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Public Acts of Congress.

may be instituted and carried on in the name of sixteen, the third of March, eighteen hundred and the said Union Bank, against the bail, securities, seventeen, to Canadian volunteers, may be, and and all other persons bound in such suits for the hereby are, authorized to locate the said warrants, defendants therein.

and to receive patents therefor in their own names, Sec. 18. And be it further enact.d, That if any as had been the practice before the twenty-sixth stockholder or stockholders in either of the said of December, eighteen hundred and nineteen: banks, who has not heretofore assented to the union Provided however, That in no case shall lands be aforesaid, shall, within three months from the pass- so located until after having been exposed to pubing of this act, file his declaration in writing in lic sale, shall remain unsold. the said Bank of Potomac, declaring himself dis- Approved, March 3, 1821. satisfied with the said union, and his determination to withdraw his interest from the same; and An Act to continue in force, for a further time, the act if the said bank cannot agree with such stock- entitled “ An act for establishing trading-houses with holder or stockholders on the amount of such in-| the Indian tribes." terest, and shall not forth with pay the same, then Be it enacted, fc., That the act entitled “Anact it shall be lawful for the circuit court of the Dis- for establishing trading-houses with the Indian trict of Columbia, at Alexandria, on the petition tribes," passed on the second day of March, one in writing of such stockholder or stockholders, to thousand eight hundred and eleven, and which appoint three commissioners, whose duty it shall was, by subsequent acts, continued in force until be to ascertain the value of the interest of such the first day of March, one thousand eight hundred stockholder or stockholders in the bank to which and twenty-one, shall be, and the same is hereby, he or they may belong at the time of the said further continued in force until the third day of upion, for which purpose such commissioners shall, June, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-two, under the direction of the said court, have access and no longer. to the books, papers, and accounts of the said banks, Approved, March 3, 1821. and on the report of the said commissioners, and such other evidences as may be laid before them, an

m; An Act to amend the act entitled “An act for the then said court shall proceed to ascertain the value

gradual increase of the Navy of the United States." of the stock of such stockholder or stockholders, and shall decree the value, so ascertained, to be

Be it enacted, foc., That the first section of the paid to him or them by the said Bank of Potomac,

act entitled "An act for the gradual increase of and shall have power to enforce such decree by

| the Navy of the United States," approved April execution, attachment, or other legal process.

twenty-ninth, eighteen hundred and sixteen, shall Sec. 19. And be it further enacted, That it shall

be, and the same is hereby, repealed. and may be lawful for any two or more of the

SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That, instead banks, whose charters are hereby extended, by their of the appropriation therein contained, there shall respective presidents and directors, with the consent

be, and is hereby, appropriated, the sum of five of a majority in interest of their respective stock-launare

| hundred thousand dollars per annum, for six years, holders, to agree, under written articles of associa

baja from the year eighteen hundred and twenty-one, tion, to unite and form one bank, by a style and

inclusive, to be applied to carry into effect the purname to be prescribed in such articles: and the poses of the said act. subscribers thereto, and their legal representatives, 1 Approved, March 3, 1821. shall, from the day fixed for that purpose in the said articles, be incorporated under the style and An Act to release French ships and vessels, entering name set forth in the said articles, and thenceforth the ports of the United States prior to the thirtieth subject to the same rules, duties, regulations, con-1

of September, one thousand eight hundred and ditions, provisions, and impositions, and be vested |

twenty, from the operation of the act entitled "An with the same rights, privileges, and immunities,

act to impose a new tonnage duty on French ships as a body corporate, as by this act appertains to

and vessels, and for other purposes.' the Bank of Potomac, and are prescribed for the Be it enacted, fc., That the provisions of the union of the Union Bank of Alexandria with the act entitled "An act to impose a new tonnage Bank of Potomac.

duty on French ships and vessels," passed May Sec. 20. And be it further enacied, That this act fifteenth, one thousand eight hundred and twenty, be, and the same is hereby declared to be, a public shall not extend to, or operate upon, any French act, and that so much, and such parts of the said ship or vessel that shall have entered into any port acts incorporating the several banks aforesaid, as within the jurisdiction of the United States prior may be repugnant to this act, be and the same are to the thirtieth day of September, one thousand hereby repealed and annulled.

