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one, which I am almost ashamed to intimate but which, justice to myself, as well as a fincere desire, by infuring flability to this work, to be as far serviceable to the community, of which I have the honour to be a meinber, as my flender talents and my situation will admit, forbid me to pafs over in silence. This shoal, the danger of which I deprecate, is the want of a due punctuality in paying the subscriptions. These being finall, each individual is but too apt to suppose it a matter of great indifference whether he pays his quota at the e'me appointed, or in fix or iwelve months afterwards. This is a great inistake *: for let it be observed that the aggregate of the fe fums (however trivial and insignificant each may be, taken separately) is the only fund for defray. ing the great and inevitable expenses ,of the undertaking. There cannot be deferred. They are all payable in ready money : and it would but ill satisfy the paper-maker, the journeyman printer, &c. &c. 10 tell them, when money was due to them, that I could not pay it :--that I expe&ted money from my subscribers in two, three, or four months ;-and that I should sken pay them. If I told them such a Canterbury tale, I need not expect any more of their services. It is, further, to be observed, that the expense of sending twice, thrice, or, as is often the case, four times for the amount of a subscription, bears nó finall proportion to the fum received. After this explanation, it must be unnecessary to request of those subscribers, who wilh success to the Museum, ur delire its proprietor may receive a reward for his earnest endeayours to gratify them, that they will, at the completion of each volume, renew their subscription for the fucceeding one. Thole gentlemen, who, agreeably to the original plan, have already done his, are entitled to my chanks.

I ann, with dae regard and eltcein,
the public's devoted fervant,

M. C. Lewes, July 87,1787.


* Need I appeal to the printers of deceased news-papers and magazines, to prove the ruinirus consequences of this miltake ?

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ton, Norwich

Malachufetis. Mr. Thomas Walley, Mr. Walter Buchanan, Rev. Jeremy Belknap, Mr. John Warner. John Bard, M, D. Mr. Nathaniel Bethune,

Mr. William Bowne, Mi. William Burley,


Gerard Bancker, efquire, Mr. Samuel Ballord, David Dagget, efq. treasurer, Mr. Jofeph Barrel, Hon. Oliver

Elsworth, George Bond, esq. Hon. J. Bowdoin, efq. elo, Windsor. Mr. William Buckle, Mr. S. Blanchard, Salem Mr. S. Elliot, Yale col- James Burnlide, elq. Mr. John Clarke,


Williain Bedlow, eiq. Mr. Samuel Cabot, Rev. Andrew Elliot, Mr.Brien Blake Barker Mr. Benjamin Clarke, Fairfield.

Mr. James Buck, Mr. B. C. Cutler, Mr. Thomas Fanning, Mesf. G. Barnewalland Mr. James Carter, Col. David Humphreys, Mr. John Deverel, Col. Ebenezer Hunting- John Blagge, esų. Mr. J. Dawes, jun.

Mr. Anth. L. Bieecker, Mr. Bossenger Foller, Mels. Hudson & Good. Col. Aaron Burr, Mi. Samuel Gore,

win, Hariford.

Col. Barber, PoughMr. Joseph Greene, E. Kirby, esq. Litch- keeplie, Mr. David Greene, field.

Samuel Bradhurd,M.D. Mr. Moses Greenleaf, Mark Leavenworth, esą, Evert Bancker, elq.

Newbury Pori. Hon. Richard Law, esq. Rev. Jn. Ballet, Albany, Mr, S. Hewes, jun. chief justice of the su. Mr. Robert Bowne, Mr. S. W. Hunt, preme court, New- Stephen N. Bayard, esq. Mr. John Coffin Jones, London.

Mr. John Barnes, Dr. Charles Jarvis, Mr. T. Mumford, Yale Mr. Francis Childs, Patrick Jeffrey, esq. College.

Leonard M. Cutting, Mr. B. Jarvis,

Mr. S. W. Pomeroy, esq. Hon. Rufus King, efq. Hartford.

John Crugar, esq. Hon. D. Leerlouwer, George Piikin, esq. Eaf William Cock, efq. consul from the unit- Hartford.

Matthew Cooper, esq. ed Netherlands, N. Preston, esq. Wood. William Contable, efq. Mr. John Lucas,


Dr. John Cochran, Mr, Perez Morton, Dr. Elisha Perkins, Mr. James Cochran, Mr. J. Mafon, jun. Mr. P. Sherman, Wash. Edward C. Cogswell, Mr. Robt. M'Neil, ington.

elq. Rev. Samuel Parker, Mr. L. Stone, Derby. Mr. Robt. Cox, Mr. William Powel, Col. J. Wadsworth, Mr. Robert Carier, Mr. Ebenezer Parsons, Mr. Hezekiah Wet- Meff. A. and D. Currie, Mr. Joseph Pope,


John Cozine, esq. Mr. Joseph Ruffel, Oliver Wolcott, jun. Melrs. Coftar and co. Mr. John Rowe,

cfq. Hartford.

