Six Plays, Written by Mr. Mountfort. In Two Volumes. ...

J. Tonson ... G. Strahan ... and W. Mears, 1720 - 473 Seiten

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Seite 408 - Mountains and hills, come, come, and fall on me, And hide me from the heavy wrath of God ! No, no.
Seite 378 - I charge thee to return, and change thy shape; Thou art too ugly to attend on me: Go, and return an old Franciscan friar; That holy shape becomes a devil best.
Seite 379 - Faustus, stab thine arm courageously, And bind thy soul that at some certain day Great Lucifer may claim it as his own ; And then be thou as great as Lucifer.
Seite 490 - New improvements of planting and gardening, both philosophical and practical explaining the motion of the sap and generation of plants; with other...
Seite 380 - My blood congeals, and I can write no more. Meph. I'll fetch thee fire to dissolve it straight. Exit.
Seite 490 - Pra&ical^ explaining the Motion of the Sap, and Generation of Plants, with other Difcoveries,' never before made Publick, for the Improvement of Foreft-Trees, Flower-Gardens, or Parterres ; with a New Invention, whereby more Defigns of Garden-Plats may be made in an Hour than can be found in all the Books now extant. Likewife feveral rare Secrets for the Improvement of Fruit-Trees, KitchenGardens, and Green-Houfe Plants ; the Third Edition corrected. To which is added, The Gtntleman and Gardener's...
Seite 397 - ... cozening scab! Master doctor, awake, and rise, and give me my money again, for your horse is turned to a bottle of hay. Master doctor! He pulls off his leg Alas, I am undone! what shall I do? I have pulled off his leg.
Seite 376 - Faust. How am I glutted with conceit of this I Shall I make spirits fetch me what I please ? Resolve me of all ambiguities? Perform what desperate enterprise I will ? I'll have them fly to India for gold, Ransack the ocean for orient pearl, And search all corners of the new-found world For pleasant fruits and princely delicates. I'll have them read me strange philosophy: And...
Seite 408 - ... Ruling Power has played with weighted dice. The last scene is an immensely powerful presentation of the awful doctrine of Mediaeval Christianity : " Now hast thou but one bare hour to live, And then thou must be damned perpetually ! Stand still...
Seite 386 - Seek to save distressed Faustus' soul. (Enter LUCIFER, BELZEBUB. and MEPHISTOPHILIS.; Luc: Christ cannot save thy soul, for he is just; There's none but I have interest in the same. Faust: O who art thou that lookst so terrible?

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