eight hundred and twenty. Approved, March 2, 1821.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Treasury, after deducting a tonnage

duty equal to that paid by every French ship or An Act to regulate the location of Land Warrants, vessel which entered the ports within the jurisdic

and the issuing of patents, in certain cases. tion of the United States prior to the passage and Be it enacted, fc., That the holders, by assign-operation of the act entitled "An act to impose a ment, of warrants issued urder the acts of Con- new tonnage duty on French ships and vessels," gress, of the fifth March, eighteen hundred and passed May fifteenth, one thousand eight hundred

Public Acts of Congress.


and twenty, from the tonnage duty collected from An Act to authorize the Clerk of the District Court
French ships and vessels by virtue of the above of the United States for the district of Louisiana
recited act, between the first day of July, one to appoint a deputy to aid him in the discharge of
thousand eight hundred and twenty, and the thir- the duties of his office.
tieth day of September following be, and he is Be it enacted, fc., That the clerk of the district
hereby, authorized and directed to pay and refund court of the United States for the district of Lou-
the remainder of such tonnage duty, free from isiana shall be authorized to appoint a deputy to
costs and charges, to any person or persons who aid him in the discharge of the duties of his office;
shall have authority to receive the same.

and that the said clerk shall be, in all respects,
Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That, in the liable for the acts of his said deputy.
event of the signature of any treaty or convention Approved, March 3, 1821.
concerning the navigation or commerce between
the dominions of the United States and France, | An Act to amend an act entitled "An act for regu.
the President of the United States be, and is

is lating process in the courts of the United States." hereby authorized, should he deem the same expedient, by proclamation, to suspend, until the end

| Be it enacted, f-c., That in all suits and actions of the next session of Congress, the operation of:

in any district court of the United States, in which the aforesaid act entitled "An act to impose a new..

it shall appear that the judge of such court is any tonnage duty on French ships and vessels, and for

ways concerned in interest, or has been of counsel other purposes;" and, also, to suspend, as afore-1

for either party, or is so related to, or connected said, all other duties on French vessels, or the

with, either party, as to render it improper for him, goods imported in the same, which may exceed

in his opinion, to sit on the trial of such suit or the duties on American vessels and on similar

action, it shall be the duty of such judge, on apgoods imported in the same.

plication of either party, to cause the fact to be Approved, March 3, 1821.

entered on the records of the court; and, also, an order that an authenticated copy thereof, with all

the proceedings in such suit or action, shall be An Act to establish a port of entry in the District of forth with certified to the next circuit court of the

Sandusky, in the State of Ohio, and for other pur district; and if there be no circuit court in such poses.

district, to the next circuit court of the State, and Be it enacted, fc., That, from and after the first if there be no circuit court in such State, to the day of May next, the town of Portland, in the most convenient circuit court in an adjacent State; district of Sandusky, in the State of Ohio, shall be which circuit court shall, upon such record being the port of entry for that district; and that from filed with the clerk thereof, take cognizance thereof, and after that time the present port of entry estab- in the like manner as if such suit or action had lished at Danbury shall cease to be the port of been originally commenced in that court, and shall entry for said district.

proceed to hear and determine the same accordApproved, March 3, 1821.

ingly, and the jurisdiction of such circuit court

shall extend to all such cases so removed, as were An Act authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury of cognizable in the district court from which the

the United States to sell and convey a certain tract same was removed.
of land in Northumberland county, in the State of Approved, March 3, 1821.

Be it enacted, foc., That the Secretary of the An Act to revive and continue in force “An act fix. Treasury of the United States be, and he is ing the compensations of the Secretary of the Senhereby, authorized and empowered to sell and ate and Clerk of the House of Representatives, of dispose of, at public or private sale, all the the Clerks employed in their offices, and of the Liestate, right, title, interest, claim, and demand, brarian,” approved the eighteenth day of April, one of the United States of America, of, in, and to, thousand eight hundred and eighteen. all that certain tract or piece of land, situate in Be it enacted, foc., That the act, entitled "An act Northumberland county, in the State of Virginia, fixing the compensation of the Secretary of the formerly owned by Presly Thornton, of the said Senate and Clerk of the House of Representatives, county and State, and late of Sharp Delany, con- of the Clerks employed in their offices, and the taining about two thousand five hundred acres, be Librarian," approved the eightenth day of April, the same more or less; the same being the premises one thousand eight hundred and eighteen, be, and which William Lewis and Thomas Robinson, by the same is hereby, revived and continued in force deed of indenture, executed on the second day of from the first day of January, one thousand eight June, Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred hundred and twenty-one, until the first day of and nine, granted and conveyed to the United January, one thousand eight hundred and twentyStates; the moneys arising from the said sale to four.-Approved, March 3, 1821. be appropriated towards the payment of a debt due from the late Sharp Delany to the United States, and the residue thereof, if any there be, to

