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on the 9th day, the ribs come out 18th day, the chick utters its first of the back; the bile and the cry. Its strength then gradually gall-bladder become visible: on the increases, till its sets itself at liberty 10th day the bile becomes green, by breaking the shell in which it and if the chick be taken from was confined. integument, it can move itself in- The artificial process will be sensibly. Eleventh day, the fea- seen from this description, to accethers begin to shoot, and the skull lerate by several days the natural becomes grissly. At the 12th day, operation; and, as it might be the eyes appear; and the ribs are carried on to any extent, by the perfect at the 288th hour. On size or multiplication of ovens, a the 13th day, the spleen approaches great advantage in the acquisition the stomach ; and on the 14th and of stock would necessarily be de15th day, it increases in size and rived, provided the apparatus were bulk. On the 16th day, the beak found to work with the certainty opens and shuts; and about the and economy ascribed to it.


J. Neville, of New-walk, Surrey, for means of obtaining the power of steam an improved method of producing and for the use of steam-engines with reapplying heat to, and constructing and duced expenditure of fuel.-Jan. 8, erecting furnaces and other reservoirs, W. Lister, of Baildon, Otley, for imused for the various purposes of roasting provements in the method and machior smelting metallic ores, or other sub- nery for preparing and spinning wool, stances, melting metals, or any other silk, mohair, and other animal fibre, of matter; and for heating pans or boilers, any quality or length of staple.-Jan. or substances usually contained in pans 16. or boilers, in the various operations of R. Copland, of Clerkenwell, for comproducing steam, distilling, brewing, binations of apparatus for gaining power; dyeing, boiling or baking sugar, boiling part of which are improvements upon a soap, or any other manipulation or ope- patent already obtained by him, for a ration in which the application of heat new or improved method or methods of is necessary; and also, for the purpose gaining power, by new or improved of producing and applying heat to fur combinations of apparatus applicable to naces, pans, boilers and reservoirs, al- various purposes.-Jan. 16. ready erected and used, or to be used, G. Miller, of Lincoln's Inn, for a mefor the purpose above-mentioned ; and thod or plan of communicating the spiral likewise, for effecting a saving in fuel, motion to shot and shells when fired and producing a more complete combus- from plain barrels, and for igniting, by tion of smoke than at present takes percussion, shells to which the spiral place, as well as a better mode than any motion has been thus communicated. now in use, of collecting and preserving -Jan. 16. any volatile substance contained in, or J. Taylor, of Raven-row, Mile-end, combined with, metallic ores or other for a new method of constructing the substances in the separation of which bottoms of merchants ships, and placing heat is necessary; and for the purpose the pumps so as to prevent damage to of applying heat to the operations of the cargoes by the bilge-water.Jan. baking or dyeing substances in kilns, 16. floors, or racks, or in ovens.

J. Smith, of Old Broad-street, for J 823,

certain improvements on a machine for W. Johnson, of Great Totham, for a washing, cleansing, and whitening cota

Jan. 8,

ton, linen, silk and woollen garments, or metallic window-frames, and other mepiece goods.-Jan. 20.

tallic mouldings, applicable to the oriaW. Glossage, of Leamington Priors, menting of furniture.—March 18. for a portable alarum, to be attached to, T. Rogers, of Buckingham-street, and detached from, clocks and watches, Strand, for an improvement on stays and which may be regulated to take and bodices, which improvement is also effect at any given period of time.. applicable to boots.- March 18. February 11.

W. Hope, of Jedburgh, for improfeN. Partridge, of Bowbridge, near ments in the construction of printing. Stroud ; for improvements in the setting presses.-March 18. or fixing of steanı-boilers or coppers, by T, Hancock, of Goswell Mews, Midwhich a considerable saving of fuel will dlesex, for an improvement in the prebe effected, and the smoke more effec- paration, for various useful purposes, of tually consumed.-February 14. pitch and tar, separately or in union, by

T. Fuller, of Bath, for an improve- an admixture of other ingredients with ment in the construction of shafts, and either or both of them.-March 22. the mode of attaching them to two- T. Wickham, of Nottingham, for a wheeled carriages.-February 18. compound paste and liquid, to be used

P. Chell, of Earle's-court, Kensing for the purpose of improving and coton, for improvements on machinery for louring lace and net, and all other madrawing, roving, and spinning hemp, nufactured articles made of fiar, cotton, flax, and waste silk.- February 18. wool, silk, or any other animal or

A. Applegath, of Duke-street, Surry, vegetable substance, whether the fabric for improvements in printing machines. of the same be composed of holes or -February, 18.

interstices, or of open or close work, or T. Bury, of Salford, for improvements otherwise, and to be applied in the in dyeing or producing a permanent process of getting up, dressing, or conankeen colour on cotton, wool, skein. Touring the same.-March 24. yarn, and other articles.-February 18, W. Jessop, of Butterley Hall, Derby

F. Deakin, of Birmingham, for im- shire, for an elastic metallic piston, or provements to piano-fortes, and other packing of pistons, to be applied either stringed instruments.-February 18, externally or internally to cylinders.