Mr. Malcolm Campbell, Mr. William Spooner,

Hon. St. John de CreveMr. William Sinich,

New York.

cæur, his most chrisMr. Samuel Smith, Roger Alden, esq. tian majesty's consul Mr. J. B. Stimfon, Mr. Peter Anspach, general to the fate of Mr. Samuel Salisbury, John Arthur, ela.

New York. Mr. Abiel Smith, Messrs. Attwood and Balthazer De Haert, esq. Mr. Wm. Stackpole, Tronson,

Mr. John Delafield. Mr. Clement Sharp, Theodorus Baillie, efq. Mr. Cornelius Davis, Mr. Samuel Turell, Mr. A. Brinckerhoff, Mr. Francis Durand, Mons. de la Tombe, his Mr. Nicholas Brevoort, Mr. Thomas Durie, moit christian majef. Mr. Thomas Brown,

Edward Dunscombe,el. ty's consul.

Capt. T. Bibby, Mr. George Douglas,


Mr. Peter Eling, His excellency John Samuel Osgood, efq.
William Edgar, esq. Jay, esq. fecretary to Mr. Lewis Ogden,
Le Sieur de la Forest, the united states' for Mr. Thomas O'Hara,

his most christian ma- the department of fo- Shadrach Osborne, efq. jefty's vice conful for reign affairs,

Right Rev. Samuel Pro. the itate of New York. Hon. general H. Knox, vooft, D.D. bishop of Meff.S.Franklin, & co. secretary at war to the the protestant episcoMr. D. Fonda, Albany, united lates.

pal church in the flate John Foxcraft, elq. Mr. Samuel Kempton, of New York. Sampson Fleming, esq. John Keefe, efq. Daniel Phønix, esq. Mr. James Farquhar, Dr. Benjamin Kiffam, John Pintard, ela. Mr. Farrington, Long I. Messrs. Keir and Black. William Popham, esq. His excellency don Die


Thomas Políock, esq. gode Gardoqui, pleni- · Dirck Lefferts, esq. Richard Plait, efq. potentiary encargado Hon. R.R. Livingston, Mr. Elitha Pratt, Spendes negocias of his ca- esq. chancellor of the tholic majesty to the lale,

Henry Rutgers, esq. united states of Anie. Rev. Brandt Schuyler Alexander Roberirong rica,

Lupton, Albany. esq. Mr. James Gray, Edward Livingflon, esq. Mr. William Rogers, Mr. Hugh Gaine, Brockh, Livingslon, esq. F. Roorbach, esq. Meil. M.Gomez & son, W. S. Livingston, efq. Ifaac Roofevelt, efq. Mr. Edward Goold, General John Lamb, Henry Remsen, efq. Isaac Gouverneur, efq. Mr. Chr. Lewis Lente, Rev. Dr. John Rodgers, Mr. James Griffiths, Cary Ludlow, cfq. Mr. Jacob Reed, Mr. James Giles,

Rey. William Linn, Mr. James Ricker, Mr. Jaines Greenleaf, Morgan Lewis, esq. John Ramage, cfq. Joseph Howell, efq. pay. Mr. Francis Lewis, John Rutherford, esq. mafter general to the Dominick Lynch, esg. Mr. Ezekiel Robins, united slates,

Mr. Thomas Laurence, Mr. John Ramsay,
John Burral, efq. Rev, Peter Louw, Capt. J. Sytes, Albany,
Mr. Abraham Harden- Jonathan Laurence, efq. Melancton Smith, efq.

bergh, Hackinlack. Joihin Laurence, esq. Mr. Joseph Stretch,
Mr. Jon. Halbrouck, Mell.Le Roy & Bayard Mr. John Shaw,
Ulfter county.
Mr. Philip Mark,

Capt. John Stagg, jun. Ebenezer Hazard, esq. Mr. Thomas Marston, Mr. Jacub Scaman, jun. Hon. John S. Hobart, J. Reade, efq. Red hook Mr. Hugh Smith, esq. judge of the fu- Rer. Benjamin Moore, Mr. Doyle Sweeny, preme court,

John M‘Keffon, esq. Mr. George Snowden, Hon. A. Hamilton, ela. Mr. William Mooney, Thomas Smith, fen. efq. Ab jah Hammond, esq. Mr. Montaudevert, Mr. Hay Stevenson, Mr. James Hays, Mr. Lot Merkel,

Mr. Andrew Stockholm Martin Hoffman, esq.

