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From Amenia City to Centralia.

From Cedar Point, via Bill's Creek, Joseph Adams, and Towanda, to Whitewater Junction.


From Lake Charles to Ville Platte.


From Kennebunk, via Kennebunkport, to Cape Porpoise.
From Biddeford to Saco Pool.
From Brunswick, Maine, to Orr's Island.
From Moose River to Canada Line.
From Forks of Kennebec to Canada Line.


From Havre de Grace to Lapidum.
From Accident to Davis' Mill.
From Spenceville to Colesville.
From West Friendship to Sykesville.
From Barkettsville to Broad Run.


From Bane to West Brookfield.


From Newaygo to Big Prairie.
From Battle Creek to Athens.
From Big Rapids, via Chippewa Lake, to Mill Brook.

From Manistee, via Portage Lake, Huntington's Dock, Henning Lake, Frankfort, Platte, and Empress Dock, to Glen Arbor.

From Port Huron to Minden, via Davisville.
From Saginaw to Saint Louis.
From Isabella to Midland.
From Pine Plains, via Fenn's Mills, to Ganges.
From Watervliet to Deerfield, in Van Buren county.

From Coldwater, via Bethel and East Gilead, in Michigan, and Nevada Mills, in Indiana, to Flint, Indiana.

From Bridgeton to Whitehall.

From Traverse City, via Rootville, south arm of Pine Lake, east arm of Pine Lake, and Bear River, to Duncan.

From Battle Creek to Nashville.

From Elk Rapids, via Dunbar, Rootville, east end of Pine and Waloon
Lakes, to Bear Creek Mission.

From Pierson to Cedar Spring.
From Lowell to Smyrna.
From Petersburg, via Dundee, East Milan and West Milan, to Lake Ridge.
From East Saginaw to Alma, via St. Louis, Gratiot county.
From Midland City to Isabella.
From Marquette to Sault St. Marie.
From East Saginaw to Vassar, via Bloomfield.
From Cedar Springs to Mitchell's Prairie.
From Cheganing to Birch Run.

From Hubbardstown, Ionia county, via North Shade, to Elm Hall, Gratiot. county.

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From New Auburn, via Transit, Eagle City, and Lafayette, to New Ulm.
From Rushford to Winnesheik, in Iowa.
From Rochester, via Pleasant Grove and Spring Valley, to Le Roy.

From Hutchinson, via Lynn, Collins, Lake Preston, and Beaver Falls, to Redwood Falls.

From Richmond, via Lake Ellen and Maple Lake, to Holmes City.
From Lansing, via Newry, to Geneva.
From Minneapolis to Big Stone Lake.
From Waverly, via Lake Mary, Winstead, and Bergen, to Glencoe.
From Glencoe, via Penn, Collins, and Preston Lake, to Greenleaf.
From Madelia, via Linden and Cottonwood, to New Ulm.
From New London to Burbank.
From Madelia to Antrim.
From Redwood Falls to Lynd, McPhail county.
From Pleasant Grove, via Hamilton and Spring Valley, to Le Roy.
From Sauk Centre to Holmes City.
From Rochester to Pleasant Grove.
From Hastings, via Cottage Grove, Gilbert's Mill, to Afton.

From Cottage Grove, via Woodbury, thence by the northern road, via McCattis Corners, to Saint Paul.

From Le Sueur, via Cleveland and Jefferson Lake, to Elysian.
From Lake Graham to Lake Shetek.
From Sauk Centre, via east end of Grove Lake, to Lake Johanna.
From New London, via Green Lake, to Christiania.
From Sauk Rapids to Maywood.
From Maywood to Saint Cloud.

From Prescott, in Wisconsin, via Point Douglas, Cottage Grove, and Newport, to Saint Paul, in Minnesota.

From Cottage Grove, via Woodbury and German Settlement, to Saint Paul.
From Saint Cloud, via Santiago, to Princeton.
From Sauk Rapids to Gilmanton.
From Moore's Prairie to Rice City.
From Painesville to Sauk Centre.
From Saint Cloud to Rockville.
From Sauk Rapids, via Princeton, to Taylor's Falls.


From Iuka to Baldwin.


From Johnstown, via Hudson, Johnson City, Chalk Level, to Osceola.
From Butler, via Belvoir, to Nevada City.

From Tuscumbia, via Little Gravois post office, to Bliss post office, Miller county.

