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liament, [16]; explains the conduct Cherbourg, selected by Dumouriez as
pursued by ministers respecting a naval port, 239*
Spain, [18]; justifies the neutrality Chili: discontent at O'Higgins' ad.
of England, in the war between ministration, (252); he and Rodri.
France and Spain, [25]; his speech guez resign, (ib.); Freyre appointed
vindicating the conduct of the director, 253] ; earthquake, 295*
ministry respecting the affairs of Chickens, hatched by steam, 310*
Spain, (37]; his defence on being China, intelligence from, 44; singular
charged with defection from the advertisement, 154; affray between
cause of Catholic Emancipation, the crew of the Topaze and the
(75); gives a denial to the imputa. natives, 146
tions cast against him by Mr. Christian, E., death of, 194
Brougham, (76]; refuses

Chronometers, effect of magnetism
knowledge the regency of Madrid,

on, 299*
[145]; "his popularity ; and his Churches, new, 323*
speech at Plymouth, [146]; his let- Circuit, correspondence relative to a
ter of resignation to his constituents barrister's right of changing his cir.
at Liverpool, 9; takes his seat in cuit, 49
parliament, 16; visit to Plymouth, Cobbetl, address moved by, at Nor.
151 ; correspondence with the duke

wich, (2)
of Wellington, relative to the affairs Cochrane, lord, takes several of the
of France and Spain, 97* ; letter to, Portuguese fleet, (229)
from visc. Chateaubriand, 110*; Coiners, fraudulent, discovered at
letter to sir C. Stuart, 113* ; to sir Birmingham, 90
W. A'Court, 115* ; from ditto 116* ; Coke, Mr., and lady Anne, Mr. Hum.
to ditto 118*; from ditto 119* ; to phrey's pamphlet, against, 129
ditto ib.; from sir C. Stuart, 129* ; to Cologne, murder at, 131
ditto, ib.; to sir W. A'Court, 132* ; Columbia: Santa Martha, taken by
from lord Fitzroy Somerset, ib.; from the Spaniards, [244); defeated from
sir C. Stuart, 131* ; from sir W. the Spanish fleet, (ib.); capture of
A'Court, 135* ; ditto ditto, 136* ; Maracaybo, and Porto Cabello by
from sir C. Stuart, 137* ; from sir W. the Columbians, [245]; insurrection
A'Court, ib.; ditto ditto ib.; from sir at Pasto, [ib.];Session of congress,and
C. Stuart, 138; from sir W. decree relative to the loan, [246] ;
A'Court, ib.; ditto ditto 139* ; to sir pension to Bolivar, [247]; schools,
C. Stuart 140*

(ib.); alliance with Chili and Peru,
Cape of Good Hope, condition of the (ib.);message of the executive power,
new settlements at, [138]

at opening the first constitutional
Carascosa, gen. his duel with gen. congress, 198* ; Spain refuses to ac.
Pepe, 25

knowledge its independence, ib. ; ac.
Cardinals, new creation of, at Rome, knowledged by the United States,

199*; mission to Lisbon and Rome,
Cardon, M., editor of the Journal du 200* ; hopes of prosperity, and

Commerce, indicted, 34 ; sentenced spread of information, 201*; treaty
to imprisonment and fine, 38

with Peru, 204
Castaing, trial of, for the murder of Congress at Verona, [19]; see l’erona

Hippolyte Ballet, [165] ; I* Connolly, Mr., taken into custody for
Caterpillars on fruit trees, destruction shooting J. Grainge, 165

of, 302* ; ditto, by sparrows, 303* Constant, B., fined, 18
Catholic Question, the, [73]; bills for Convicts, report on, 43

conferring the elective franchise on Cooke, lieut., correspondence between
English Catholics, [80]; lord Col. commodore Porter, and the com.
chester's motion, (81)

mandant of Porto Rico, relative to
Chancery, meeting of solicitors, re- his death, 53

specting the business of, 19; in. Copper-mine River, 256*

creased business in the court of, 63' Copper mountains, 261
Chancery records, 319*

