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dangerous Games present, have been calculated according to the rules of mathematical analysis, with the view of dispelling an illusion, but too extensively cherished, that there exists certain systems of play by which the initiated can chain up the wheel of Fortune at pleasure, and win large sums with mathematical certainty.

Under the head of the second, a new treatise upon the fashionable game of Ecarte has been substituted for the jejune and defective article of the former edition. Short Whist has been revised, and Long Whist and Piquet enriched by some new calculations.

Under the head of the third class, the reader will first find the fundamental principles of Chess lucidly demonstrated, and its supposed analogy with the science of war explained away by a succinct account of the war game at present cultivated in the armies of Russia and Pussia, and which was invented in order to illustrate, more faithfully than Chess can do, tactical movements as they actually occur in the field. Secondly, a treatise upon Polish Draughts, a game that, for scientific combination, vies with Chess itself. Thirdly, Diagrams, illustrating the mathematical theory of Billiards. Fourthly, the latest regulations on the subjects of Horse Racing and Cricket; and lastly, a succint treatise upon that Old English sport connected with so many historical associations—Archery.

Such are the most prominent features of the New Edition of Hoyle's Games, which the Editor flatters himself will present in its ensemble a recommendation that will ensure it, from the indulgence of the public, a favourable reception.

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