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is hereby authorized to cause the sea-wall afore- tions, suits, process, proceedings, commenced, or said to be repaired, and the pier aforesaid to be to be commenced, or now pending in said district erected, by contract, under the direction of the court, and liable to be discontinued, or suffer precollector of the district of Portsmouth, if, on the judice, from the foregoing alterations, may be rereport of such person's, he shall deem it necessary. I turned to, and shall be continued to, the district And the President is further requested to commu- court to be holden in pursuance of this act, in nicate to Congress, at their next session, the re- such manner as that the same shall suffer no dissult of so much of the examination and survey, continuance or prejudice by virtue of this act. as relates to the expediency and practicability of Approved, March 2, 1821. building the sea-wall aforesaid : Provisied, That no money shall be expended in erecting the pier aforesaid, until the jurisdiction of the site thereof shall be ceded by the State of New Hampshire to

RESOLUTIONS. the United States.

Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That a sum, not exceeding two thousand five hundred dollars. | Resolution providing for the admission of Missouri is hereby appropriated for the purposes aforesaid ; 1

into the Union on a certain condition. to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not

Resolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives otherwise appropriated.

of the United States of America in Congress assemApproved, March 3, 1821.

Bled, That Missouri shall be admitted into this
Union on an equal footing with the original

States, in all respects whatever, upon the fundaAn Act to amend the act, entitled “An act to provide mental condition, that the fourth clause of the

for taking the fourth census or enumeration of the twenty-sixth section of the third article of the inhabitants of the United States, and for other pur-- constitution submitted on the part of said State to

Congress, shall never be construed to authorize Be it enacted, foc., That, instead of the time pre

the passage of any law, and that no law shall be scribed in the above-recited act, in which the mar

| passed in conformity thereto, by which any citizen,

of either of the States in this Union, shall be exshals and their assistants should perform the va

cluded from the enjoyment of any of the privileges rious duties assigned them by the said act, the

and immunities to which such citizen is entitled same is hereby enlarged to the first day of Sep

under the Constitution of the United States : Protember next.

vided, That the Legislature of said State, by a Approved, March 3, 1821.

solemn public act, shall declare the assent of the said State to the said fundamental condition, and

shall transmit to the President of the United States, An Act authorizing the President of the United States

tes on or before the fourth Monday in November next, to remove the Land Office in the district of Law

an authentic copy of the said act; upon the rerence county, in the Territory of Arkansas.

ceipt whereof, the President, by proclamation, Be it enacted, fc., That so much of the act, enti-, shall announce the fact; whereupon, and without tled "An act making provision for the establish- any further proceeding on the part of Congress, ment of additional land offices in the Territory of the admission of the said State into the Union Missouri,” as requires that the land office for the shall be considered as complete. district of Lawrence county shall be established Approved, March 2, 1821. at the seat of justice in said county, shall be and the same is hereby repealed; and the President of the United States is hereby authorized to remove

Resolution providing for jails in certain cases, for the and establish said office at any suitable place

safe custody of persons committed under the au

thority of the United States. within the said district. Approved, March 2, 1821.

Resolved, fc., That where any State or States, having complied with the recommendation of

Congress, in the resolution of the twenty-third An Act to alter the times of holding the District day of September, one thousand seven hundred Court in the Northern District of New York and eighty-nine, shall have withdrawn, or shall

hereafter withdraw, either in whole or in part, the Be it enacted, foc., That the district court of the use of their jails, for prisoners cornmited under United States of America for the northern district

the authority of the United States, the marshal in of New York, directed by law to be holden at

such State or States, under the direction of the Utica, shall hereafter be holden at the same place judge of the district, shall be, and hereby is, on the last Tuesday of August, instead of the

authorized and required to hire a convenient place third Tuesday of May, in each year; and that the

to serve as a temporary jail, and to make the necourt directed by law to be holden at Albany, on

cessary provision for the safe-keeping of prisoners the second Tuesday of November, shall, instead

committed under the authority of the United thereof, hereafter be holden at the same place on States, until permanent provision shall be made the last Tuesday of January in each year.

by law for that purpose; and the said marshal Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That all ac- shall be allowed his reasonable expenses, incurred


for the above purposes, to be paid out of the Treas- States be authorized to cause such number of asury of the United States.

tronomical observations to be made, by methods Approved, March 3, 1821.

which may, in his judgment, be best adapted to

insure a correct determination of the longitude of Resolution authorizing the President of the United

the Capitol, in the City of Washington, from States to cause astronomical observations to be

Greenwich, or some other known meridian in made, to ascertain the longitude of the Capitol, in

| Europe, and that the data, with accurate calculathe City of Washington, from some known me

tions or statements, founded thereon, be laid beridian in Europe.

fore Congress at their next session. Resolved, fc., That the President of the United Approved, March 3, 1821.







