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under ground. By Sir Hans pearing larger than when elevated

Sloane -, - Page 257 several degrees above the horizon.

Observations towards composing a By Dr. Desaguliers Page 283

natural history of mines and me. Concerning a violent hurricane in

tals. By Dr. Nicholls - 259 Huntingdonshire, Sept. 8. 1741.

A new apparent motion discovered By Mr. Stephen Fuller - 284

in the fixed stars ; its cause as- of a fire-ball seen in the air, on

signed; the velocity and equable Dec. 11. 1741. By Lord Beau. ,

notion of light deduced. By champ. - - - - 286

the Rev. James Bradley - 260 Concerning the fire-ball in the air,
Observations made in a Journey to Dec. 11. 1741. By Mr. Chris
· the peak in Derbyshire. By Mr. topher Mason

J. Martyn, F.R.S. - - 264 Of a fire-ball seen Dec. 11. 1741.

An account of the imperial salt By Mr. Benj. Cooke, F.R.S.

· works of Sóowár, in Upper Hun- Dated Newport, in the Isle of

gary. By Ernest Bruckman, Wight in - - 287

: M.D.

- 266 Accountof the fire-ball seen Dec, 11.

Magnetical observations and experi- 1741. By Capt. Wm. Gordon ib.
· ments. By Servington Savery, Account of Margaret Cutting, a
· Esq. of Shilston . - 267, , young woman, at Wickham Mar-
An account of the different sorts of ket, in Suffolk, who speaks readily
· paper of the ancients. By the land intelligibly, though she has

Hon. Sir John Clerk, F. R.$. 270 lost her tongue. By Henry Baker,

Conjectures concerning stars which : F.R.S. , . .. 288

· sometimes appear and disappear; The effects of cold at Prince of

and on Saturn's ring. By Peter' Wales's Fort, on Churchill river,

· Lewis de Maupertuis. - 272 in Hudson's Bay, North Ame-

On the nature of intermitting and rica. By Capt. Christopher Mid-

reciprocating springs. By Mr. dleton, F.R.S. - - 289

· Joseph Atwell, F.R.S. • 273 Concerning a man who lived '18

Experiments to prove the existence years on water. By Mr. Robert

of a fluid in the nerves. By · Campbell of Kernan - 291

Alexander Stuart, M.D. F.R.S. Observations and experiments on

, 276 the fresh-water polypus. By M.

Experiments on the friction of pula Trembley, at the Hague. Trans.

leys. By the Rev. J. T. Desa- lated from the French, by P.H.Z.

guliers - . - 277. F.R.S. - . - 292

Of a beaver. By C. Mortimer, Concerning the wonderful increase

· M.D. R.S.S. - - ib. of the seeds of plants, e. g. of the

On the cause of the general trade upright mallow. By Joseph Hob.

winds. By George Hadley, Esq. son of Macclesfield - . 296

F.R.S. - - . - 279 On the method of fluxions. - By

Account of the experiments made Colin Maclaurin . . ib.

June 1. 1784, before several mem. Some further account of polypi, in

bers of the Royal Society, and a letter from the Duke of Rich.

others, on a man who suffered mond, F.R.S., to M. Folkes,

himself to be bitten by a viper, or Esq. Pr. R. S. Dated Utrecht,

common adder; and on other May 24. (June 4.) 1743. - 299

animals likewise bitten by the The natural history of the rhino-

same and other vipers. By Croin- ceros. By Dr. Parsons, - 300

well Mortimer, M. D. Secr. R.S. An essay on the causes of the dif.

281 ferent colours of people in dif-

An attempt to explain the phenome- ferent climates. By John Mitchell,
non of the horizontal moon ap M .D.

• 304

Observations on several species of Of the Giants' Causeway in Ireland,

fresh-water polypi. By M. Abra By the Rev. Richard Pococke,

· ham Trembley, F.R.S. Page 309 LL.D. . - Page 336

On fossil shells. By the Rev. Roger On the everlasting fire in Persia.

* Pickering . . 912 By Dr. James Mounsey - 338

Concerning an extraordinary large of the locusts, which did vast da-

· fossil tooth of an elephant. By mage in Wallachia, Moldavia,

: Mr. Henry Baker, F.R.S. - ib. and Transilvania, in 1747-8 339

An account, in pounds and ounces, On the lacrymæ batavicæ, or glass

of the suprising quantities of food drops. By Claud. Nic. le Cat,

· devoured by a boy, 12 years old, M.D. F.R.S. - - 340

. in six successive days, at Black Letter from Leonard Euler, Prof.