An Act to alter and establish certain Post Roads. be paid over to the legal representatives of the said. Be it enacted, f.c., That the following post roads Sharp Delany.

be, and the same are hereby, discontinued, that is Approved, March 3, 1821.

to say :

Public Acts of Congress.

From Concord, in Rockingham county, by Salem, Shutesbury, Leverett, Sunderland, and Salisbury, Andover, New Chester, Bridgewater, Montague, to Greenfield. and Plymouth, thence by New Holderness, New From Richmond to West Stockbridge. Hampton, Sanbornton, and Salisbury, to Con- From Northampton, by East Hampton, South cord, and

Hampton, Westfield, Southwick, and East Granby, From Farmington to Middleton, in New Hamp- to Hartford, in Connecticut. sbire.

From Worcester to Croton. From Carver to Wareham.

From Boston, by a turnpike road, to Taunton; From Northampton, by Southampton, to Spring- and thence by Wellington, Dighton, Swanzey, field, in Massachusetts.

Warren, Brisiol, Portsmouth, and Middleton, to From Herkimer, by Woodworth's, Columbia, Newport, in Rhode Island. by Underwood's, Litchfield, to Laghwaite. From South Hadley, by Granby, to BelcherFrom Vernon to Delhi.

town. From Little Falls, by Fairfield, Newport, and In Connecticut.-From Mansfield to Willington. Russia, to Remsen, in New York.

From Stafford, by Union, to Woodstock. From Liberty Corner, by Doughty's Mills and From Brooklin, by South Killingly, to ThompNew Providence, to Springfield, in New Jersey. son.

In Morgantown, by Crab Orchard, to King. From Bridgeport, by Long Hill, Trumbull, wood, in Virginia.

Levi Edwards's, in Huntington, Newtown, and From Milledgeville, to Greensborough, Georgia. Brookfield, to New Milford.

From Pocotaligo, by Hickory Hill, to Augusta, In New York.–From Utica, by Whitesborough, in South Carolina.

| Floyd, Steuben, and Western, to Rome. From Clinton, in Tennessee, to Pulaski, in Froin Cayuga to Montezuma. Kentucky.

| From Turin, by Harrisburg, Copenhagen, TyFrom Washington to Cincinnati ; and

lersville, Pinkney, and Rodman, to Adams. From Lancaster to Washington, in Ohio.

From Newburgh, by Middletown, Marlborough, From Falmouth to Grant's Lick, on the east Milton, and New Paltz, to Poughkeepsie. side of the river, in Kentucky.

From Upper Red Hook Landing, to the present From Smithton to John Graham's in Missouri. post road from New York to Albany.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted. That the fold From Watertown, by Le Raysville, to Antwerp. lowing be established post roads, that is to say: 1

| From Mooresville, by Bovina, in Delaware In Maine.-From Brunswick, by Topsham,

county, to Delhi. Lisbon, Wales, Monmouth, Leeds, Wayne, and

From Bergen, by Riga, and East Riga, to

Rochesterville. Fayette, to Jay; and thence by Livermore, Tur

From Ellicottville, by Little Valley, Conewongo ner, and Durham, to Brunswick. From Green, by Leeds and Wayne, to Win

Creek, and Gerry, to Mayville.

From Caledonia to Riga. throp.

From Whitehall, in Washington county, by From Bangor, by Levant, Corinth, New Charles

• Putnam, to Ticonderoga. town, Atkinson, Sebec, Brownsville, Williamsburg, Foxcroft, Guilford, and Sangerville, too.

From Southold, in Suffolk, to the village of

wil, " Oysterponds. Bangor.