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Accounts, appointment of the standing commit. Arkansas, a bill from the House of Representa-
tee of . - - - - - - 21

tives authorizing the President to remove
Actual Settlers, Mr. Thomas presented two me-

the land office in Lawrence county, in
morials of the Legislature of Missouri,

the Territory of, read - -

praying some provision for the relief of

read a second time, and referred

indigent, referred . . . . .

reported without amendment .
Mr. T. also presented a resolution instruct.

ordered to a third reading .

ing the Committee on Public Lands to in-

read the third time, and passed

quire into the expediency of granting the Army, a bill from the House of Representatives
right of pre-emption to certain · ·

to equalize the pay of officers in the .. 367
considered and agreed to . . . .

twice read, and referred . . . . 377
Mr. Walker, of Alabama, submitted a simi-

reported without amendment - - - 390
lar resolution - - - - - 24 laid on the table

considered and agreed to - - - -

Army Register, a letter from the Secretary of
Additional Land Offices, Mr. Noble submitted a

War accompanied with a copy of the, for
resolution instructing the Committee on

each member of the Senate . . . 139
Public Lands to inquire into the expedi Aubin, Joshua, Mr. Otis presented the petition
ency of establishing, in Indiana - .

of, referred - - -

considered and agreed to . -

adverse report thereon

Admission of new States into the Union, Mr.

report reversed, and a bill ordered - - 334
Smith's history of the - -

(See Whitehead, William.)
African Slave Trade, a list of vessels that im.

Auction, Mr. Roberts presented the petition of
ported slaves into Charleston from 1804

sundry merchants and others of Phila-
to 1807, inclusive · · · · ·

delphia, praying that a duty of ten per
Alabama, a bill to alter the terms of the district

cent. may be laid on all sales of, referred 188
courts in, twice read, and referred • . 18 Mr. R. also presented other petitions of like
reported without amendment - .


tenor - - - - . . .
read the third time, and passed

21 Mr. King laid on the table sundry resolu-
Mr. Walker presented the memorial of the

tions at public meetings held in New
convention of - - - -


York against such duty · · · · 250
referred to the Committee of Foreign Affairs Auctioneers, Mr. Sanford presented the memo-
Alabama and Mississippi, a bill for the better

rial of the, of the city of New York, re-
regulation of certain land districts in the

monstrating against the imposition of re-
States of, &c., read · ·

- 306

strictions, &c., read - . . . 142
read a second time, and referred . . 331 Avery, Park, Mr. Lanman presented the peti-
reported without amendment • . 339

tion of, referred . .

ordered to a third reading - - - 392 an adverse report thereon -

read the third time, and passed -

393 read and concurred in . . . . 128
Allen, Nathaniel, Mr. Sanford presented the pe-

tition of, referred ·

a bill for passing certain moneys to the cre Baker, Jane, Mr. Roberts presented the petition
dit of, read · · ·

of, referred - -

read a second time . .
259 an adverse report thereon

ordered to a third reading :

read and concurred in .

read the third time, and passed - · 388 | Baldwin, Samuel S. and others, Mr. Sanford
American Seamen, registered, a letter from the

presented the petition of, referred . . 356
Secretary of State, transmitting a list of 150 Bank of Columbia, Mr. Horsey presented the
Appleton, Nathaniel and Wm. H., Mr. Pinkney

petition of, referred .
presented the petition of - - - 350 (See District Banks.)



Senate Proceedings and Debates.






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Bank of the Metropolis, Mr. Horsey presented Bioren, John, and Fielding Lucas, Mr. Roberts
the petition of . - -

- 147 presented the memorial of, referred - 213
(See District Banks.)

the committee discharged • · - 253
Bank of the United States, Mr. Roberts present Blakeley, Mr. King, of Alabama, presented sun.

ed the memorial of the . . . . 29 dry petitions, praying that a port of entry
referred to the Finance Committee . - 30 may be established at, referred - - 183
a bill concerning the, read


a bill to establish the district of, read
read a second time, and referred

129 read a second time - - - - - 244
reported without amendment -

142 ordered to a third reading . . . 384
read the third time, and passed

360 read the third time, and passed - 387
Mr. Smith submitted a resolution concern. Blanchard, F. Bailly. (Sec Lanusse, Paul.)

ing the - - - -
considered and negatived .