Daniel M'Cormick,efq. Mr. Alexander Stuart, Nathaniel Hazard, efq. Alex. M'Comb, esą. Mi. Josiah Shippey, Richard Harrison, efq. Dr. Charles M'Knight, Thomas Stoughton, esą. James M. Hughes, ele. Dr. Paul Micheau, William Seton, esq. Mr. William Hill, Don Salvador de los Thomas Smith, Philip L. Hoffman, efq. Monteros.

Thomas Sickels, efq. Mr. Joseph Hallet, His excellency count Mellis Storin & Sickels, Mr. Robert Hunter,

de Moustier, his moft Mr. John Stoutenbergh, Mr. J. Hartman,

christian majesty's mi- Mr. Henry Seaman, Williain Heyer, esq. niffer plenipotentiary J. Shalot, esq. Mr. Wm. Ilammond, to the united states of Mr. Archibald Siewart, ther. Thomas Hunty



Dr. James Tillary, Hon. David Brearley, Mr. A. Kirkpatrick,
Mr. S. Townsend, esq. chief justice of New Brunswick.
Mr. Thomas Tom, the supreme court.

His excellency William Sir !. Temple, bari. his Joseph Bloomfield, efq. . Livingston, esq, goBritish majesty's consul,

attorney-general, venor of the fate of Mr. John Thurman, Dr. Nicholas Belleville, New Jersey. Mr. John Turner, Mr. Ifaac Barnes. Wm. Livingston. jun, Mr. Charles Tillinghaft, Hon. J. Chelwood, esą. esq. Elizabethiown. Luther Trowbridge, esq. Closophic society, J. Lambert, esq. Hung Albany, Princeton,

terdon county. Mr.Silvester Tiffany,do. Jeffrey Clarke,efq. Glou- Samuel Leake, esq. Siepben Van Renllel- cester

William Lowry, csq. laire, efq. Albany, J. Corshon, efq. Amwell, Hunterdon county: K.K. Van Renssellaire, Col. Cummings, New- Mr.S.Mickle, Woodb'y Claverack,


Mr. Joseph Milnor, Mr. S. P. Van Rensseli Mr. Nathan Combes, Walter Minto, L.L.D. laire, Lamberton.

Princeton, Richard Varick, efq. Mr. Alex. Chambers, Mr. S. Morford, do. Gulian Verplanck, efq. Mr. Isaac Collins, Capt. J. Moore, do. Mr. Abraham Varick, Mr.J.Craft, Burlington, John Neillon, esq. New Mr. Viner Van Zandi, Rev. J. Chapman, Eli- Brunswick. D. C. Verplanck, esq. zabethtown.

Mr. Olden, Princeton. Mr. William Ufick, Mr. J. Davan, ditto. Robert Ogden, esq. Sula Robert Underwood, esq. Gen. Dayton, ditto. fex co. Uranian Society,

Dr. J. J. Dayton, ditto, Mr. W. Parręt, Salem. Col. Marinus Willet, Mr. J. Dayton, diico. Hon. Wm. Patterson, Noah Webfter, jun. clą. Aaron Dunham, esq. esq. member of the sea Prosper Wetmore, ela. Hon.Ph.Dickinson, esq. nate of the united Gerard Walton, esq. Mr. George Davis, Lates. Mr. Richard Ward

Franklin Davenport, Mr. Vincent Pelofi, John Wilkes, esg. esq. Woodbury. Mr. Prentiss, Elizabeth John Watts, esq. Dr. E. Elmer, Cohanse. Mr. William Walton, Hon. J. Elmer, esq. Caleb Ruffel, efq. More Mr. E. Waldron, James Ewing, efq.

ristown, Mr. Joseph Wright, Mr. J. Emly, Potts-town. Mr. Randal Rickey, Mr. Joseph Winter, Rev. W. Frazer, Am Mr. Maurice Robinson, William Wilcocks, esq. well.

Potts town, George Walker, esq. J. Fell, efg. Petersfield. Jonathan Rhea, esq. John C. Wynkoop, esq. Moore Furman, ela. Freehold

Kinderhook, John Jacob Faesch, esq. B. Reed, ésq. Burlinge Mr. Webster, Albany, Morris county,

ton.' Richard Yates, esq. Mr. ). Gibbs, Mans- James Sterling, efq.ditto,


Mr:S. J. Smith, ditio, New Jersey. Mr. Peter Gordon, Hon. Ifaac Smith, esq. Rev. J. F. Arm trong, J. L. Gardiner, efq. second justice of the J. Anderson, efq. Am- Princeton.

supreme court, well,

Mr.I. Hedden, Newark. John Singer, efq. Thomas Anderson, esq. Col. Okey Hoagland, Samuel Wilham StockSussex county,

Burlington. Elisha Boudinot, esg. Capt. Bernard Hanlon, Thos. Sinnick for, esq. Newark,

Mr, John Hall, Flem Salem, Elias Boudinot, efq. E.


