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Sonret, Mason's, to Hurd, censured Voltaire's letter to Mr. Tiriot 98
78 Voyage round the World

Spirit of Athens

424 toward the South Pole 347
Spleen, the use of

449 Usher and the son of Owen, an
Stile, a writer's, should always be ode

suited to his subject

Stockdale's fix discourses 300 Way to be rich and respectable
Sublinie and beautiful of Scripture

91 Watkinfon's examination of 2

Theodofius to Constantia, a poetical Watfor's hiftory of the reign of

240 Philip the second, king of Spain
Tbeological survey of the human


135. Wesley's history of England 238
Tooke's translation of the pieces of White's practical observations on

Monfa Falconet and Monf. Di. the cure of the flow fever 235


White's treatise on the manage-
Torpedo, a poem


ment of lying-in-women 234
Transations and imitations from Williams's Christian history 396

Mr.Gray's Lyric odes 519 Willis's matter of agiftment tythes
Translation and paraphrase of St. of unprofitable stock 375
Paul's epistle to the Corinthians Wittenbam-Hall,a descriptive poem

Trinity, the doctrine of, contained Works of Flavius Josephus 153
in the writings of the heathens Worthington on the gospel demo-
346 . niacks

Tucker's seventeen sermons

514 Worsley's serious reflections 158

Written law, the security and hap
Vauclufi's dialogues moraux et piness of a free state 384


Venus attiring the Graces 524 Young's spirit of Athens · 424
Ventriloquifts now living


Vifon of prophecy 529 Zealand, New, Mr. Forster's ac.
Voltaire's poetical epistle to the

count of

Abbé Chaulieu


a daring adventure of the
Voltaire, his letter to the earl of Spaniards in the reduction of 49


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* For the Titles, and Authors Names of the Foreiga

Books, see the Table of Contents prefixed to the







Review for the Month in which they are severally mentioned,


Month. Page.

America, Robertson's History of, 2 vols. 4to. 21. 2s. Cadell. June-401
Antiquity, the History of the Free States of, 4t0., ss. fewed. Cadell.

Athens, the Spirit of, 8vo. 5s. Rolson.

June-424 Barré, Countess de, the Genuine Memoirs of, 2 vols. 55. 6d. bound. Stevens.

March-239 Carracioli's Life of Robert Lord Clive, 4 vols. 8vo. 11. 25. Bell.

January-79 Carter's Journey from Gibraltar to Malaga, 2 vols. 8vo. 1os. Cadell,

April-264 The Christian History, by Williams, 8vo. 5s. Cadell. May--396 A Colle&tion of Useful and Entertaining Travels, 6 vols. 12mo. 11. 15. Lowndes.

April-310 Cook's Voyage round the World, 2 vols. 4to. 2l. 2s. Cadell.

May—347 England, Welley's Concise History of, 4 vois. 12mø. iis, fewed. Hawes.

March 238 Forfler's Voyage round the World, 2 vols. 4to. 21. 2s. in Boards. White.

March-217 Flagellauts, the History of, 4to. il. 15. Hingeston.

April-289 Hawkins's History of the Science and Practice of Music, 5 vols. 4to. 61. 6s. Payne.

April-576 The Herriade, Historical Merr.oirs of the Author of, 8vo. 25. 6d. Durham.

January—72 Journey to the Highlands of Scotland, small 8vo. zs. Fielding and Walker.

April-281 Journey to Paris, Observations on, 2 vols. 8vo. gs. Robinson. March--226 Kent, the Traveller's Companion through, 12mo. 25. (d. Fielding and Walker.

May-374 Life of David Hume, Esq; 8vo. Is. 6d. Cadell.

Marck-199 Memoirs of the Author of the Henriade, sro. 25. 6d. Durham. Jan.-2 Modern Traveller ; being a Collection of useful and entertaining Travels, 6 vols. izmo. Il. 19. Lowndes.

April310 Robertjon's History of America, 2 vols. 410. 21. 24. Cadell. Tune-40.1 A Voyage (Forster's) round the World, 2 vols. 460. zl. 2s. in boards. White.

Marche-217 A Voyage (Cook's) towards the South Pole, and round the World, 2 vole. 4to. 21. 29. Cadell.

May--3+1 Watson's History of the Reign of Philip the Second King of Spain, a sok, 400. 21. 2s. Cadell.

Jan.--43 Willey's History of England, 12mo. 4 yols. 115. fewed. Hawes. Maril-278 DIVINITY, PHILOSOPHY, LAW, &c.



Answer to a late View of the Internal Evidence of the Christian Religion; 8vo. 25. 6d. Wilkie.

June-443 Amory's Sermons, Svo. gs. Boards. Buckland.

Feb.-153 Beatrie's Ellays on the Nature and lininurability of Truth, 476. Dilly,

March-193 Blair's Sermons, 8vo. 6s. Cadell.