From Holden, via Dayton, to Butler.
From Patterson to Doniphan.
From California, via High Point and Pleasant Mount, to Tuscumbia.
From Bethany, via Burr Oak and New Castle, to Gentryville.
From Warrenton, via Pinkney and Holstein, to Hopewell Academy.

From Cap au Grés, via Burr Oak Valley and Drydensville, to Old Alexandria.

From Bloomfield, via Indian Ford, Poplar Bluff, and Little Rock, to Doniphan.
From Pilot Knob to Doniphan.
From Farmington to Hazel Run

From Brown's Shop to Shady Grove.
From Galena, via Curran and Marionville, to Mount Vernon.
From Rolla to Batesville.
From Morrison's Station to Fredericksburg.
From Macon City to Clifton.
From Rolla to Jefferson City.

From Rolla, via Cambell Mill, Plumpoint, Dodds, and Rowden Mill, to

From Holden, via Index, Dayton, and Altoona, to Butler.
From Dresden, via Elmwood, to Waverly.
From Lexington, via Knobnoster and Wall's Store, to Calhoun.
From Warrensburg, via Columbus and Mount Hope, to Greenton.
From New Haven, via Beauf Creek and Strong Hill, to Drake.


From Virginia City, via Red Mountain City, Butte City, Silver Bow, Deer Lodge, and Phillipsburg, to Bear Town.

From Beaverhead Cañon, down Beaverhead river to its junction with Big Hole or Wisdom river, thence up said river to Divide creek, thence up said creek and through Deer Dodge Pass to Silver Bow, and thence down Deer Lodge river to Deer Lodge City.

From Fleecer's Station to Red Mountain City.

From Silver Bow, by the mouth of German and French Gulches, to the mouth of Warm Spring creek, thence up said creek to Cable City, thence down Flint creek to Phillipsburg, thence down said Flint creek to Emmettsburg, and thence to Bear Town.

From Blackfoot City to Washington Gulch, thence to Jefferson Gulch, thence to McClellan Gulch, and thence to Lincoln Gulch.

From Helena, via Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln Gulches, to Reynolds

From Helena, via French Bar, Cave Gulch, and New York, to Ruby City.
From Cave Gulch, via Eldorado Bar, to Helena.
From Virginia City, via Sterling, Willow Creek, Springville, to Helena.
From Gold Creek, via Emmettsburg, Phillipsburg, and Cable City, to Helena..
From Helena, via Radersburg, Gallatin City, Morse's Store, to Bozeman City..
From Bannack City, in the Territory of Montana, via Fort Lemhi, Idaho
City, Salmon City, to Boise City, in the Territory of Idaho.

From Helena, via Silver City, Trinity Gulch, Gravelly Range, and Piegan
Gulch, to Atlantic City.

From Helena to Unionville.
From Bannack, via Fort Lemhi, Salmon City, to Idaho City.

From Virginia City, via Red Mountain City, Butte City, Silver Bow, Deer :
Lodge City, Phillipsburg, Cable City, and Emmettsburg, to Bear Town.


From Tecumseh, via Helena, to Lincoln City.

From Lincoln, via the Oak Groves and Seward, to the mouth of Douglas creek, in Butler county.

From Elkhorn Station, via Forest City, Salt Creek ferry, and Ashland, to Lancaster.

From Lincoln, via Milford, to Beaver Creek and Fort Kearney.

From America, Kansas, via Pawnee City, Table Rock, Tecumseh, Latrobe, Saltillo, Salinc City, and Lancaster, Nebraska, to Columbus, Nebraska.

From Padonia, Kansas, via Falls City and Ellmore, to Nemaha. City, Nebraska.


From Little Sioux, Iowa, via Arizonia, Tekama, Nebraska, to West Point, Nebraska.

From Beatrice, in Gage county, via Swan City and Camden, to Milford, in Seward county.

From West Point to Dakota City.

From Nebraska City, via Bartlett's Mill, Snyders, McClure's Settlement, and Morton's Ford, to Table Rock.

From Weeping Water, via Stone Creek and Shirley's Station, to Lincoln City, Nebraska.

From Bartlett City, Iowa, to Lincoln City, Nebraska.
From West Point to Norfolk.
From Beatrice, via Clatonia and Randall, to Camden.