R.S.Smith, efq. Moore's lizabeth-town Abraham Hunt, cfa. town, Mr. Bell, dito

Mr. Aaron Howell, John Smith, esg. ditto, VOL. II, No. 1.



ton, efq.

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A. Steiner, efq. Hope, British majesty's con- Mr. William Cože, jurt. Mr. Thomas Salter, Eli


Tench Coxe, efq. zabethtown,

William Bradford, esq. John D), Coxe, esą. Mark Thomson, efq.

attorney general.

Mr. Thomas Cuthbert, 1 Changewater,

Edward Burd, elq. Mr. John Clarke, Mr. John Vandegrift, Mr. Hugh Boyle, Dr. William Currie, •Mr. J. W. Vancleve, Mr. Joseph Ball, Mr. Andrew Caldwell, Princeton,

Mr. Peter Brown, Mr. James Calbraith, Whig Society, do. Mr. Hillary Baker, James Crainond, elu. Aar. Dickinfon Wood. Mr. Alexander Boland, Ger. Clarkton, MD. ruff, efq. Mr. Andrew Brown,

Col. J. Cowperthwait, Mr.Wood, Greenwich, Mr. James Barr, Abraham Chovet,M.Ú. Nehemiah Wade, elg. Mr. Clement Biddle, Mr. Chrißopher Cahill, Bergen county,

Mr. Thomas Britton, Captain Jacob Drug Hon. Jofhua M. Wal- Dr. Reading Beatty, Yorkrown.

lace, esq. Burlington, Bucks County, Mr. Thomas Dobbins, Matthias Williainfon, Mr. James Bringhurst, dico.

efq. Elizabethtown, John Boyd, elą. Nor Thonnas Duncan, esq. Mr. Cornelius Wikoil. thumberland,

Mr. Joshua Byron, Mons. Duplaine,

Mr. Thomas Betagh, Mr, Michael Durney,

Mr. William Bell, Mr, Francis Donnelly,
Monf. P. B. Audiberi, Captain Witham Bell, Mr. William Davis,
Mr. M. App, Lancaster
Mr. Thomas Barlow,

Chelter county.
Rev. J. Andrews, D.D. Major Elias Boys
Captain John Angus,

Captaiy Stephen Decae Mr. Thomas Allibone, Meil.Brown & Shortail Mr. Joseph Dugan,

Mr. Caleb Buglass,
Mr. William Adcock, Mr. Chriltopher Baker, A, T, Dallas, lai
Mr. Peter Allon,

Mr. William Brown,
Mr. John Aitkeit,

Mr. Jolin Duffield, Mark Biddle, esq. Mr. George Duffield, Mr. Jabez Adgate, Mr. John Anthony, Mr. Budden,

Mr. Robert Dunkin, Mr. John Alhmead,

Major John Clarke, Mr. John Donnaldson,

York Town, Mr. William Drinker, Mr. JasAbercrombie, Andrew Bilmeyer, elç. Rev.Dr.H.Campbell

, do Mr. E. Durith,

. esq. do. , Yorkiown,

Monf. le Chau: Mr. James Davidson, Major W. Bailey, do,


Mr. John Dunlap,
Jacob Bamitz, efq.ditto, Mr. Abraham Carpent Sharp Delany, cfa,
Mr. Jacob Bailey, Lau-

ter, Lancalter county Mr. Joseph Donnaldson Mr. Daniel Baldwin,

Colonel John Cannon, Mr. Michael Dennikon, Mr. Baine,

member of the fupreme Major Patrick Duffey, Rev. Theod. Brouwers, Daniel Clymer, esą.

executive council, Gencral Ewing, Sura

quehannah, James Byrne, efq. Mr. Thomas Brooke, Col. William Coates, Rev. N. Collin, D.D. John Edie, ela. York.

Rev. John Ewing, D.D. Montgomery county. Mr. Charles Citt, Mr. Daniel Buckley, Mr. James Campbell,

Captain Silas Engles,

Mr. Caleb Einlen,
"Charles Biddle, esq. se. Mr. John Connelly,
Mell, A. Clow & Co. Mr. John Evans,

John Forsyth, efq. York cretary to the supreme Mr. D. C. Claypole, town, executive council,

Mr. Edward Carrel, Thomas Fisher, Hor, WidianBingham, Capt.

Nicholas Cochran, His excellency Benja esq.

Wm. Coxe, fem, esq min Franklin, esq.lace Phineas Bund, efq. his Sunbury.



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