W. Church, of Nelson-quare, Surry, March 27. for an improved apparatus for printing, W. Warcup, of Dartford, for an imto be used by type, block, or plate prin- provement or improvements in the code ters.-- February 18.

struction of a machine called a Mangle. G. E. Harpur and B. Baylis, of Wee- April 3. don, for a method of impelling machi- J. Frost, of Finchley, Middlesex, for nery.—March 18.

certain improvements in the process of R. Badwell, the younger, of Leek, calcining, and preparing calcareous and Staffordshire, for improvements in the other substances, for the purpose of throwing, twisting, or spinning of sew- forming cements.-April 3. ing-silk, Organzine, Bergam, and such C. Pope, of Bristol, for a composition other descriptions of silk as such im- of certain metals to be used for the purprovements may be applicable to. pose of sheathing the bottoms of ships March 18.

and vessels, and of roofing the tops of H. H. Price, of Neath Abbey, for an houses, or for any other purpose to apparatus for giving increased effect to which such composition may be appli. paddles used in steam vessels, applica- cable.-April 8. ble to rotary movements, by which they D. W.‘Acraman, of Bristol, irocare generally worked.-March 18. manufacturer, and w, Piper, of the

W. Crighton and J. Crighton, both of Cookley iron-works, near KiddermisManchester, for an improvement in the ster, Worcestershire, iron-manufacturer, construction of the cylinders used in for certain improvements in the prepa. carding engines, and other machines ration of iron, for the better manufaa employed in the preparation for the ture of chains and chain cables.-April spinning of cotton, flax, wool, silk.- 12. March 18,

J. M. Hanchett, of Crescent-place, W. Bailey, of High Holborn, and T. London, companion of the most honour Horne the younger, of Birmingham, for able Order of the Bath, for certain inimprovements in the manufacture of provements in propelling boats and


April 12,

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J. Francis, of Norwich, shawl and provement in the machinery to be embombasin-manufacturer, for an improve- ployed for effecting or producing the ment in the process of making or manu- pressure on linseed, rapeseed, or any facturing a certain article or fabric, other oleaginous seeds or substances composed of silk and worsted, for useful from which oil can be expressed, for the purposes.-April 12.

purpose of expressing oil from the G. Graulhie, of Castle-street, Hol- aforesaid seeds or substances.-Apr, 22. born, London, gentleman, for a machine J. Taylor, of Manchester, for machior apparatus, upon a new and portable nery or apparatus to facilitate or imconstruction, capable of being inclined prove the operation of spinning, doubin different degrees, adapted to the ling, and throwing silk, cotton, wool, or conveyance of persons and goods over fax, or mixtures of the said substances. water or ravines, for military or other - April 29. objects, and applicable also to purposes J. Bourdieu, of Lime-street, for a of recreation and exercise. Partly com- discovery and preparation of a mucilage, municated to him by certain foreigners or slackening matter, to be used in residing abroad.- April 16.

painting or colouring linen, woollen, and J. Johnson, of Waterloo-bridge wharf, cotton cloths, and silks, in cases in for improvements on drags, to be used which gums, mucilages, and other thickfor carriages.-April 16.

ening matters, are now employed. ComS. Hall, of Basford, Nottinghamshire, municated to him by a foreigner residfor a method of improving lace, net, ing abroad.—April 29. muslin, calico, and every other descrip- W. Caslon, the younger, of Burtontion of manufactured goods, whose fabric crescent, for certain improvements in is composed of holes or interstices, and the construction of gasometers.. May also thread or yarn, as usually manu

10. factured, of any kind, whether the E. Eyre, of Sheffield, for an improvesaid manufactured goods, or the said ment in the manufacture of fenders, of thread or yarn, be fabricated from flax, brass, iron or steel.-May 15. cotton, silk, worsted, or any other sub- J. Perkins, of Fleet-street, engineer, stance, or mixture of substances what- for improvements in the mode of heatever.-April 18.

ing, boiling, or evaporating, by steam, W: Southworth, of Sharples, Lan- of fluids, in pans, boilers, or other vescashire, for machinery or apparatus sels.-May 17. adapted to facilitate the operation of E. Ollerenshaw, of Manchester, for a drying calicoes, muslins, linen, or other method of dressing and furnishing hats, similar fabrics.- April 19.

by means of certain machinery and imR. Winter, of Fen-court, London, for plements to be used and applied an improved method of conducting the thereto.—May 27. process of distillation.- April 22.

