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Then Sir Bedivere departed, and went to the sword, and took it to the water side, and threw it as far into the water as he could, and there came an arm and hand above the water and caught it, and shook it thrice. Then the 5 hand vanished away with the sword beneath the water. So Sir Bedivere came again to the King and told him what he "Alas!" said the King, "help me hence, for I fear that I have tarried too long." Then Sir Bedivere took the King upon his back and so went with him to the water side.


And when they were at the water side, there came a barge with many fair ladies in it, and among them were three queens, and all had black hoods, and wept when they saw King Arthur. "Now put me into the barge," said the King. And when he had put him softly into the 15 barge, the queens received him there with great mourning, and one of them took King Arthur's head in her lap, and said, "Dear brother, why hast thou tarried so long from me?" And then they rowed away from the land.

Then Sir Bedivere cried, "Ah, my Lord Arthur, what 20 shall become of me now if thou goest from me and leaveth me here alone among mine enemies?" "Comfort thyself," said the King, "and do as well as thou mayest, for I must go unto the isle of Avalon, there to heal me of my wound." And the legend says that from this isle of en25 chantment King Arthur will some day return again to be King over all England.

A. J. CHURCH: Heroes of Chivalry and Romance.

prow'ess, reputation for brave deeds; studd'ed, ornamented.

1. Describe King Arthur's Round Table. How many knights could be seated about it? What was the Seat Perilous? Who came to occupy it? 2. What different words are used to describe Sir Lancelot? 3. Tell how Arthur got his famous sword Excalibur and what became of it at his death.

Sentence Study. -You all know what a sentence is. You speak in sentences constantly, you read sentences every day, and, if your teacher asks you to write a sentence, you can do it, and you will probably begin it with a capital letter and close it with the proper punctuation mark. But in writing a letter, or a story, or a composition, it is not so easy to recognize each sentence and to point it off properly. If you are not very careful, you will find in your writing groups of words like those printed below.

Read them aloud, making a pause only where you find a period. You will see that they do not sound right. Read again, making a pause where the sense requires one. Now rewrite in proper sentences, placing a capital letter at the beginning and a period at the end of each. Do not change any of the words or their order.

1. The best of all Arthur's knights was Sir Lancelot he was said to be the head of all the Christian knights he was courteous, and brave, and tender.

2. Sir Galahad sat in the Seat Perilous this was a seat in which no man might sit save one who had never done wrong.

3. Sir Bedivere threw the sword into the water an arm and hand rose above the water and caught the sword then the hand vanished beneath the waves.

4. A barge came to bear Arthur away it took him to the isle of Avalon legend says that he will some day return again and rule over England.

Word Study. may, can. -1. In the Seat Perilous no one may sit except the bravest and purest of all. 2 Merlin said, “I can find but eight and twenty knights."

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Which of these sentences expresses permission? Is may or can used? Which means "I am able"? Is may or can used in this?

Rule. May is used to express permission. Can is used to express ability.

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Written Exercise.-I. Copy the following sentences, supplying

can or may:

1. No man
club? 3.
at once. 5. You
letter if he

serve two masters. 2. When
I leave the room? 4. No one
invite him to come.
I go with you? 8.


you walk so far?

II. Write five sentences of your own that ask permission. Write five that grant permission. Write five that use can properly.

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I join the

be in two places

6. He — read the

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My good blade carves the casques of men,
My tough lance thrusteth sure,

My strength is as the strength of ten,
Because my heart is
heart is pure.

The shattering trumpet shrilleth high,
The hard brands shiver on the steel,


The splintered spear-shafts crack and fly,

The horse and rider reel:

They reel, they roll in clanging lists,
And when the tide of combat stands,
Perfume and flowers fall in showers,
That lightly rain from ladies' hands.

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I muse on joy that will not cease,
Pure spaces clothed in living beams,
Pure lilies of eternal peace,

Whose odors haunt my dreams;
And, stricken by an angel's hand,

This mortal armor that I wear,
This weight and size, this heart and eyes,
Are touched, are turned to finest air.

The clouds are broken in the sky,
And through the mountain walls






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