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To acquire our system of CHRONOLOGY, the questions on the Chronographer, should not only be well learned, but the attention of the pupils, should be called to it, during every recitation, by requiring them to show to what part of the Plan, given, dated events belong.

In regard to GeoGRAPHY, as connected with History, it is no less important that the association of the event, with the visible representation of its place on the map, should be strongly made. Hence the pupils should always be required to trace on their maps the routes of navigators, armies, &c.; and to show the locations of cities, and battlefields. The best of all plans in this respect, is for pupils to draw for themselves on Slates or Blackboards, sketches of the countries of which they study, putting down the places mentioned in their lessons. They may, in this way, have their maps on an enlarged scale.

The teacher of this work may, by reading a copy of the author's larger History on the same plan, be able to relate to his class, enlarged details and interesting anecdotes of the characters herein named, of which the limits of this book did not allow the insertion. Such incidents not only instruct, but they make scholars love the classroom, and give them confidence in the knowledge of their teacher. One important office of the common-school library, is to put such books into the instructor's hands, as shall aid him in giving his pupils more enlarged views of their subjects of study.

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