From Ashland, via Waho Ranch and Raccoon Fork of Oak Creek, to Ulysses, in Butler county.


From Dayton, via Hot Springs, to Pine Grove. From Virginia, via Oreana, Unionville, Star City, and Dun Glen, to Boise City, in Idaho Territory.

From the mail station on the overland mail route in Ruby Valley, to Camp Halleck.

From Wellington's, via Pine Grove and Washington, to Aurora.

From Aurora, via Masson's Ranch and Fort Churchill, to lower crossing of Truckee river, in Washoe county.


From Penn's Grove to Woodstown.
From Andover to Gratitude.
From Dickerstown to Mount Salem.
From Warwick to North Vernon.
From Rockaway to Hibernia.
From Burriton, via Stoney Brook, to Bloomingdale.


From Santa Fé, via Pojuaque, to Abiquiu.

From Abiquiu, by El Rito, Ojo Caliente, Servietta, Los Conejos, to Fort Garland.

From Cimarron to Taos.
From Santa Fé, via Real de Dolores, Tuerto, and San Antonio, to Albuquerque.
From Cimarron, via Virginia City, to Taos.
From Santa Fé, via Las Trampas, Peñasco, and Rio del Pueblo, to Taos.

From Las Vegas, via Antonchico, Cañones, and Puerto de Luna, to Fort Sumner.

Fron San José, via San Miguel, La Cuesta, to Antonchico.


From Fabius to Pitcher.
From Rochester, via West Brighton, Henrietta, and Rush, to Honeoye Falls.
From Mina to Wattsburg, in Pennsylvania.
From Dundee, via Crystal Springs and Wayne, to Hammondsport.
From Chapelsburg to Humphrey Centre.
From Towanda, via Collins Centre and Newton's Corners, to Springfield.
From Pillar Point to Dexter.

From Greenpoint to Orient.
From Randolph to Little Valley.
From Lowville to Rodman.
From Syracuse to Euclid.
From Marathon to Smithville Flats.
From South Valley to East Worcester.

From Whitney's Point, via Lamb's Corners and Ketchamville, to New Ark Valley.

From Damascus, via West Damascus and New Lebanon, to Relayville.

From Oswego Falls, via Bowen's Corners and South Hannibal, to Hannibal Centre.

From Richland Station, via Orwell, to Molino.
From East Sandy Creek to State road.
From Greenport, via East Marion, to Orient.
From Roslyn to Port Washington.
From Little Neck, via Great Neck, to Manhassett.
From Fabius, via Cuyler, to Pitcher.

From Newport, via Sanders' Store and Pettiford, to Peletier's Mills.
From Newport to Pettiford's Creek.


From Zaleski to New Plymouth.
From West Union, via Cedar Run and Mineral Springs, to Locust Grove.
From Dunbarton to Mineral Springs.
From West Union, via Wheat Ridge and Newport, to Tranquillity.

From Copely to New Portage, via Bates' Corners and Clark's Mills, in Summit county, and from Dennison to Bates' Corners, in same county.

From Cumberland to Caldwell.
From Barnesville, via Temperanceville, to Miltonsburgh.
From North Georgetown, via Beloit and North Benton, to Deerfield.
From Copley to New Portage.
From Shadesville to Genoa.
From Greensburgh Cross Roads to West Mill Grove.
From Berne Station, via Hartzler, to West Rushville.
From New Bremen to Anna Station.
From Hornersville, via Maple, to Freesburg.
From Van West to Celina.
From Urbana, via Spring Hills, to De Graff.
From London, via Lafayette, Somerford, and Tradersville, to Rosedale.
From Tippecanoe City, via Ginghamsburg and Fidelity, to Union.
From New Bremen to Dinsmore.
From Hillsborough, via Samantha and Careytown, to Vienna.
From Frazeysburg to Bladensburg.
From Long Run to Fallsburg.
From Hanover, via P[e]rryton, to Fallsburg.
From Findley, via Benton Ridge, Bluffton, and Beaverdam, to Lima,
From New Holland, via Clarksburgh and Greenland, to Chillicothe.
From Anna to Minster.


From Brownsville, via Peoria, Corvallis, Summers, in King's Valley, Haptonstalls, at the foot of Yaquima hills, Elk City, at the Yaquima bay, Military Wagon Road and Oysterville, to Newport, on the bay of Yaquima.

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