A Practical Treatise on Bridge-construction: Being a Text-book on the Design and Construction of Bridges in Iron and Steel. ...

C. Griffin & Company, 1887 - 432 Seiten

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Division C Panel bridgesfirst grouppolygonal diagram of stress
B Combined or Composite Bridges 90
Series of trapezoidsthe composite trapezoidal trussthe stresses
Parallel girder Linville type odd number of bayscombination
General value of the mean stress in the flanges of parallel girders
Stress and weight of an inclined bar in terms of the vertical
ART PAGE 72 Metal in flanges of all parallel girders
Metal in Pratt or Linville girders
Metal in lattice girder
Metal in trapezoidal truss and straight link suspension or canti lever bridges
Metal in parabolic bowstrings linear arches and suspension bridges
General remarksapplication of the tablesmedications required for the rolling load
81a Broad view of the relative economy of girders arches and suspen sion bridges
Deflection of parallel girdersgeneral lawthe curve of the bended girder is the curve of moments for an imaginary load whose in tensity is proportiona...
Deflection of beams or girders of uniform section
Columns with fixed endseffective length for flexure 170
Deflectioncurve for cantilever loaded at the end 87 Deflectioncurve for cantilever under a uniform load 88 Deflectioncurve for balanced cantilever 8...
Deflectioncurve for girder loaded in the middle
Moment of distributed forcesmoment of an areaposition of
Deflectioncurve for girder uniformly loaded and strained over one pier
Deflectioncurve for girder uniformly loaded and strained over both piers
Deflectioncurve for beam of uniform sectionsmall value of the shearing distortionrecent experiments of Professor Kennedy
Deflectioncurve for a girder with varying section of flangemethod exemplified in the case of a swingbridge
Continuous girder of unequal spansgraphic solution of the stresses
Designed variation in the level of supports
F The Strength of Columns in Cast Iron Wrought
Theoretic strength of the ideal column

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Seite 400 - ... a beam fixed at one end and supported at the other ; and it would then be found that the attachments at the pier have to resist a "couple...
Seite 216 - ... tons per square inch with an elongation of 20 per cent, in a length of 8 inches, whilst strips cut from it were bent almost double, cold.
Seite v - Xftbograpbic plates, THE object of this book is to describe the modern practice of Bridge-Construction, and to set forth in the simplest language the mechanical principles and experimental facts on which it is based. The design and arrangement of the work have been dictated by a desire to render it as useful as possible, not only to Engineers or Draughtsmen who may be engaged in the work of Bridge-Calculations and Bridge-Construction, , but alsoto students.
Seite 265 - Dead load per foot run Span in feet. (exclusive of main girders). 10 to 100 14 cwt. 100 to 150 15 „ 150 to 200 16 „ 200 to 250 17
Seite iii - A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON BRIDGE-CONSTRUCTION: Being a Text-Book on the Construction of Bridges in Iron and Steel. FOR THE USE OF STUDENTS, DRAUGHTSMEN, AND ENGINEERS. BY T. CLAXTON FIDLER, M. INST. CE, Prof, of Engineering, University College, Dundee "The new edition of Mr.
Seite 373 - In an ordinary spectronometer, if the grazing angle 6, is determined by the position of the reflected beam of X-rays these errors may be either positive or negative, according to the position of the axis of rotation of the crystal with reference to what we have called the effective reflecting plane. Further, they may increase or decrease with the wavelength of the rays, and in limiting cases the size of the crystal would have an effect on them. Our method of using the spectrometer eliminates these...
Seite 159 - R, the behaviour of the column will be different — the load itself will not produce any deflection, but the smallest conceivable force applied to the middle of the strut will be sufficient to bend it to any required extent...
Seite 404 - V is the velocity in miles per hour, and p is the corresponding pressure in pounds per square foot.
Seite ii - RANKINE'S MISCELLANEOUS SCIENTIFIC PAPERS. With Memoir by Professor TAIT, MA, and Fine Portrait on Steel. Royal 8vo, Handsome Cloth. 31s. 6d.
Seite viii - ... materials as they possess, and the most that can be done is to take the experimental facts that have been actually ascertained, and to study their real bearing upon the questions at issue. Throughout the work, I have of course consulted on all occasions the most recent experiments and deductions, and have endeavoured, to the best of my knowledge, to mention in their proper places the authors of recent discoveries or improvements, and to refer to scientific papers which have furnished sources...

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