T. Peel, of Manchester, for a rotaryR. J. Tyers, of Piccadilly, for a ma- engine for the purpose of communicating chine or apparatus to be attached to motion by means of steam or other boots, shoes, or other covering of the gaseous media.-May 27. feet, for the purpose of travelling or S. Wilson, of Streatham, for improvepleasure.--April 22.

ments in machinery for weaving and W. Palmer, of Lothbury, for improve- winding. Communicated to him by ments in machinery, for the purpose of certain foreigners residing abroad. painting or staining paper for paper May 31. hangings.—April 22.

J. Mills, of St. Clement Danes, LonF. G. Spilsbury, of Walsall, for cer- don, and H.W. Fairman, of Silver-street, tain improvements in tanning.--April London, for improvements in rendering 22.

leather, linen, flax, sail-cloth, and cerF. Deaking, of Birmingham, for an tain other articles, water-proof. Comimproved method of manufacturing fur- municated to them by certain fo. niture and for an improvement to the reigners residing abroad.-May 31. mounting of umbrellas and parasols. - R. Badnall, of Leek, for improveApril 22.

ments in dyeing.–June 3. J. Rawlins, of Pentonville, for a bed- T. Attwood, of Birmingham, for imstead, machine, or apparatus for the provements in the making of cylinders relief of invalids.-April 22,

for the printing of cottons, calicoes, and J. Hall, jun., of Dartford, for an im- other articles. Communicated to him

by a person residing abroad, - June 3.

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T. Mills, of Dudbridge, near Stroud, G. Clymer, of Finsbury-street, for for improvements on machines for shear- improvements on agricultural ploughs. ing or cropping woollen cloths. Com- -July 5. municated to him by certain foreigners J. Fisher, of Great Bridge, Westresiding abroad.- June 3.

bromwich, and J. Horton the younger, J. Perkins, late of Philadelphia, of the same place, for an improvement America, but now of Fleet-street, for in the construction of boilers for steamimprovements in steam-engines. Partly engines, and other purposes where communicated to him by a certain fo- steam is required. - July 8. reigner residing abroad.—June 5. S. Fairbanks, of America, but now

E. Cowper, of kennington, for im- residing in Norfolk-street, Strand, for provements in machines and apparatus improvements in the construction of for printing calico, linen, silk, wool, locks and other fastenings. Communipaper, and other substances capable of cated to him by a foreigner residing receiving printed impressions. -- June abroad.July 16. 10.

J. L. Bradbury, of Manchester, for R. Mushet, of the Royal Mint, for a improvements in the art of printing, process for improving the quality of painting, or staining silks, cottons, copper and alloyed copper, applicable woollen, and other cloths, and paper, to the sheathing of ships and other pur- parchment, vellum, leather, and other poses.-June 14.

substances, by means of blocks or surR. Pew, of Sherborne, Dorset, for a face printing - July 15. new composition for covering houses and B. Gill, of Birmingham, for improveother buildings.-June 17.

ments in the construction of sus, C. Mac Intosh, of Crossbasket, cleavers, straw-knives, and all kinds of Lanark, for a process and manufacturé implements that require or admit of whereby the texture of hemp, fax, metallic backs. Communicated to him wool, cotton, and silk, and also leather, by a foreigner residing abroad. July paper, and other substances, may be 15. rendered impervious to water and air. Sir Isaac Coffin, of Pall Mall, for : -June 17.

method or methods of catching or tako J. Smith, of Droitwich, for an appa- ing mackerel and other fish, communiratus for the applying steam to the cated to him by a foreigner residing boiling and concentration of solutions in abroad.—July 15. general, crystallising the muriate of W. Palmer, of Lothbury, London, for soda from brines containing that salt, improvements in machinery applicable melting and refining of tallow and oils, to printing on calico or other woven boiling of sugar, distilling, and other fabrics, composed wholly or in part of similar purposes.—June 19.

cotton, linen, wool, or silk.July 13. M. Willoughby, Horsley Down, Surry, W. H. Horrocks, of Portwood, cottonfor improvements in the construction of manufacturer, for a new and improved vessels so as to enable them to sail with method applicable to preparing, cleangreater velocity.-June 26.

ing, dressing, and beaming silk sarpe, J. Green, of Mansfield, for machines and also applicable to beaming other used for roving, spinning, and twisting warps.-

July 24. cotton, flax, silk, wool, or other fibrous R. Gill, of Barrowdown, for a mesubstances. June 26.

thod of preparing, dressing, and dyeing W. Vere, of Crown Row, Mile End, sheep-skins and lamb-skins with the and H. S. Crane, of Stratford, for im- wool on, for rugs for carriages, rooms, provements in the manufacture of in- and other purposes. -July 24. flammable gas.-June 30.

