Bibliotheca bibliographica: Kritisches verzeichniss der das gesammtgebiet der bibliographie betreffenden litteratur des in- und auslandes in systematischer ordnung

W. Engelmann, 1866 - 939 Seiten

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Seite 344 - Typographical Antiquities ; or the History of Printing in England, Scotland, and Ireland : containing Memoirs of our Ancient Printers, and a register of the books printed by them.
Seite 355 - The Italian Library ; containing an account of the lives and works of the most valuable authors of Italy ; with a preface exhibiting the change of the Tuscan language from the barbarous ages to the present time,
Seite 387 - DE, Biblioteca de los escritores que han sido individuos de los seis colegios mayores: de San Ildefonso de la Universidad de Alcalá, de Sta.
Seite 335 - Nouvelles Recherches sur les Patois ou Idiomes vulgaires de la France ; et en particulier sur ceux...
Seite 102 - Catalogue of Publications of Societies and of other Periodical Works in the Library of the Smithsonian Institution, July 1, 1858.
Seite 243 - Catalogue raisonné de toutes les estampes qui forment l'oeuvre de Rembrandt, et ceux de ses principaux imitateurs.
Seite 12 - DIBDIN'S BIBLIOMANIA: OR BOOK-MADNESS. A Bibliographical Romance. New Edition, with considerable Additions, Including a Key to the assumed Characters in the Drama, and a Supplement. 2 vols. royal Svo, handsomely printed, embellished by numerous Woodcuts, many of which are now first added (pub.
Seite 125 - Althorpianae ; or an Account of the mansion, books and pictures at Althorp, the residence of George John, Earl Spencer.
Seite 273 - Henry. Catalogue of Engraved British Portraits, from Egbert the Great to the present Time...
Seite 478 - Nouvelle Bibliothèque des Auteurs Ecclésiastiques, contenant l'Histoire de leur Vie, le Catalogue, la Critique, et la Chronologie de leurs Ouvrages...

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