From Utica, in the county of Oneida, to BainFrom Warsaw, by Hartland and St. Albin's, to n Palmyra.

| bridge, in the county of Chenango, by New HartFrom Bethel, by Gilead, Shelburne, Durand, 1

ford, Paris Furnace, Bridgewater, Brookfield, Kilkenney, and Jefferson, to Lancaster, in New

Columbus, New Berlin, Norwich, and Guilford. Hampshire.

From Lisle in the county of Broome, through

the towns of Berkshire and Carolina, on the SusIn Ner Hampshire.–From Concord, in Rock-quehanna, and Bath turnpike road, to Ithica, in ingham county, by the McCrillis tavern, in Can- the county of Tompkins. terbury, Northfield meeting-house, Sanbornton, From Manlius, by Oran, Delhi, Fabius, Pom. Smith's village on the turnpike, across the river pey, and thence to Manlius. near Pine Hill, and Bridgewater, to Plymouth. From Utica, by Rome, to Montezuma, and

From Smith's village on the turnpike, by New thence to Rochester, upon and near the Great Hamptom meeting-house, and the paper mill in Canal. Holderness, to Plymouth."

From Bennington, Vermont, by White Creek, From Concord, by Boscowan, Salisbury village, Cambridge, Easton, and Greenwich, to Saratoga Andover, New Chester, Bristol, and the Mayhew Springs, New York. turnpike, to Rumney.

From Richfield, by Peliries, in Columbia, by From Rochester, by Chesnut Hill, in Farm-Underwood's, in Litchfield, to Utica. ington, to Middleton."

| From Peltries, in Columbia, by Elie Palmer's, From the post route from Centre Harbor to to Herkimer. Plymouth, and the post route from Portsmouth, From Little Falls, Herkimer county, by Eaton's by Meredith, and New Hampton, to Plymouth, Bush, Middleville, Newport, Naham Daniel's, shall be by the post office in Holderness."

Russia post office, to Trenton, with a side mail In Massachusetts.-From Greenfield, by Ber- from Middleville to Fairfield post office. nardstown, Northfield, Warwick, Orange, New From Canandaigua, in the State of New York,

Public Acts of Congress.

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by Manchester, to Palmyra; from thence by That the mail route from Wheeling pass by
South Williamson and Williamson, to Pultney- Sisterville and the mouth of Fishing creek.

That the mail route from Warm springs, in
In New Jersey.-From Chester to Flanders. Bath county, by Anthony's creek, to Lewisburg,
From Liberty Corner to Somerville.

shall, in returning, pass by Frankford, Locust From Trenton, by Croswick's tavern, Rickle's creek, Barnes's mill, Cackley's, Bradshaw's, and town, Julius, and Arny's, to New Egypt.

Gatewood, to the Warm Springs
In Pennsylvania.-From Easton, by Stocker-

In North Carolina.-From Salisbury to Fayettetown, to Roscommon.

ville. From Chester, by Village Green, Wilcoxe's From Wilkesborough, by Mock's Old Fields, mills, Concord meeting-house, and Dilworthtown, Salisbury, Skeen's ferry, Lawrenceville, Wadesto West Chester.

borough, and Sneedsborough, to Cheraw, formerly From Clark's Ferry, by Landisburg, Doug- Chatham, in South Carolina. lass's mills, and Concord, to Fannellsburg.

From Charlotte, by Chester courthouse, and
From Somerset, by Connelsville, Union, Smith-Newberry courthouse, to Edgefield courthouse, in
field, Germantown, and Geneva, to Morgantown, South Carolina.
in Virginia.

That the mail route from Fayetteville to Wil-
From Hanover, by Berlin, to Dillstown. mington pass by David Wright's store, in Duplin
From Lambpeter square to Cochransville. county.
From Gettysburg, by Petersburg, and Dillstown,

From Salisbury, by Fulton, to Huntsville. to Harrisburg.

In South Carolina.–From Columbia, by Ashville From Berwick, on the Tioga and Susquehanna and Warm Springs, in North Carolina, to Lexturnpike, to Meansville.

ington, in Kentucky.
From Lancaster, by New London cross roads, From Coosawatchie, by Robertsville and King
Newark, and Christiana bridge, to New Castle, in creek, to Augusta.

