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'Twas in heaven pronounced, and 'twas muttered in hell
And echo caught faintly the sound as it fell:
On the confines of earth 'twas permitted to rest,
And the depths of the ocean its presence confest ;
'Twill be found in the sphere when 'tis riven asunder,
Be seen in the lightning, and heard in the thunder.
'Twas allotted to man with his earliest breath,
Attends at his birth, and awaits him in death,
Presides o’er his happiness, honour, and health,
Is the


of his house, and the end of his wealth.
In the heaps of the miser 'tis hoarded with care,
But is sure to be lost on his prodigal heir.
It begins every hope, every wish it must bound,
With the husbandman toils, and with monarchs is crown'd.
Without it the soldier, the seaman may roam,
But wo to the wretch who expels it from home !
In the whispers of conscience its voice will be found,
Nor e'en in the whirlwind of passion be drown'd.
'Twill not soften the heart; but though deaf be the ear,
It will make it acutely and instantly hear.
Yet in shade let it rest like a delicate flower,
Ab breathe on it softlymit dies in an hour.


A Newdigate Prize Poem, recited at the Theatre, Oxford, June 1823.


WRAPt in the veil of time's unbroken gloom,
Obscure as death, and silent as the tomb,
Where cold oblivion holds her dusky reign,
Frowns the dark pile on Sarum's lonely plain.

Yet think not here with classic eye to trace
Corinthian beauty, or Ionian grace ;
No pillar'd lines with sculptured foliage crown'd,
No Auted remnants deck the hallow'd ground ;
Firm, as implanted by some Titan's might,
Each rugged stone uprears its giant height,
Whence the poised fragment tottering seems to throw
A trembling shadow on the plain below.

Here oft, when evening sheds her twilight ray,
And gilds with fainter beam departing day,
With breathless gaze, and cheek with terror pale,
The lingering shepherd startles at the tale,
How at deep midnight, by the moon's chill glance,
Unearthly forms prolong the viewless dance;
While on each whisp’ring breeze that murmurs by,
His busied fancy hears the hollow sigh.

Rise from thy haunt, dread genius of the clime,
Rise, magic spirit of forgotten time !
'Tis thine to burst the mantling clouds of age,
And fling new radiance on Tradition's

page :
See ! at thy call, from Fable's varied store,
In shadowy train the mingled visions pour :
Here the wild Briton, ʼmid his wilder reign,
Spurns the proud yoke, and scorns th' oppressor's chain;
Here wizard Merlin, where the mighty fell,*
Waves the dark wand, and chants the thrilling spell.
Hark! 'tis the bardic lyre, whose harrowing strain
Wakes the rude echoes of the slunbering plain ;
Lo! 'tis the Druid pomp, whose lengthening line
In lowliest homage bend before the shrine.
He comes-the priest-amid the sullen blaze
His snow-white robe in spectral lustre plays;
Dim gleam the torches thro' the circling night,
Dark curl the vapours round the altar's light;
O'er the black scene of death, each conscious star.
In lurid glory, rolls its silent car.

'Tis gone! e'en now the mystic horrors fade
From Sarum's loneliness, and Mona's glade ;
Hush'd is each note of Taliesin'st lyre,
Sheath'd the fell blade, and quench'd the fatal fire.
On wings of light Hope's angel form appears,
Smiles on the past, and points to happier years :
Points, with uplifted hand, and raptur'd eye,
To yon pure dawn that floods the opening sky;
And views, at length, the sun of Judah pour
One cloudless noon o'er Albion's rescued shore.

On this spot it is said that the British nobles were slaughtered by Hengist. Taliesin, president of the bards, flourished in the sixth century.

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(N. B. The figures within crotchets refer to the History; those with a to the

Appendix to Chronicle, &c.; and the others to the Chronicle.)

ABBERVILLERS, ghost at, 104 Appeals, writs of error, &c., report of
Accident at the theatre, Newcastle, 20 the House of Lords on, 63°
Acetate of Morphine, 17*

Arctic Seas, aninialcules in, 290* ; re-
A'Court, sir W., his correspondence fraction of light, 293*

with Mr. Canning, relative to the Arracacha, new esculent plant, de-
affairs of France and Spain, 116, *

scription of, 304*

Arts and manufactures, 308*
Acts, public general, list of, 235 Auricular organs. 289*
Admiralty sessions, 53

Aurora Borealis, 294*
Advertisement, singular Chinese one,

Assassination of Mr. Horrocks, at.

tempted, 101
African institution, 17th report of, 80, Assizes and Sessions: Aylesbury, T.

circulation of works by, on the colle Randall and J. Croker, for murder

tinent, 93* :-see also Ślave trade of Mr. and Mrs. Needle, 36*
Agricultural distress: discussion on, in Chelmsford ; Felix Reynolds, rape,
parliament, (95); meeting at Nor- 31
wich respecting, 5; at Hereford, 8; Croydon ; P. Stoffel and C. Keppel,
Somersetshire, ib.

murder of Mrs. Richards, 44*
Agriculture, report on the state of, in Ely; J. Rolfe, murder, 21
New South Wales, 71*

Enniskillen; J. Keys, murder of
Ale and porter, quantity of, brewed his father, 36
in London, 86

