Hastings Considered as a Resort for Invalids: With Tables Illustrative of Its Temperature, Salubrity, and the General Character of the Climate, Showing Its Suitability in Pulmonary and Other Diseases : Also, Directions for the Choice of a Residence and Hints as to Diet, Regimen, Bathing, &c

John Churchill, 1842 - 151 Seiten

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Seite 155 - OBSTETRIC MEDICINE AND SURGERY, in reference to the Process of Parturition. A new and enlarged edition, thoroughly revised by the Author. With Additions by WV...
Seite 107 - In my time my poor father was as diligent to teach me to shoot, as to learn me any other thing, and so I think other men did their children...
Seite 154 - DR. MILLINGEN. ON THE TREATMENT AND MANAGEMENT OF THE INSANE; with Considerations on Public and Private Lunatic Asylums. 18mo. cloth, 4s. 6d.
Seite 113 - Dangerous conceits are in their natures poisons, Which at the first are scarce found to distaste, But with a little act upon the blood, Burn like the mines of sulphur.
Seite 123 - ... the surface, cold feet, and other symptoms of deficient cutaneous circulation. Their suffering, unfortunately, does not stop here; for the unequal distribution of the blood oppresses the internal organs, and too often, by insensible degrees, lays the foundation of tubercles in the lungs, and other maladies which show themselves only when arrived at an incurable stage.
Seite 151 - is one of the greatest helps to digestion with which I am acquainted; and the custom prevalent among our forefathers, of exciting it at table by jesters and buffoons, was founded on true medical principles. In a word, endeavour to have cheerful and merry companions at your meals : what nourishment one receives amidst mirth and jollity, will certainly produce good and light blood.
Seite 149 - There is no greater error in the management of children, than that of giving them animal diet very early. By persevering in the use of an overstimulating diet, the digestive organs become irritated, and the various secretions, immediately connected with, and necessary to, digestion, are diminished, especially the biliary secretion.
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