, Frazer's, Tait's, Sporting , Gentleman's, and Continental Literary Gazette - uniting the most Lady's, and Monthly Magazines; United Service, Asiavaluable features of the Quarterly Reviews, with the tic, and Medical Journals; Literary Gazette, Athepopular varieties of all the Monthly and Weekly Publi-Deum, Christian Advocate , Lancet, London's Gardecations which have of late assumed a new and impor- ners' Magazine, Quarterly Journal of Agriculture, tant station in English Literature.

Mechanics' Magazine, Repertory of Patents, In venReviews, with copious extracts from every Newtons, etc. etc WORK entitled to attention, as it Issues from the press, Each Number of THE LONDON AND PARIS OBSERVER will be found in this Journal; together with the choi-consists of thirty-two columns, or sta teen large quarto cest articles of the various distinguished writers who | pages. at present contribute to the London Periodicals. TERMS - One Month, 6 fr. ; Three Months, 14 fr. ; Six

An Idea may be formed of the mass of information Months, 26 fr. ; One Year, 50 fr. One franc per quarter and entertainment in this Repository, by the following must be added to receive it throughout France, and list of Publications from which its contents are princl-two francs throughout Switzerland, Italy Gerpally extracted, and of which it may be said to com- many, etc. - The amount of Subscriptions can be forprise the essence : - The Quarterly, Edinburgh, Westwarded by a draft on Paris, or can be paid, without minster, American, and Foreign Quarterly Reviews, any extra charge, to any of the offices to the Diligenthe Montly Review ; New Monthly, Metropolitan, ces Messageries Royales, or Latitte, Caillard and Co.

Printed by A. and Il. Firmin Didot, rue Jacob, 1° 21.







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