In Georgia.-From Monticello, by Monroe, in From Gettysburg, by Lughtersburg, to Hagers- Walton county, and Lawrenceville, in Gwinnet town, Maryland.

county, to Hall courthouse. From Leditz, in Lancaster county, by Eliza

From Jefferson to Fairfield, in Camden county. beth furnace and Shuefferston, to Lebanon.

From Carnesville, by Habersham courthouse, to
From Beavertown, Jeffriestown and Nobles-
town, to Cannonsburg.

From Powelton, in Hancock county, by Greens-
In Delaware.-From Milford to the village of borough, to Madison, in Morgan county.
Milton, a new route.

From Carnesville, by Bushville, to Hall court-
In Maryland. That the mail route from Easton house.
to Princess Anne shall pass over Dover Bridge, and! In Kentucky.-From Franklin to Nashville, in
by New Market and Cambridge; the route from

Easton, by the Trappe, to Cambridge, shall never-

From Eddyville, by Iron Banks, to New Madrid, theless be continued.

in Missouri. From Easton to the Trappe, in Talbot county.

That the post route from Burkesville to MonFrom Harford to Michael's store.

ticello shall pass by Robert Poage's in Stockton's In Virginia.–From Kingwood, by Crab Or

Valley. chard, Hagan's store, to Smithfield, in Pennsyl

That the post route from Columbia to Glasgow vania.

shall pass by Edmonton, in Barren county. From Lewis courthouse, by French Creek set

From Scottsville to Cairo, in Tennessee. tlement, Flatwood's, and Elk river, to Nicholas

From Falmouth, in Pendleton county, passing courthouse.

the three forks of Grassy creek and Gains's, to BurFrom Woodring's mill, in Preston county, by

lington, in Boone county. Goff's ferry, on Cheat river, to Leading creek, in

1 From Bowling Green, by Litchfield and HarRandolph county.

dingsburg, to Corydon, in Indiana. From the mouth of Fishing creek, on the Ohio,! In Tennessee.--From Clinton to Burkesville, in river, by Buffalo, Barnes's mills, Pritchett's set- Kentucky.. tlement, and Smithfield, to Kingwood.

From Washington, in Rhea county, by HamilFrom Springfield to Romney, in Hampshire ton courthouse and the new turnpike road, to Morcounty.

gantown, at the mouth of Sequatchee, by Marion From Morgantown, by Jackson's iron works, courthouse and Jackson courthouse, to Huntsville, Carlisle's furnace, to Sandy creek glades.

in Alabama. From Charlottesville, by Warren, to Bucking-! From McMinville, by Shelby, to Columbia. ham courthouse.

From Sparta, by Cookeville, Gainesborough,
From Culpeper courthouse, by State mills, to and Meigsville, to Tompkinsville, in Kentucky.

From Kingston, by Washington, to Huntsville,
From Staunton, by Little river, to the Panther in Alabama.

That the route from Springfield to Russelville, From Jacksonville, in Wood county, by Mur- l in Kentucky, shall pass Fort's mills, on Red river. phy's settlement, to Lewis courthouse.

From Murfreesborough to Statesville. 16th Cox. 20 Sess.-58


Public Acts of Congress.

From Vernon, by Perry courthouse, to Rey- From Franklin to Boonsville. noldsburg.

From Smithton to Augusta Thrall's. In Ohio.-From Lebanon, by Monroe, to Ham-! From Alton, by the house of Levi Roberts, John ilton.

Shaw, and Leonard Ross, to Louisiana ville, in From Washington, in Pennsylvania, by Wells- Missouri. burg, in Virginia, Steuben ville, New Salem, New Approved, March 3, 1821. Philadelphia, Wooster, and Norwalk, to Lower Sandusky.

From Canton, in Stark county. by New Port- | An Act to authorize the building of Lighthouses thereage, Norton, and Wadsworth, to Medina, in Me

in mentioned, and for other purposes. dina county.

Be it enacted, fc., That the Secretary of the From Lancaster, by Circleville, to Chillicothe. Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and en

From Granville, in Licking county, by Worth- powered to provide, by contract, for building lightington, to Dublin, in Franklin county.

houses and placing buoys on the following sites From Urbanna, by Troy, to Granville, in Dark and shoals, to wit: five lighthouses, one on Cross county.

