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proprietor Robert Hunter, 1830

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Seite xxxi - In running of heats, if it cannot be decided which horse is first, the heat goes for nothing, and they may all start again, except it be between two horses that had each won a heat.
Seite xliii - It is expected that every member of the Clubs at Newmarket, and every person running or training horses at Newmarket, shall consider themselves amenable to these rules, and such others as the Stewards may from time to time think fit to adopt for the better regulation of racing at Newmarket. And all trainers, jockies, grooms, and servants of such persons are strictly enjoined to observe the same. And if any trainer, jockey, groom, or servant shall be proved to have been guilty of any infraction of...
Seite xliii - ... shall start his horse without so doing, the prize shall be withheld for a period to be fixed upon by the Stewards, at the expiration of which time, if the qualification be not proved to the satisfaction of the Stewards, he shall not be entitled to the prize, though his horse shall have come in first ; but it shall be given to the owner of the second horse. When the qualification of a horse is objected to after that time, the person making the objection must prove the disqualification.
Seite xxxix - ... a trial, he shall be served with notice to keep off the heath; and if in the employment of any member of the Club, or of any groom or rider employed by any member of the Club, he shall be dismissed from his service, and not again employed.
Seite xxxiii - Steward shall vacate after settling the accounts made up to the 31st of December preceding, and shall then name a member of the Jockey Club to succeed him, subject to the approbation of the Members of the Jockey Club then present, and at every subsequent financial meeting the senior Steward shall, in like manner, retire and propose his successor.
Seite xxx - No person shall start more than one horse of which he is the owner, either wholly or in part, and either in his own name or that of any other person, for any race for which heats are run.
Seite xxxviii - Newmarket, within one hour after the trial has taken place, or by nine o'clock in the morning, in case the trial shall have taken place at an earlier hour; and the hour of running such trial, and also the hour of making the entry, shall be noted in the Trial-book.
Seite xxxii - ... between such horses or between either of them and the field, must be settled by the money betted being put together and divided between the parties, in the same proportion as the stakes shall have been divided.
Seite xli - Every groom shall have his horse at the post, ready to start, within five minutes of the time appointed by the Stewards. And every jockey is to be there, ready to start, within the same time.
Seite xl - Newmarket is allowed to retain, out of the stakes in his hands, the following fees for his trouble, viz. For every match, one pound. For every plate, one pound. For every subscription or sweepstakes, where the whole stake exceeds 100l.

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