Appen.-515 Le Broog's Sincere, General, and Constant Reforination of Manners, 4104 is. Baker.

Feb.-157 Butler's Sermon preached before the House of Commons, 4to.

is. Cadeil. Cappe's Sermon preached Dec. 13, 1976. Svo. 6d. Jolinson. Feb.-158 Carpenter's Sermon preached on Friday, Dec. 13, 1776. 410. 6d. Robinson.

Feb.-154 Chandler's Paraphrase and Notes on the Epistle of Paul, 4:0. 125. Dilly.

Jan.-19 Christ against Jerusalem, the Denunciation of, 4to, 6d. Rivington.

Feb.-159 Clarke's Penal Statutes abridged, &c. 8vo. 35. Fielding and Walker:

Jan.79 Commentary, with Notes, on the Four Evangelists and the Acts of the Apostles, 2 vols. 4to. Cadeli.

April-257 Confirmation, the Order of, 12m9. 30. Sewel.

March-226 Cooper's Sermon preached before the Univerfity of Oxford, 4to. is. Rivingrom.

Feb.-157 Cooper's Power of Chriftianity over the malignant Passions, asserted, 460. 15.

Becket. The Defection of our Brethren a Fall to Christian Humiliation, 6d. Chale.

May-397 Denunciation of Christ against Jerusalem, 480. 6d. Rivington." · Feh.-159 Departure of God, from a People, 8vo. or. Buckland. Feb.-158 Discourses, Six (Stockdale's): to which is prefixed an Introduction, 8vo.

April-300 Dissertation on Heretical Opinions, svo. 25. Rivington. Jan.--32 Disquintions Philofophical, 8vo. 25. Od. Waiter.

June-451 Divine Omnipresence; The Ascention of Christ, Sermons on, svo. 55. boards. Buckland.

Feb.-153 Encouragements promised to Reformation, 6d. Rivington. Feb.-160 Enquiry into the Case of the Gospel Demoniacks, 8vo. 45. 6d. Rivington.

Junt-434 Ejays, Beattie's, on the Nature and Immutability of Truth, &c. 4to. Dilly.

Jan-1 Evangelifts and the Acts of the Apostles, a Commentary with Notes on, 2 vols. 4to. Cadell.

April-257 Fincb's Denunciation of Christ against Jerusalem, 410. 6d. Rivington.

Feb.-159 God's Departure from a People, 8vo. 6d. Buckland.

Feb.-158 Hallifax's Twelve Serinons on the Prophecies, 8vo. 55. fewed. Cadeit.

Appen.-516 Heretical Opinions, Dillertation on, &vo. 25. Rivington. Jan.-32 Higgins's Philosophical Eliay concerning Light, Vol. I. 6s. Doufley.

Feb.--13! Holy Bible, Folio. 31. 35. Fry.

Feb.-154 Human Understanding, A Thcological Survey of, 8vo. 55.

Wallis. Feb. - 135


35. Conant.

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Hurd's Sermons preached a Lincoln's-Inn, svo. ss. in boards. Cadell.

Feb.--153 Sermon, preached before the House of Lords, 4to. Cadell.

Feb.154 Kello's God's Departure from a People, 8vo. 6ch Buckland.

Feb.-158 Langborne's Love of Mankind; preached before the Gentlemen of the

County of Somerset, 4t0. 15. Bicker. Leland's Serinon, preached before the University of Dublin, 4to. Conant.

Feb.-155 Letter on the Worship of Christ, 8vo. is. Johnson. Appen.-529 Letters addressed to Soame Jenyns, Esq; 8vo. 35. Bathurst.

May 340 Lincoli s-Inn, Hurd's Sermons preached at, 8vo. 5s. in boards. Cadell.

Feb.-153 Hallifax's Lectures at,

Appen..--516 The Love of Mankind, preached before the Natives of the County of Somer. set, 4to. is. Becket,

Feb.-I99 Maclaine's Letters addressed to Soame Jenyns, Esq; Svo. 35. Bathurst.

May-343 Markham's Encouragements promised to Reformation, 6d. Rivington.

Feb.-160 Materialism and Hartley's Theory, Letters on, 8vo. 25. 6d. Robinson.

Jan.-52 Melmotl's Sublime and Beautiful of Scripture, Essays. 2 vols. 55. fewed. Murray.

Feb.-91 Memoirs Christian ; or, a Review of the present State of Religion. 8vo. 35. 6d. Matthews.

May-357 Nature and Iminutability of Truth, Essays on, 4to. Dilly. Feb.--S1 O’Beirae's Sermon, preached at St. Paul's New-York, Sept. 22, 1776. 6d. Beecroft,

Feb. 160 Order of Confirmation, 12mọ. 3d. Sewel.

March 226 Paraphrase and Notes (Dr. Chandler's) on the Epiftles of St. Paul, 460, 125. Dilly.

