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Writ of possession or restoration, (no posse comitatues,) 1.25 Do. do. do. (with do.

) 2.50 Milage from the place fixed by law,

0,06 Committal to prison,

0,375 Discharge from prison,

0.375 Writ of inquiry, summoning the jury, and returning the inquisition,

1.50 Attending and receiving a prisoner to custody surrendered by bail,

0.50 Copy of writ when demanded,

0.125 Bill of Coroner's fees in the state of New-York. For the view of each body, taking and returning inquisition,

$10.00 Drawing subpena or warrant,

0.25 Do summons for jury,

0.375 Swearing witness,

0.06 Taking recognizance,

0.25 Charges for moving the body, &c. &c. allowed, if reasonable. Serving writs in all cases the like fees as drawn by the sheriff, Bill of the fees taken by the Judges of Common Pleas of Neta

York.-Fees of the first Judge. For a license to an attorney,

$1.00 Discharge under the insolvent act,

1.00 Directing an assignment, (standing on the property,) 2.00 Receiving a petition,

2.00 Taxing a bill of cost,

0.25 Fees divided among the Judges present at the time of service, For the first motion of every cause in the Common Pleas,

0.375 Admitting an attorney to practice,

1.875 Admitting a guardian on the act for the partition of lands, 0.25

Fees to the Judge who does the service, Admitting an infant by guardian or next friend

0.19 Taking bail in the Common Pleas,

0.25 Do. do. Supreme Court,

0.75 Acknowledgment of satisfaction out of court,

0. 25 Hearing cause of action or other special matter out of court,

0.25 Taking affidavit,

0.125 Allowing a warrant of attorney, Acknowledgment on proof of deed, mortgage, lease or release,



Certificate or order for insolvent debtor,

0.375 Signing judgment,

0.125 Bill of Fees of the County Clerk of the state of New-York. Searching records for a given year,

$ 0.125 For every additional year,

0.03 Searching for a judgment for a given year by the clerk, 0.20 For every additional year,

0.10 Swearing witness to will or codicil,

0.06 Drawing proof of will or codicil for each page of 72 words,

0.12 Do. deeds, wills, codicils, proofs, &c. for each page of 128 words,

0.19 Do. Copies of the above when required for each page of 128 words,

0.125 Entering or registering mortgage,

1.00 Do. Satisfaction on mortgage.

0,25 Bill of fees of the Surrogate of the State of New-York. Administering an oath,

0.125 Drawing proof of will, codicil, appointment of guardian, sheet of 128 words,

0.19 Probate of a will, and letters of administration, appoint

ment of guardian, or copies of the above for each sheet of 128 words,

0.19 The seal of the surrogate,

0.75 Bond on granting letters of administration, &c. 0.50 Recording wills, letters of appointment, &c. for a sheet of 128 words,

0.19 Wills in foreign tongues pay for translation for every 128 words,

0.125 Appointment of guardian,

1.50 Entering and filing a caveat,

0.19 Filing petition for the sale of real estate,

0.125 Making and entering order thereon,

0.75 Decree or order for the salo of real estate,

3.75 Citation of witness, &c. with seal,

0.75 Taking, entering and filing a renunciation,

0.375 Filing an inventory,

0.125 Searching records for any given year,

0.125 For every additional year,

0.06 Depositions for each sheet of 128 words,

0.19 Copies of records when required, each sheet of 128 words,

0.125 Trying a will or administration contested,

2.50 0.75

Seal, exemplifications,

No foe is demanded where the effects of the testator or intestate estate does not exceed the value of

37.50 Bill of fees of the Justices of the Peace in the State of N. Y. A Summons,

$ .09 Warrant,

0.125 Attachment,

0.19 Judgment,

0.125 Oath,

0.06 Subpæna for cach witness,

0.06 Adjournment,

0.09 Venire for jury,

0.19 Swearing jury,

0.125 Execution,

0.19 Sworn witness from a foreign county draws per day 0.25 Every other witness,

0.125 The costs cannot exceed $5, except in cases where a witness attends from a foreign county,

Fees in Criminal cases. Precept for a jury to enquire of forcible entry or detainor,

$ 0.375 Administering an oath,

0.125 Swearing a jury to inquire of forcible entry, &c. 0.25 Precept tor jury to try a traverse of the force, 0.375 Swearing a jury to try a traverse,

0.25 Drawing conviction of focible entry, &c.

1.00 A warrant of restitution,

0.375 A mittimus for fine or forseiture,

0.19 A warrant for breach of the peace,

0.19 A bond of recognisance,

0.25 A summons upon a penal law,

0.125 Drawing a conviction,

0.375 A warrant to levy a penalty,

0.19 Bill of fees of the Inspectors of Beef and Pork in the State of

New-York. Each bbl. pork inspected, salted, and repacked, $ 0.25 Flaging, peging, nailing, salting and pickling, 0.125 Salt petre 4 oz. for each bbl,

