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Bolton, 1828,


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Sold to Sam'l S, Sweet, for a draft on H, Hobbs at

60 days, accepted, 128 cords of hard wood, stand.

ing, at 80 cts, per cord,
Jan.12 Paid cash for weaving 65 yards of domestic carpet.

ing, at 22 cts, a yard,
14 Bo't of Dudley Smith, on acc't, per bill,

3 lbs, hyson tea, a 1,25, 30 lbs, of coffee, a .22,
6 lbs, chocolate, a.37, 1.2 bbl, shad, 6.25,

1 cwt. B. sugar, 10.25, 15 lbs, loaf sugar, 19 cts,
Drew my order on Dudley Smith in favour of James

Owen, for the amt, of one month's labour, being

in full of his demand, 18 Sold' Dud!ey Smith, on acc't, deld at his house,

6 tons of hay, at $8,
20 Sold to J. & J. How, of Boston, for cash, 1000 lbs.

of flax, at 18 3-4 cts, per lb, by the agency of Dud.
ley Smith, who has charged me for transportation
and commission,

Am't of flax,






Helped Sam'l S. Sweet, by my man James, and with
my team, to draw wood to market, 22 1-2 days, at $2,
Sent to Boston market by D, Simpson, two bbls, of

mess pork which he sold for cash, at 11,50 23
100 bushels oats, sold at 30 cts,

at 56 cts,

11 20


64 20 Paid Mr, Simpson for transp’n & commis'n, 680


25 The Worcester bank has discounted for my benefit, the following notes: D. Dunbar,

282 501

S. S, Sweet's draft, 102 40 My note of 4 D. Smith, and by him en. dorsed,



584 90

562 90

NOTE, Account books should be ruled with red ink, but written up with black. No erasures should be made, nor blank pages or part of pages left, to be valid evidence in law, books must be kept correctly.



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Bolton, 1828.

an3 of Paid C. Dakin, cash in part, on my bond to him of|

900 Int. up to this date

32 65

932 65

Teb. 5 Sold to Joseph Stebbins, 6 acres of wood land, the point

Iying next to his farm, at $88.50 per acre 531
Rec'd in payment, cash in part

His note due in ten days for bal.



Sold Aaron Hall, 25 cords on ak wood, deld at his door,

at 3.75 per cord, and received in payment, his draft on
the town treasurer, at 10 days sight, accepted

Lost, supposed to have been killed by dogs, three head
of store sheep, valued at

2,25 6175 Paid Nancy Hill, the house maid, on acc't, by an order on Dudley Smith

18/50 15 Received cash of Joseph Stebbins, the amt. of his note due this day

131 "Bought at auction, for cash, 3 cows of the first qnality, at 15.50

45 50
15 half blood sheep, a 1.75

26 251
64 tons of hay
a 5.50


443 75 Received of the town tieasurer, cash to the amt. of Aaron Hall's draft, due l' is day

9375 21 Loaned T. C. Clark, on bis note, endorsed by his brother, P. Clark, at 3 mo, on int.

180 4 Shipped to Baltimore, as an adventure, in the sloop May

weed, Capt. B. Bellows, and consigned to him to sell
for cash, 64 tons of screwed hay, cost 5.50 352
Expense of screwing, charged to my acc't by
Dudley Smith

Expense of transportation to Boston, cash 80

496 28 Paid Worcester Insurance Co. in cash, 2 1-2 per cent. on the amt. of shipment to Baltimore

12,40 Policy


13/15 "Var.2 Sold Dudley Smith, on acc't, my lumber sleigh, with harness complete

50 G|S. S. Sweet has stopped payment, and wishes to com

pound with me for my demand against him, of $45. I
have therefore agreed to take 50 per cent. on the amt.
for which he gives me his father's note, endorsed by
his brother Ralph, at six mo. on int.

22 50

22 50


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