Corn, motion for a reduction of its
Chateaubriand, M., letter to Mr. Can. import price, (97)

ning, on the relations between Spain Coroner's inquest, on T. H. Griffiths,
and France, 1104

and his son, Abel Griffiths, 77
Chemistry, 297*

Correspondence, diplomatic, relative

to the affairs of France and Spain, Currency, motion on, (100)

Cotton, sir R. account of, 320* Davison, secretary, account of the
Cottonian manuscripts, ib.

transactions connected with the
Covent Garden Theatre ; Julian, a execution of Mary Queen of Scots,

tragedy, 34; Spanish subscription 244*
fancy Ball, 85

D'Enghien, Duc, account of his death,
Courier François, Legraiveux, the 242*

editor, imprisoned and fined, 39 Dead bodies, how long recognizable,
Courts : Admiralty ; case of the Dun. 67
dee, 32

Death, sudden, extraordinary ease of,
Chancery ; Gill v. Gill, de lunatico 132
inquirendo, 101

Deccan prize case, 16
Common Pleas ; Thurtell, v. Beau. Demerara, insurrection of the slara

mont, recovery of value of pro- at, [134], general Murray, the go-
perty insured, 82

vernor, fired at, (135)
Common Pleas, Dublin ; Cuthbert, Denmark : privateers not allowed to
v. Browne, deception in marriage, enter the Danish ports, (171); tbe

nobles complain of being deprived
Crabb, rev. G., Hope and Memory, of their political privileges, [172]
poem by, 331

Digestion, experiments on, 285*
Delegates; Miller u. Bloomfield, &c. Diorama, 309*

liability of stock in trade to Disturbances: a police officer and
church-rates, 76 ; Seager v. Bonde; proctor killed, at Castlehaven, Ire-
right of erecting a monument in a land, 85; Musselburgh races, 97 ;
church without the consent of the by the prisoners in the court at
ordinary, 77

Manchester sessions, 140
House of Lords; Reid v. Reid, Dixon, captain, robbed by banditti at
Scotch marriage, 29"

Faenza, 48
King's Bench ; intimation to the Dobereiner, experiments on vegeta-

bar, Mr. Selwyn, 14; the King, tion by, 301*
v. Wright, blasphemous libel, 18; Downe, Sarah, murdered by John
O'Meara, libels on sir H. Lowe, Radford, 95
19; Novello, v. Towgood, 53; Dublin : parliamentary inquiry inta
Macpherson, v. Lovie, breach of the conduct of the sherift relative
promise of marriage, 72; the King, to the trial of Forbes, &c. [56] ; 200.
7. Bigley, Edmonton fair, 86 ; spiracy against the lord lieutenast,
Savoy v. Price, infringement of 3; remonstrance of the grand jury
patent Seidlitz powders, 156

on the attorney-general animad
Guildhall; Shaw v. Williams, se- verting on the bills being ignored by
duction, 40*

them, 6; claims of the Catholics to
Dublin; Forbes, &c. for outrage on pray over their dead in Protestant
the lord lieutenant, 21*

church-yards, 116 ; trial of Forbes,
Palace Court; Oates v. Burgoyne, &c. for an outrage on the lord-lieut.
trespass, 143

of Session, Scotland ; Macgregor v. Duel between generals Pepe and Ca.
M.Neil, or Jolly, declarator of rascosa, 25
marriage, 10; case of law of mar- Duelling, American, 68
riage, 149

Dumouriez, general, memoir of, 238*
Court-Martial ; lieut. Hamilton of the Dundee and Princess Charlotte, ves

Topaze, firing on some Chinese, sels, case of, 32*
Crawford, Mr., his mission to Siam, Dynamometer, Regnier's, 289*

Crees, an Indian tribe, 253*

Earthquake in Chili, 295*
Criminal code, -see Mackintosh, East, G., executed for rape, 8
Cuba, piracies at, (20) ; repressed by Edmonton fair, declared illegality to

the United States, 188*
Curwood, Mr., correspondence with Education of the poor, in Ireland, ne