Lincoln ; W. Arden, B. Chandeler,
Alert (packet), loss of the, 39

and J. Doughty, unnatural crime,
Ambassador, action to try whether the 30
property of persons attached to one, Maidstone; W. Donallan, murder of
be subject to legal process, 53

his wife, 103
America, appointment of British con- Manchester; Shore, &c. robbery ;

suls in South America, [144]; capt. outrage committed by them in
's journey to the Polar Sea,

court, 140
251*; affairs of South America ;--- Middlesex ; Jas. Wilson, assault on
see Brazil, Buenos Ayres, Chili, Co- his own daughter, 128
lumbia, Merico, Peru ; of North Staffordshire ; Sir G. Jerningham,
America,-see Canada, and United v. Beech, action of trover, to re-

cover the value of trees cut down,
American duelling, 68

31 ; Jas. Roxborough and wife,
Angerstein, Mr., death of, 189

fraud and robbery, 139
Angoulême's, duke of, proclamation to Taunton ; E. Bryant, &c. maiming,

the Spaniards, [189], 158*—see also 45

Waterford ; H. Delap, murder, 93
Antiquities, discovery of, at Rome, Austria : causes the press to be re-

18; tesselated pavement discovered stricted in Bavaria, [176] ; and in
at Weybill, 67; painting of the Switzerland, [177]; and refugees
murder of archbishop Beckett, dis- to be expelled from the latter coun-
covered at Wootton Basset, 118; try, (178); interview between the
the ancient town of Orea discovered, emperors of Austria and Russia,
in Fifeshire, 155

Appellate jurisdiction, [93]; report Azzolari, M., case of seduction by, 89
on, 63*

Y 2



Badeley, Dr., his narrative of a mira- mation, respecting a new constitu-
culous cure by prince Hohenlohe, tion, (ib.); murder of the Portuguese

at Para, (226); horrible destruction
Bahia,-see Brazil

of some of the rioters, (227); note.
Baillie, capt., defended by Mr. Erskine, military operations at Bahia, [238];

for a libel on Jord Sandwich, 213* San Salvador evacuated by the
Balfour, Dr., his ice life-preserver,309* Portuguese, [229); lord Cochrane's
Ballet, Hippolyte, murder of, by C. operations by sea, (ib.); Monte Fideo
Castaing, 1* (165)

surrenders to the Brazilians, (230);
Bank stock, reduction of, from 5 to 4 Portuguese commissioners not al.
per cent, 36

lowed to treat, (ib.); Finances, (ib.):
Bankrupts, 247

emperor's manifesto, after dissolving
Barbadoes, outrage against Missionary congress, 169* ; project of the con.
Shrewsbury, (133)

stitution, 172, the legislative
Barlow, sir G., his adininistration in power, 173'; the executive ditta,
India, 232*

176* ; of the succession, &c. 177* ;
Bear, one found at Sanderton, Bucks, of the ministry, 178*; of the mil.

tary force, 179*; of the judicial
Beer Bill, (104)

power, ib., administration of the
Becard, Jos., prize awarded to, for his provinces, 180o; civil and political
virtuous conduct, 112

rights of the people, ib.
Beckett, archbishop, painting discover. Brewster, Dr., fluid discorered by, in

ed representing his murder, 118 minerals, 297*; experiments for
Begu and Lafforçade, trial of, for forming artificial haloes round the
murder, 98

sun, &c. ib.
Belzoni, G., death of, 211

Bridgewater, earl of, death of, 209
Bettera, count de, committed to prison Brougham, Mr., speech on the affairs

for violence towards prince Ester. of Spain, [8]; unsuccessful reply to
hazy, 27

Mr. Canning's vindication of the po
Bills in the House of Commons, form

licy of Great Britain towards Spain,
of engrossing, 66

[45); motion relative to the admi-
of mortality, table of, 250

nistration of justice in Ireland, (65);
Bingley, rev. W., death of, 192

invective against Mr. Canning, (76)
Birmingham, nest of coiners discover. Brownlow, Mr., motions by, respecting
ed at, 90

the riot at the Dublin theatre. (521
Bloomfield, the poet, death of, 202

Blucher, count, wounds an actor, 146 Budget, [113]; French, (157)
Bolivar, pension to, [247]; placed at Buckinghamshire, Van Dieman's

the head of affairs, in Peru, (250); Land, 77€

letter to Aguera. [251]; note Buenos Ayres, prosperity under Riva
Bond, rt. hon. Nath: death of, 209 divia, [253); preliminary cobres.
Bordwine, Mr., instrument for finding tion with Spain, (ib.), 196* ; misus.
the latitude, 308*

derstanding between the goren-
Bourdeaux, case of the vicar of St. ment and capt. Willis, ib.
Eloi, and M. Barthes, 115

Burdett, sir F., speech on the Spanish
Boursier, Madame, trial of, for the affairs (34); motion for inquiry
murder of her husband, [166] 19*

into the conduct of the sheruf of
Bowring, Mr., motion in parliament,

Dublin, (56)
respecting his imprisonment, (139) Byron, lord, letter from, w the Greek
Brazil : separation from Portugal,

committee, 63
[217); commercial regulations indi.
cative of a hostile spirit, (ib.); politi- Cadiz, operations before, [201]; sur.
cal dissensions, [218]; meeting of

renders to the French, (208)
the congress, (ib.), emperor's speech, Cahuac and Beeman, trial of for steal.
(219); change of ministry, (220); ing books, 125
emperor's proclamation, (ib.) note; Canada, fire on board the De Salaberry
violent proceedings of the congress,

steam-boat, 71; steam navigation,
(222); congress dissolved by mili. 72; three boys upset in a cance
tary force, (223); another change of near the Chêne Rapids, 74.
ministry, (224] ; emperor's procla. Canning, Mr., takes his seat in par-

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