0.09 Hoops for bbls, each,

0.03 Bill of fees of the Inspectors of Fish for the State of N. Y. Each bbl. pickled fish inspected,

0.375 For every barrel,

0.18 Each bbl. or half bbl. inspected, (not repacked,) 0.125 Each bbl. or half bbl. dry salt fish (sold at market price,) 0.125


Bill of the fees of the Inspector of Pot and Pearl Ashes, iic

the State of New-York. Inspecting, repacking, and reinstating cask four hun

dred cwt. half paid by the seller and half by the buyer.

$ 0.19 Note. Casks for pot and pearl ashes must be made of whiteash, 29 inches long, and 19 inches in diameter at the ends, and be full bound. Bill of fees of the Inspector and Culler of Staves and Heading,

in the State of New-York. INSPECTOR GENERAL OF THE CITY AND COUNTY OF N. Y. For each 1000 merchantable staves and heading cul

led, one half paid by the buyer, the other by the seller (city and county of New-York,)

$ 0.10 Por each 1000 unmerchantable staves and heading culled, (paid by the owner.)

0.05 2. Inspector and Culler in the city of New York. Hor each 1000 pipe staves culled,

$ 0.625 For each 1000 hogshead staves and heading,

0.50 For each 1000 bbl. staves,


0.375 For each 1000 long butt staves, do.

1.50 For each 1000 short butt staves, do.

1.25 One half paid by the buyer and the other, by the seller.

3. The Country Culler. For each 1000 pipe staves culled,

0.50 For each 1000 hhds. staves and heading, do. 0.375 For each 1000 bbl. staves, do.

0.25 for each 1000 long butt staves,


1.25 For each 1000 short butt staves,


1.00 Note. 1200 staves or heads are called a thousand. Half the fee is paid by the buyer and half by the seller. Bill of fees of the Inspector of sole leather, in the State of

For inspecting, weighing, and sealing each side of

sole leather, half to be paid by the vender and
half by the buyer.

$ 0.04 Bill of the fees of Sealers of Weights and Measures in the


State of New York. For sealing and marking scale beams and measures, $ 0.125. For sealing and marking every weight and small meas

ure, 'ith charges for making them conform to the standard.


Bill of fees charged by the Constables of the State of N. Y. For serving a warrant,

$ 0.19 For serving a summons,

0.125 For serving a warrant of distress for rents,

1.50 For inventory, draft of notice, and copies,

1.00 For milage, (out of the city of New-York,)

0.06 For fees for the levy, on each dollar,

0.10 For levying a fine or penalty of $2.50 or under, 0.125 For do. on all sums above $2.50, rated for each $2.50, 0.125 For taking defendant into custody on mittimus, 0.125 For conveying a person to jail, if one mile,

0.125. For milage in all cases (going only)

0.06 Bill of fees charged by the Pound keeper in the State of N. Y. Taking and discharging horses or colts, and all neat cattle each,

$0.125 Do. do.

Sheep or lambs each, 0.03 Do. do.

hogs, shoats or pigs each, 0.06 Feeding and keeping each beast, each 24 hours.

Note. All charges must be settled before the animal empounded is set at liberty, unless the pound keeper agree otherwise.


To the Teachers of Common Schools in the State of N. Y. GENTLEMEN:

I am no strarger to the difficulties which embarrass your official la : bours, nor to the consequent anxieties which disturb your peace of mind. Twenty years experience in the same thorny pursuit has made me famil. iar with all the diversity of evils which surround your path and block up your way to usefulness in your laudable avocation.

I will not, however, stop to enumerate those evils, but will venture to assert that the most prominent of the whole list, are those which grow out of the great and increasing variety of elementary books which flood the country, and lodge, by a kind of eddying force, in the institutions over which you preside. This multitude of similar yet unlike productions, increases your labours, divides your attention, perplexes your decisions, embarrasses your operations, mars the order of your proceedings, paralizes your efforts and prostrates your usefulness. To this source may also be traced the frequent and well founded dissatisfaction expressed by parents; the loud and long complaints of pupils; and the consciousness that, although you call into requisition your best endeavours, and the most persevering exertions, you accomplish but little.

In view of these considerations, and at the instance of our late excellent governor, I some time since, commenced the compilation of a course of elementary studies, suited, as I believe, to the wants of the great body, of pupils intrusted to your care, and calculated to supercede the incongruous medley now in use, and, consequently, remedy the evils which are so generally felt and so freely confessed. This volume, in connexiont

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