Mr. Jervis, relative to his changing turns to Parliament on, 50* , state
his circuit, 49

of, in Portugal, 328*


Eldon, lord, his character as a lawyer, sador leaves Madrid, [151]; Talley.

rand's speech in favour of peace, (ib.);
Elephant, narrow escape from, by debate in the Chamber of Deputies

captain Gambier and Mr. Hay, at on war with Spain, (154); the ad-
Ceylon, 136

dress, [155] ; Budget, (157]: provi-
Elizabeth, queen, secretary Davison's sion for expenses, &c. for 1824, (158);

interview with, for her signing the discussion on the policy of the Spa-
warrant for the execution of Mary nish war, (ib.); Chateaubriand's de-
queen of Scots, 244*

fence of the ministerial policy,[159];
Ellenborough, lord, motion respect- proceedings against Manuel, (160);

ing the conduct of ministers, [27] disturbances excited by his expul.
Engrossing of bills in the House of sion from the chamber, [162]; tu.

Commons, form of, 66* ; engrossing mults at Lyons, [163]; addresses

hand the best for the purpose, 67* against the war, (ib.); war announced,
Erskine, lord, memoir of,' 212* ; his (ib.); triumphal return of the duke of

defence of captain Baillie, 213* ; of Angoulême, [164]; communication
lord G. Gordon, 215• ; character as with England respecting South
a parliamentary orator, 217* ; cre- America, (ib.); dismissal of the
ated lord chancellor, 218*

duke of Belluno, (165); remarka.
Esquimaux, 261*, 272* ; their snow- ble trials, (ib.] ; maintenance of the

houses, 273* ; superstitions, 274* clergy, [167]; English artisans,
Excise revenue, improvement in, [168]; the duke of Angoulême's

proclamation to the Spanish nation,
Executions : Robert Hartley for stab. 1189), 158* ; commencement of the

bing captain Owen, 2; Giles East, campaign in Spain, [189] ;--see Spain;
rape, 8; John Radford, murder, 95, contraband slave trade, 81* ; France
Pallet, for murder of Mr. Mumford, not sincere in her professed desire

for the suppression of slavery,

86*; diplomatic correspondence re-
Fanaticism, horrible instance of, in lative to France and Spain, 93* ;
Switzerland, 41.

danger to France from a revolu-
Female convict, disguised as a man, tion in Spain, 112*; neutrality
132 ; preacher, 69.

adopted by England respecting
Ferguson, lieut., killed in duel by France and Spain, 141*; no hostile
captain Roche, 1773, 224*

views towards Portugal, 147* ; king's
Finances : Brazilian, [230]; Russian, speech, Jan. 28th, 119*

153 ; of the United States, [240], Franklin, captain, journey to the Polar
186*; table of ditto, 195

Sea, 251*; Crees, 253* ; Chepey.
Fires : the new theatre at Munich, 8; wans, 254* ; musquitoes, 255* ;

church of S. Paolo fuor delle Mura, Copper-mine river, 256* ; winter
Rome, 89; at the settlement of the preparations, 257* ; intense cold,
Moravian brethren at Sarepta, 107; 258* ; snow-houses, ib. ; winter oc?
at Liverpool, 136

cupations, 259* ; wolves, 261* ;
Fish, very large one at Montreal, 123 ; copper mountains, ib.; excessive
sugar used in preserving, 302*

privations, 264*, and horrible suf.
Forbes, Graham, Brownlow, &c. mo. ferings of the party, 266* ; Dr.

tions and proceedings in parliament Richardson's narrative, 267* ; Mr.
connected with their trial, (52], Hood assassinated by an Iroquois,
[56] ; trial of at Dublin, for an out. 268*
rage on the lord lieutenant, 21* Franks family, murder of, in Ireland,
Foreign stock exchange. I