Jan. 19 Penrose's Sermon, preached at the Parish Church of Newbury. 4to. Davis,

Feb.--158 Philosophical Essay concerning Light, by Dr. Higgins, Vol. 1. 6s. Dodíley.

Feb.-131 Philofophical Disquisitions, svo. 25. 8d. Walter.

June-457 Plain Discourse, delivered in the Parish Church of Lambourn, svo. 6d.

Feb.-159 Power of Christianity over the malignant Passions, asserted, 4to. as. Becket.

Feb. 159 Preceptor, or Counsellor of Human Life, Svo. 35. fewed. Dilly.

March-239 Rawlins's Dissertation on Heretical Opinions, 8vo. 28. Rivington.

Jan-32 Reformation of Manners, recommended in a Sermon, 4to. 15. Baker.

Feb.-157 The Riches of Gospel Grace opened, 2 vols. Svo. 65. fewed. Warrington,

Appen.-5,14 Ryland's Preceptor or Counsellor of Human Life, Svo. 35. sewed. Dilly,

March-239 Shrubsole's Memoirs Christian; or, a Review of the present state of Religion.

May-377 Smith's Short, Plain Discourse, 8vo. 6d.

Feb.-156 Sonship, the truc, of Christ investigated, 12mo. 25. 6d. Dilly. May—374 Stebbing's Sermon on the General Fatt, 8vo. 1s. Flexney. Stockdale's Six Discourses: to which are prefixed an Introduction, 8vo. 35. Conant.

April300 VOL. y.




4 A


Theological Survey of the Human Understanding, &vo. gs. Wallis. Come

tinued from page 19, and concluded, Tucker's Seventeen Sermons, 8vo. 5s. Rivington.

Appen.-514 Williams's Christian History, 8vo. 5s. Cadell.

May-393 Worsley's Serious Reflections addressed to all Parties, 8vo. 6d. Buckland.

Feb.-158 E'orthington on the Gospel Demoniacks, Svo. 45. 60. Rivington. June-434


Adam's Works in Architecture, Folio. il. 15. Becket.

Feb.-152 Agricola's Miscellaneous Obfervations on Planting, 8vo. 35. Cadell.

June462 Arthritide de Primigenia & Regulari, Gulielmi Musgrave, svo. 25. 6d. Elmsly.

Feb.-150 Afb’s Sentiments on Education, 2 vols. 12 mo. 6s. Dilly. April-311 Chemistry Metallurgic, 8vo. 55. in boards. Becker,

May~400 Discourje upon late Improvements for Preserving the Hçalth of Mariners, 4to.

fan.--28 Examination of a Charge brought against Inoculation, Svo. 15. 6d. Johnson.

April-319 Falconar's Experimental Inquiries, 8vo. 5s. Longman. June--447 Griffith's Practical Observations on the Cure of He&tic and Slow Fevers, 8vo. IS. 6d. White.

March-235 Grant's Account of the present Epidemic Cough and Fever, 8vo. 6d. Cadell.

Feb.-149 Leake's Medical Instructions, 8vo. 6s. Baldwin,

May-363 Medical Oblervations and Inquiries, Vol. V. 8vo. 6s. boards. Cadell


Feb.-151 Medical Instru&tions towards the Prevention and Cure of Chronic or Slow Diseases peculiar to Women, &vo. 6s. Baldwin.

May-36 Metallurgic Chemistry, Svo. 5s. in boards. Becket.

May-400 Mulgrare's Essay on the Nature and Cause of the Worm-Fever, &ro. 6d. Payne."

Feb.-151 Cbservations Practical, on the Cure of Hectic and Slow Fevers, 8vo. Is. 6d. White.

March-235 Observations Miscellaneous, on Planting, Svo. 35. Cadell. Juno-462 Oratio de Re Medica Cognoscenda et Promovenda. Elmily. May-391 Pefilential Fever, Eilay on, 8vo. 35. fewed. Cadell. Pieces written by Monf. Falconet and Mons. Diderot on Sculpture, 4to. 4s. Payne.

May—354 Pkilosophical Transactions, of the Royal Society of London, 4to: 7s. 6d. Davis.

Marcb-178 Practical Observations on the Cure of Hectic and Slow Fevers, Svo. is. 6d. TVhitc.

March-235 Smith's Treatise on the Use and Abuse of Mineral Waters, 8vo. 6d. Kearsly.

Func-473 Treatise on Chimneys, 8vo. 35. Cadell.

-464 Uje and Abuse of Mineral Waters, a Treatise on, 8vo. 6d. Kearily.

June-478 War, Rudiments of, 8vo. 55. Conant.

March-231 Watkinson's Examination of a Charge brought against Inoculation by De Kaen, &c. Svo. 18. 6d. Johnson.

April-319 White's Treatise on the Management of Pregnant and Lying-in Women, Syo. 6s. Dilly:



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