Boundaries, a bill authorizing the President to

ascertain and designate certain, read
a letter from the Governor of Ohio was laid

. 154
read a second time. -

. 178
before the Senate on the subject of cer.

ordered to a third reading
tain proceedings of the, referred to the

read the third time, and passed
Finance Committee - - - - 257

the said committee discharged . . . 36 | Boyles, Thomas H., Mr. Walker of Alabama
Bankruptcy. (See Uniform System of, fc.)

presented the petition of, referred . . 132
Barbour, James, of Virginia, attended . - 9 |

an adverse report thereon . . . 263
remarks of, on his resolution concerning

read and concurred in . . .
piracy . . . . .

Brady, James, a bill from the House of Repre.
on the resolution to admit Missouri .

sentatives for relief of, twice read, and
on the Ohio and Erie Canal . : 155

referred - . . .

on the bill concerning Virginia military land

reported without amendment -

warrants - - - - - - 246

ordered to a third reading .

the credentials of, for another term of six

read the third time and passed .
years, read, and filed - .

326 Brooks, Joseph. (See Threlkeld, John.)
remarks of, on the rejection by the House Brown, James, of Louisiana, attended . .
of Representatives of the Missouri reso-

remarks of, on the bill granting a piece of
lution . - - - - - - 353 land to the State of Louisiana -
on the resolution for a joint committee on Brown, Morgan, Mr. Walker of Georgia pre-
the same - - - - - .

sented the petition of, referred . .
on the bill for adjudication, &c., of claims,

a bill for relief of, read - - . . 51
and a treaty with Spain -

385 read a second time . .
Barker, Jacob, Mr. Sanford presented the peti-

ordered to a third reading

. 100
tion of, referred . . . . 122, 130 read the third time, and passed .
an adverse report thereon . : - 242 Brown, Watson, Mr. Johnson of Kentucky pre-
Mr. S. presented another petition of, with

sented the petition of, referred
additional papers, referred . - . 356

an adverse report thereon
the committee discharged - - . . . 383

read, and concurred in .
Barracks at Sackett's Harbor, Mr. Smith sub Bruff, James. (See Easton, Rufus.)

mitted a resolution of inquiry concerning Buck, Gordon, and others, Mr. King of New
the - - - -

York presented the petition of - •
agreed to, and a committee appointed to Bullus, Charlotte J., Mr. Pleasants presented the
present to the President . . . 350

petition of, referred .
a Message from the President, with a report

committee discharged ..
from the Secretary of War - - - 375

Buntin, Robert, a bill from the House of Repre-
Bayly, Mountjoy, Mr. Roberts submitted a reso.
lution authorizing, to employ a furnace

sentatives for relief of, read •

man, &c. -

. .

read a second time, and referred - -
read twice, and ordered to a third reading

reported with an amendment


ordered to a third reading - - .
read the third time, and passed . . 117
Mr. King moved to reconsider the resolu-

read a third time, and passed - - -
tion - - - - - - - 121

121 Burrill, James, of Rhode Island, attended .
his motion laid on the table - -

. 135 speech of, on the resolution to admit Mis-
Beck, Paul, and Thomas Sparks, and others, Mr.

souri . . . . . . .
Roberts presented the memorial of, re-

Mr. Hunter announced the death of . ..
ferred • · - · · · · 50

resolutions adopted for the funeral of
Belden, Ezekiel P., Mr. Dana presented the pe Burwell, William A., a message from the House

tition of, referred - - - - - 238 | of Representatives announcing the death
Berzat, Gabriel, a bill for relief of the legal rep

of, &c. - - - - - - 355
resentatives of, twice read, and referred. 121 Business of the session, a resolution from the
reported without amendment -

124 House of Representatives for a joint com-
ordered to a third reading - - - 136

mittee to inquire into the

- .
read the third time, and passed . . 140 read, three times, passed, and a committee
Bettis, Drury, the Committee of Claims dis-

appointed - - - - - -
charged from the petition of . - - 396 report of said committee laid on the table -

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Senate Proceedings and Debates.


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Cahoone, John, Mr. Hunter presented the peti-

Clark, Terence, Mr. Sanford presented the peti-
tion of, referred -

- 142
tion of, referred

· · · 147
the committee discharged -
adverse report thereon

- . . 389

read, and concurred in .