Forests, royal, 256

Freemasonry, Russian ordinances
France : Mr. C'anning's statement of against, [179]

the policy pursued by Great Bri. French marriages, 1 ; loan, 88; news-
tain towards France, (23]; pretend- papers, 90 ; manufactures, 119
ed violation of the neutrality of the Fruit, maturation of, 305*
French soil by Spanish troops, [148]; Fruit-trees, caterpillars destroyed on,
elevation of Villèle to the ininistry, 302*
[149] ; speech at the opening the
Chambers, (ib.); the French ambas. Gaming houses, 19

Gas, coal, expansive force of, 299* proved to have been innocent, by
Gas-lighting, extent of, in London, 59 the confession of the murderer, 110
Georges, mademoiselle, French actress, Haydon, Mr., petition respecting his.

torical painting, 329*
Germany: discussion on the military Hayti, [254]

establishment of Baden, [172] ; re- Heralds college, state of the build.
gulations respecting Jews, at Wei- ings, 322*
mar, [173]; alarm of a conspiracy. Hesse Cassel, --see Germany
at Hesse Cassel, (ib.); suppression of Hislop, sir T., commander-in-chief of
the 'German Observer,' al Wir- the Deccan army, his claims to
temberg, [175]; that state refuses prizes allowed, 17
to sanction the proceedings at Ve Hohenlohe, prince, cure of a nun at
rona, [176]; restrictions on the the convent of New Hall, by, 26;
press, in Bavaria, [177]

and of Adelaide Veysre, at Tou-
Ghost at Abbervillers, 104

louse, 29; other miracles by, 70;
Gilchrist, Octavius, death of, 199 cures a nun at Ranelagh convent,
Gill v. Gill, case of, de lunatico in- 108
quirendo, 101

Holland,-see Netherlands
Glenbervie, lord, death of, 197 Holy alliance, demands the expulsion
Gooch, Mary, extraordinary suicide of'refugees from Switzerland, [178]
of, 60

Home, sir E., experiments on the
Gooseberries, different species of, 304* auricular organs, 289*
Granholm, capt. steals Swedenborg's Hood, Mr. (captain Franklin's com-
scull, 43

panion), assassinated, 268*
Grant, Chas., memoir of, 224• ; his zeal Hope and Memory, poem by rev.

for the promotion of religious wor- G. Crabb, 331*
ship in India, 225;elected a direc. Horrocks, Mr., attempted assassina-
tor of the East India Company, tion of, 101
226* ; disapproves of lord Welles- Horticulture, 304*
ley's administration, 228* ; defends House of Commons, votes during the

G. Barlow's administration, last session, 15
232* ; urges the policy of enlighten- Hume, Mr., motion against the Irish
ing and civilizing India, 234*

church establishment, (69); ditto
Grants of land in New South Wales, respecting the vice-regal offices of
and Van Dieman's Land, 78

the lord lieutenant, (701
Graves, col., tried in Virginia, for Hunt, Joseph, his confession relative
duelling, 68

to Weare's murder, 141.-See also
Grecian (cutter) captures La Gata, a Weare
pirate vessel, 43

Hutton, Dr. C. death of, 189
Greece: war with Turkey, [233]; Hydrophobia, efficacy of injecting

naval operations, [235]; incursions warm water into a vein, in curing,
on the coast of Asia Minor, [ib.]; 135; case of, 281*
massacre of the Greek population at
Pergamo, (ib.); want of artillery and Jamaica : resolutions voted by the
stores, 64; favourable wishes of the house of assembly, in consequence
United States, 192

of the proceedings in the British
Greek committee, lord Byron's letter parliament respecting the slave
to, 63

trade, [132]
Griffiths, Abel, shoots his father, and Jenner, Dr., death of, 188
himself, 77

Jew, extraordinary knavery of one, at
Guebhard, M., his letter to the editor Warsaw, 66

of the Journal du Commerce, on his Jews, regulations respecting, at Wei-
loan with the Spanish government,

mar, [173]

Ice, life-preserver, 309*

Indians, Northern, superstition of
Haloes, artificial, method of forming, 254*

Indies, East, the late Mr. Grant's op
Hamilton, lieut. court-martial on, 146 position to lord Wellesley's mes.
Harrison, J. C., executed in 1817 for sures, 228* ; revenue and jurispru.