W. Jeakes, of Great Russel-street, for T. W. Stansfield, of Leeds, H.Briggs, an apparatus for regulating the supply of Luddenderfoot, W.Richard, of Leeds, of water in steam-boilers and other ses and W. Barraclaugh, of Burley, Leeds, sels for containing water or other liquids for improvements in the construction July 24. of looms for weaving fabrics composed W. Davis, of Bourne, Gloucesterwholly or in part of woollen, worsted, shire, for improvements in machinery cotton, linen, silk, or other materials, for shearing and dressing woollen and and in the macbinery and implements other cloths requiring such process for, and methods of, working the same, July 24. July 5.

Å, Smart, of Berners-street, Midde.

sex, for improvements in the construc- used for that purpose, to the constructtion of piano-fortes.—July 24.

ing of retorts, and improvements in M. Turner, and L. Angell, of White. other parts of gas apparatus.-August haven, for an improved process to be

18. used in the bleaching of linen or cotton- T. Leach, of Friday-street, London, yarn, or cloth.-July 24.

for improvements in certain parts of J. Jackson, of Nottingham, for im. the machinery for roving, spinning, and provements in the construction of the doubling wool, cotton, silk, flax, and locks used for the discharge of guns and all other fibrous substances.-August 18. other fire-arms, upon the detonating R. Higgin, of Norwich, for a new or principle.—July 29.

improved method of consuming or deJ. Bower, of Hunslet, Leeds, and J. stroying smoke.- August 18. Bland, of the same place, for an im- G. Diggles, College-street, Westmin. provement in such steam-engines as ster, for an improved bit for ridingcondense out of the cylinder, by which horses, and for horses used in single and improvement or invention the air-pump double harness.- August 19. is rendered unnecessary.-- July 31.

E. Elwell, of Wednesbury-forge, J. Bainbridge, of Bread-street, Cheap Staffordshire, for imp ovements in the side, for improvements upon machines manufacture of spades and shovels. for cutting, cropping, or shearing wool August 20. or fur from skins ; also for cropping or M. A. Robinson, of Red-Lion street, shearing woollen, silk, cotton, or other Middlesex, for improvements in the cloths and velvets, or any other fabric mode of preparing the vegetable matter, or fabrics thereof respectively, whether cômmonly called

pearl-barley and grits made or composed entirely of wool, silk, or groats, made from the corns of barley cotton, or other materials of which cloth and oats, by which material, when so or velvet is made, or of any mixture or prepared, a superior mucilaginous bemixtures thereof respectively, and also verage may be produced in a few mifor the pụrpose of shaving pelts or skins. nutes.-August 20. Communicated to him by a foreigner, J. Goode, of Tottenham, for improveresident in the United States of North ments in machinery, tools, or apparatus, America.- July 31.

for boring the earth, for the purpose of L.J. Pouchee, of King-street, Covent- obtaining and raising water. - August 20. garden, for machinery or apparatus to B. Rotch, of Furnival's-Inn, for an be employed in the casting of metal improved fid for the upper masts of types. Communicated to him by a cer- ships and other vessels. ---August 21. tain foreigner residing abroad.-Au- . Surrey, of Battersea, for a method gust 5.

of applying heat for producing steam, R. Dickenson, of Park-street, South- and for various other purposes, whereby wark, for an improvement in addition to the expense of fuel will be lessened. the shoeing or stopping and treatment September of horses feet.- August

W. Woodman, of the 2nd Dragoon J. Barron, of Well-street, and J. Guards, for an improved horse's shoe, Wilson, of Welbeck-street, Middlesex, which he denominates the bevelledfor improvements in the construction heeled expanding shoe.- September 11. and manufacturing of window-blinds. B. Donkin, of Great Surrey-street, August 11.

for a discovery or invention on the W. Wigston, of Derby, for improve- means or process of destroying or rements on steam-engines.- August 11. moving the fibres from the thread, whe

H. C. Jennings, of Devonshire.street, ther of fax, cotton, silk, or any other Mary-le-bone, for an instrument or ma- fibrous substance, composing the fabrics chine for preventing the improper es- usually termed lace-net, or any other cape of gas, and the danger and nuisance denomination of fabric where holes or consequent thereon.—August 14. interstices are formed by such thread

R. Rogers, of Liverpool, for an im. in any of the aforesaid fabrics.-Sepproved lan-yard for the shrouds and tember 11. other rigging of ships and other vessels, J. Hughes, of Barking, for certain and an apparatus for setting up the means of securing the bodies of the same.-August 18.

dead in coffins.-September 11. J. Malam, of Wakefield, for a new H. C. Jennings, of Devonshire-street, mode of applying materials hitherto un. St. Mary-le-bone, for an instrument to

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