The New monthly magazine and universal register. [Continued as] The New monthly magazine and literary journal (and humorist) [afterw.] The New monthly (magazine)., Band 64


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Seite 407 - nor write to her. I drive her quite from my mind. If I meet with one of her letters, I burn it instantly. I have burnt all I can find. I never speak of her, and I desire never to hear of her more. I drive her, as I said, wholly from my mind.
Seite 12 - Yet should some neighbour feel a pain Just in the parts where I complain, How many a message would he send ? What hearty prayers that I should mend?
Seite 276 - ... and down with her at once ! You are a rising wit, and she is at the top ; and when I was beginning the world, and was nothing and nobody, the joy of my life was to fire at all the established wits ! and then everybody loved to halloo me on. But there is no game now ; everybody would be glad to see me conquered : but then, when I was new, to vanquish the great ones was all the delight of my poor little dear soul ! So at her, Burney — at her, and down with her I" Oh, how we were all amused !...
Seite 13 - Would gambol from. Mother, for love of grace, Lay not that flattering unction to your soul...
Seite 73 - Two principles in human nature reign, Self-love to urge, and reason to restrain; Nor this a good, nor that a bad we call, Each works its end, to move or govern all: And to their proper operation still, Ascribe all good: to their improper, ill.
Seite 282 - This was their brother, a most lovely boy of ten years of age, who seems to be not merely the wonder of their family, but of the times, for his astonishing skill in drawing. They protest he has never had any instruction, yet showed us some of his productions that were really beautiful.
Seite 410 - to my country, and he fetched me some letter of recommending him; but I was of the belief he might be an impostor, and I supposed, in my minte, he was an espy ; for I look away from him, and in a moment I look to him again, and I behold his tablets. Oh ! he was to the work of writing down all I say ! Indeed I was angry. But soon I discover he was no impostor and no espy...
Seite 274 - To have some account of my thoughts, actions, and acquaintance, when the hour arrives when time is more nimble than memory, is the reason which induces me to keep a Journal — a Journal in which I must confess my every thought — must open my whole heart...
Seite 277 - The next name that was started was that of Sir John Hawkins, and Mrs. Thrale said: "Why, now, Dr. Johnson, he is another of those whom you suffer nobody to abuse but yourself; Garrick is one, too; for if any other person speaks against him, you browbeat him in a minute!" "Why, madam," answered he, "they don't know when to abuse him, and when to praise him.
Seite 415 - I am an enthusiast for her," cried the King, " quite an enthusiast. I think there was never any player in my time so excellent — not Garrick himself; I own it!" Then, coming close to me, who was silent, he said, — "What? what?" — meaning, what say you? But I still said nothing ; I could not concur where I thought so differently, and to enter into an argument was quite impossible; for every little thing I said, the King listened to with an eagerness that made me always ashamed of its insignificancy....

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