the murder of Dr. Sanderson, since dence, 230 institution of the col-


lege at Haylesbury, 230"; sir G. Iturbide, deposed, (240); retira to
Barlow's administration, 232" ; Europe, (241)
negotiations for renewal of the com-
pany's privileges, ib.; moral and Julian, Miss Mitford's tragedy of, 34.
religious character of the natives,
233 ; Mr. Grant's speech in favour Keith, lord, death of, 193
of the civilization of India, 234* ; Kemble, J. P., death of, 191
charter act, &c. 235* ; scheme for Kerr, general, assault on, 20
sending dispatches thither, by a Keys, I., trial of, for parricide, 36
steam packet, 296*

Knights of Malta, actual state of that
West, --see Jamaica and West

order, 326*

Köchlin, M., prosecuted for a pam-
Insects in amber, 289*

phlet, and imprisoned and fined, 67
Insensibility, singular medical case of,

Lallemand, general, death of, 210
Institution, African,--see African Lambeth-palace, robbery at, 105; at
Iorline, new compound of, 301

the church, 107
Ionian Islands: new parliament at Lambton, lieut. col. death of, 188

Corfu, [231]; successful crops, [232]; Lansdown, marquis, question to mi.

expenditure, (ib.); elections, (233) nisters relative to Spain, (16)
Ireland : bills of indictment against Lansdown Manuscripts, 321*

the rioters at the Dublin theatre, Land-tax, Mr. Maberly's motion re-
[49]; motion in parliament respect- specting the redemption of, (118)
ing ditto, [32] ; parliamentary in- Latitude, instrument for finding, 308*
quiry into the conduct of the sheriff

' Law Cases, 1*
of Dublin, [56]; course of the in- Ledwich, Rev. L., death of, 201
quiry (57]; riots between Rib- Legraiveux, editor of the Courier
bandmen and Orangemen, [61]; François, imprisoned and fined, 39
outrages in Limerick, &c. [62; Lists, Births, 268
insurrection act, renewed, (ib.); Deaths, 187

Tithe-composition Bill, (63); mís- Marriages, 171
chiefs of the system of joint te. Ministers, 212
nancy, (64); Mr. Brougham's mo- Promotions, &c. 179
tion respecting the administration Sheriffs, 167
of justice, lib.]; Mr. Hume's Public General Acts, 235
against the church establishment, Patents, 311*
(69) ; ditto respecting the office of Liverpool, election al, 20; increased
lord lieutenant, [70]; duke of De. trade, 164
vonshire's motion on the state of Loan, French, 88
Ireland, [71]; valuable quarries of London-bridge, plan for rebuilding,
marble discovered, 69 ; police officer, 121
&c., killed at Castlehaven, 85; Longevity: Eleanor Job, 124
murder of the Franks family, 115; Lunacy, matters of, not to be removed
claim of the Catholics to pray over from the lord chancellor's jurisdic-
their dead in Protestant church- tion, 64•
yards, 116; threatening notice post-
ed up at Ardualyntha, 124; trial of Mackintosh, sir J., resolutions for the
Forbes, &c. 21*; letters on the state improvement of the criminal code,
of Ireland, from the lord lieutenant, [85]
50* ; tranquillity restored in Lime- Magendie, Dr., successful treatment
rick, 'ib. ; disturbed state of Cork of hydrophobia by, 135, 381*
and Tipperary, 51*; renewal of the Magnetism, by percussion, 299* ; ef.
Insurrection act, indispensable, 56* ; fect of on chronometers, ib.
returns to Parliament on the edu. Malta, knights of, -see Knights
cation of the poor; ib.; efforts of the Manuscripts: the Cottonian, 320* ;
Roman Catholic priests to with- the Lansdown, 321*
draw children from Protestant Manuel, M. deputy for La Vendée,
schools, 59*

proceedings against, [160]; biogra-
Italy: prosecutions for political of. phical account of, [161];

fences, (231); election of Leo XII, Manufactures, French, 119
[ib.); creation of cardinals 30

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