The American Agriculturist, Band 4

Geo. A. Peters, 1847

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Seite 133 - A General Dictionary of Geography, Descriptive, Physical, Statistical, and Historical ; forming a complete Gazetteer of the World. By A. KEITH JOHNSTON, FRSE 8vo. 31s. 6d. M'Culloch's Dictionary, Geographical, Statistical, and Historical, of the various Countries, Places, and principal Natural Objects in the World.
Seite 134 - A Dictionary of Science, Literature, and Art : Comprising the History, Description, and Scientific Principles of every Branch of Human Knowledge ; with the Derivation and Definition of all the Terms in General Use. Edited by WT BRANDE, FRSL and E.
Seite 37 - A Treatise on the Forces which produce the Organization of Plants. With an Appendix, containing several Memoirs on Capillary Attraction, Electricity, and the Chemical Action of Light.
Seite 50 - The better quality of unripe seed may arise from its containing a larger per centage of nitrogenous (protein) compounds, if, as many believe, whatever increases the per-centage of starch, increases also the risk of failure in potatoes that are to be used for seed, The subject is deserving of further investigation. It may be doubted, however, whether the relative proportions of starch are to be considered as the cause of the relative values of different samples of seed potatoes. This proportion may...
Seite 104 - Theory and Practice of Horticulture ; or, an Attempt to explain the principal Operations of Gardening upon Physiological Grounds: Being the Second Edition of the Theory of Horticulture, much enlarged ; with 98 Woodcuts.
Seite 199 - Low.— Elements of Practical Agriculture ; comprehending the Cultivation of Plants, the Husbandry of the Domestic Animals, and the Economy of the Farm. By D . Low, Esq.
Seite 318 - The tender plant, pressed one way, soon recovers ; but if twisted or flattened by careless weeders, it seldom rises again. Pulling. — The time when Flax should be pulled is a point of much nicety to determine. The fibre is in the best state before the seed is quite ripe. If pulled too soon, although the fibre is fine, the great waste in scutching and hackling renders it unprofitable ; and, if pulled too late, the additional weight does not compensate for the coarseness of the fibre.
Seite 70 - Farm,' .£2, 2s. Catechism of Practical Agriculture. With Engravings, is. STEWART. Advice to Purchasers of Horses. By JOHN STEWART, VS Author of ' Stable Economy.' 2s. 6d. Stable Economy. A Treatise on the Management of Horses in relation to Stabling, Grooming, Feeding, Watering, and Working. Seventh Edition, fcap. 8vo, 6s. 6d.
Seite 289 - ... quite opposite results, proving either that the germination of some seeds was retarded, whilst that of others was facilitated by electricity: or, that the effects, observed in both cases, were merely incidental.
Seite 300 - If cold wind reach you through a hole, Go make your will and mind your soul." The physical effect is the same whether applied to man or beast. The dripping of water through a leaky roof is equally prejudicial to an animal. Much is lost and nothing gained by these petty neglects.

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