Clemson, E. B., Mr. Thomas presented the me-

Caldwell, John. (See Shawneetown.).

morial of, referred - -

. 120
Caldwell, Robert, and others, Mr. Ruggles pre-

adverse report thereon


sented the petition of . . . . .

read, and concurred in . - - - 250

Campbell, Rev. J. N., a message from the House

Coast Surveys, &c., report of the Secretary of the
of Representatives announcing their elec-

Treasury of moneys expended on the sev-
tion of, as Chaplain - -



- - -
Carroll, Daniel, of Duddington, Mr. Roberts Coffee, John, a bill for relief of, read

presented the petition of, referred - 356 read a second time, and referred

the committee discharged - - - - 396 reported with amendments - -

Cathcart, James Leander, Mr. Wilson presented

ordered to a third reading -

the memorial of, referred ..
24 read the third time, and passed

a bill explanatory of the act for relief of, read 140 Columbian Society, a bill to incorporate the, read
read a second time · · · ·


read a second time, and referred .
ordered to a third reading ..
239 reported without amendment -

read the third time, and passed . . 242 the bill recommitted - - -
Cathey, Matthew B., Mr. Eaton moved that the

reported with an amendment - • . 99
Committee of Claims be instructed to in-

ordered to a third reading .

quire into the expediency of allowing the

read a third time, and passed .

claim of
. . - - - 147 | Com

147 Commerce and Manufactures, appointment of
agreed to .

- - - 149

the standing committee of - - - 20
an adverse report from said committee - 248 Compensation of Members, Mr. Burrill commu-

read, and concurred in - - . 250 nicated a resolution of the Legislature of
Catlett, Hanson, Mr. Roberts presented the pe-

Rhode Island, recommending a reduction
tition of, referred • - - -

of the -


. - -

an adverse report thereon . . . 249 referred to a select committee . . . 41
Central Bank of Georgetown and Washington,

report of said committec - - - 253
Mr. Horsey presented the petition of, re-

the resolution of inexpediency, read . .. 254
ferred to the Committee on the District of

Contingent Expenses of the Military Establish-
Columbia . . . . . . 252

ment, letter from the Secretary of War
Chadwick, Levi, Mr. Ruggles presented the pe-

with a statement of the . . .
tion of, referred

a letter from the Secretary of the Navy,
· · · · · 326

with similar statement -

the committee discharged

• • •
Chambers, David, Mr. Ruggles presented the pe-

Contracts, a letter from the Secretary of the
tition of, referred - .

Navy with a report from the Commis-
the committee discharged -


sioners of the Navy Board of the, made

by them .
Chandler, John, of Maine, attended

. . . . . 190

a similar report from
remarks of, on the rejection by the House

the Quartermaster
of Representatives of the Missouri resolu-

General, &c. . . . . . 247

a similar report from the Postmaster Gen-
tion - - - - - -
Chaplains, on motion of Mr. Morril, the usual

eral - - - -

- 252
resolution to appoint . . . . 10 Cooper, Daniel, Mr. Ruggles submitted a resolu.
Chase, Philander, Mr. Ruggles presented the

tion instructing the Committee of Claims
petition of, referred -

. 119

to inquire into the expediency of making
adverse report thereon .

provision for the claim of - .. 268
Chatard, John B., Mr. Johnson of Louisiana pre-

agreed to · · ·

sented the petition of, referred . .

a bill for relief of, read ..

- . 359
the petitioner had leave to withdraw his

read a second time . .
petition · · · · · · 347

laid on the table . .

. . 396
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Company, Mr. Cote Sans Dessein, Mr. Thomas presented the
Van Dyke presented the memorial of the,

petition of the inhabitants of, praying to
referred - - - - -


be confirmed in their title to certain lands,
the committee discharged - ..

referred to the Committee on Public
Choctaw Nation, Mr. Holmes, of Mississippi pre-

Lands . . . . . . 183
sented the petition of, praying that Silas

said committee discharged . . . 393
Dinsmore may be confirmed in his title Cousens, E., and other, Mr. Holmes of Maine,
to certain lands, &c., referred


I presented the petition of . - - 140
an adverse report thereon ..

189 Coxe, Daniel W., Mr. Williams of Mississippi
read, and concurred in . .

presented the petition of, referred . . 30
Mr. Holmes submitted a resolution instruct-

a bill confirming the title of the Marquis of
ing the Committee on the Public Lands

Maison Rouge - • • • • 128
to inquire into the expediency of comply-

(See Maison Rouge.)
ing with the request of the, &c. ... 268 Creek Nation, a Message from the President,

resolution agreed to . . . . . 289 transmitting copies of a treaty made with
Claims, appointment of standing committee of 20 | the, read - -

. 399


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