Island, near Machias; one in the harbor of BoothFrom Dover, in Tuscarawas county, by Shanes bay, at such place as the Secretary of the Treasury ville and Berlin, to Millersburg, in Coshocton shall designate; and one on Pond Island, at the county.

mouth of Kennebeck river; one on the Stratford From Dresden, in the county of Muskingum, to Point, in Connecticut; and one on Throg's Neck, Mansfield, in the county of Richland, by the way in New York; and on the shoals of Nantucket of West Carlisle, in Coshocton county.

and the Vineyard Sound a number of buoys, not From Aurelius, by Duck creek salt works, in exceeding ten, in the State of Massachusetts. A Morgan county, by Senecaville, to Guernsey salt lighthouse at the mouth of Oswego river, at such works, and to Washington, Guernsey county. place as shall be designated by the Secretary of

In Indiana.-From Brownstown to Indianapolis. the Treasury, in the State of New York. And From Vernon to Indianapolis.

two buoys, one on James's Ledge, and one on the From Connersville to Indianapolis.

rock called Old Gay, and a spindle on the B:0From Lawrencebugh to Aurora, Hanover, and thers, in the State of Rhode Island. the Rising Sun, to Versailles ; and to return by Sec. 2. And be it further enocted, That there be the way of Vaughan's, in Manchester township. appropriated, out of any money in the Treasurt

From Richmond, by Salisbury and Centreville, not otherwise appropriated, the following sums of to Indianapolis.

money, to wit: For building three lighthouses, oge From Brookville to Indianapolis.

on Cross Island, near Machias; one in the hartur In Illinois.-From Golconda, by Franklin court of Boothbay; and one on Pond Island, ten thouhouse, and Hinds's, to Vandalia.

sand five hundred dollars; for building the ligbiFrom Golconda to Belgrade.

houses on Stratford Point, and Throg's Neck, From Shawneetown to Golconda.

four thousand dollars; for a lighthouse at ibe The mail from Vincennes, Indiana, to St. Louis, mouth of Oswego river, three thousand tire hunMissouri, shall pass by Vandalia.

dred dollars : for ten buoys on Nantucket shoals, From Vandalia, by the seats of justice of such and the Vineyard Sound, one thousand fire huncounties as may be established by the Legislature dred dollars : for two buoys and a spindle for the prior to the next session of Congress, north of rocks called James's Ledge, Old Gay, and the Madison county, to Edwardsville.

Brothers, four hundred and fifty dollars: and for From Fairfield, by John G. Fitch's, to Vandalia. placing buoys, and anchors with boys, in the From Palestine to Vandalia.

Altamaha river, between the port of Darien, and The mail from Golconda, by Bloomfield, to Doboy Sound, in the State of Georgia, a sum not Jonesborough, to pass by Vienna.

exceeding one thousand five hundred dollars. In Mississippi.- From Columbia, by Fort Al Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That no lightford's, to Monticello.

house shall be built on any site previous to the cesFrom Green courthouse, by New Augusta and sion of jurisdiction over the same to the United Monroe, to Covington courthouse.

States. In Alabama.-From Blakeley to Mobile Point. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the Presi

From Fort Hawkins, by Fort Gaines and But- dent of the United States be and he is bereby auler courthouse, to Conecuh courthouse.

thorized and requested to cause such an examinaIn Missouri.From Shawneetown, by Rood's, tion or survey of the Isles of Shoals, on the coast Jonesborough, in Illinois, and Bainbridge, in Cape of New Hampshire and Maine, to be made, by Girardeau county, to Jackson.

proper and intelligent persons, as may be requiste From St. Charles, by James Journey's, John to ascertain the expediency and practicability of Biven's, Isaac Vanbibber's, John Grayum's, and repairing the sea-wall at Smutty Nose Island, and Augustus Thrall's, to Franklin.

building a sea-wall between said island and Cedar From Franklin, by the mouth of Arrow Rock | Island. And that the President be further reand Mount Vernon, to Fort Osage.

quested, in like manner, to ascertain the expediFrom St. Genevieve, by the Saline, Amos Bird's, ency of erecting a stone pier on Sunken Rocks, in John F. Henry's, and Bainbridge, to Cape Girar- the harbor of Portsmouth, in the State of New deau.

Hampshire. And the President of the United States

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