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MARCH 1930


To the Legislature:

Ransas, during the two years intervening since your last session, has enjoyed a degree of prosperity without a pārallel during the same period in any of the States in the Union. The population of the State has increased at the rate of one hundred thousand per annum; the labor of the husbandman has been rewarded with abundant harvests; the facilities for transportation have been greatly increased ; our manufacturing interests are in an encouraging condition; the mineral resources of the State have been rapidly developed; civilization has planted itself on the western frontier, where, but a few years ago, were found only the broad, fertile prairies, which are now populated by a class of citizens whose schoolhouses, churches, thriving towns, and well-cultivated farms furnish abundant evidence of their intelligence, industry, enterprise, and progressive spirit. Business enterprises have revived and increased; and to-day, Kansas, young in years but strong in natural resources, with an industrious, intelligent population of nine hundred thousand people, located near the geographical, and in course of time to be the commercial, center of the United States, profiting by the lessons learned through past reverses and hardships necessarily incident to pioneer life, looks to the future full of hope

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