Barnsley, in Yorkshire. Com- Math. at Berlin, and F. R. S.

municated by Dr. Mortimer, Sec. . concerning the gradual approach

R. S. tio - - .314 of the earth to the sun - 342

On the death of the Countess Cor. Letter from Mr. Professor Euler
* nėlia Zangári and Bandi, of concerning the contraction of the

Cesena. . . . - 315 orbits of the planets .. ib.

Some observations on the cancer New discoveries relating to the his

· major. By Mr. Peter Collin- tory of coral. By Dr. Vitaliano

son ... - - - 316 Donati . in - 343.

Observations on the precipices or On the class of the phocæ marina.

cliffs on the north-east sea coast By James Parsons, M. D.

of the county of Norfolk. By F.R.S. - . 345

Mr. William Arderon · · 318 Letter, dated May 2. 1750, from

Ibservations on a sort of libella, or Mr. Freeman at Naples, relating

ephemeron. By Mr. Peter Col- to the ruins of Herculaneum 347

linson -


820 Obervations on the sex of flowers,

On the perpendicular ascent of eels. By W. Watson, F.R.S. - 349

By Mr. Wm. Arderon, F. R. S. 321 Concerning Mr. Bright, the fat

On birds of passage. By Mr. Mark man at Malden, in Essex. By

Catesby, F.R.S. - . ib. T. Cole, M.D. - - 350

Concerning the property of water on the phenomena of electricity in

efts, in slipping off their skins as vacuo. By Mr. Wm. Watson 352

serpents do. By Mr. David Er. On coral. By the Sieur de Peys.

- skine Baker

- 325 sonnel, M.D. - - 353

A Letter from Mr. G. Stovin, con- Letters of the Abbé Mazeas, F.R.S.
i cerning the body of a woman, and on the success of the late experi-

an antique shoe, found in a "ments in France, concerning the
. morass in the isle of Axholm 326 analogy of thunder and electric

On the case of Margaret Cutting, city-

- - 356

who spoke distinctly, though she Letter from Benj. Franklin, Esq.

· had lost the apex and body of concerning an electrical kite.
· her tongue. By James Parsons, Dated Philadel. Oct. 1.1752 957

M.D. F.R.S. - - 327 Of the great alterations which the

An account of the experiments made islands of Scilly have undergone

to discover whether the electrical since the time of the ancients.'

power, when the conductors of it By the Rev. Mr. William Bor-

were not supported by electrics lase

per se, would be sensible at great Account of the death of Mr. George

distances : with an enquiry con- Wm. Richman, professor of ex-

cerning the respective velocities perimental philosophy, and a

of electricity and sound. By member of the Imperial Academy

- William Watson, F.R.S. 329 of Sciences at Petersburgh 960

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On the books and ancient writings fatal to the city of Lisbon. By

dug out of the ruins of an edifice the Rev. John Michell, M.A.

near the site of the old city of

Page 388

Herculaneum - Page 362 Of artificial cold produced at Pe.

An extraordinary and surprising tersburgh. By Dr. Himsel 392

agitation of the waters, though Of a whirlwind in New England.

without any perceptible motion of By Mr. John Winthrop, Prof.

the earth, observed in various of Phil. at Cambridge, U.S. 393

parts of Great Britain, both ma- Burning cliffs in Dorsetshire. By

ritime and inland, on the same John Stephens, M.A. - 395

day, and chiefly about the time On the extraordinary agitation of the

that the earthquake took place at waters in Mount's Bay, and other



- 363 places, March 31. 1761. By the

The wonderful configurations of the Rev. W. Borlase, M.A. . 397

smallest shining particles of snow, Account of a mummy inspected at

with several figures of them. By London in 1763. By John Had-

John Nettis, M.D. - 373 ley, M.D. F.R.S. - 399

Of the fossil shells called Orthocer. Observations on the proportion

atites. By Edward Wright, which the decrease of heat bears,


. 375 to the height of situation. By

An account of what happened at Thos. Heberden, M.D. F.R.S.

Bergemoletto, by the tumbling


down of vast heaps of snow from On the nature and formation of

the mountains there, on March sponges. By John Ellis, Esq.

19. 1755 - - 577 F.R.S.


- 404

An essay towards ascertaining the Description of Mount Sinai. By

specific gravity of living men. By E. W. Montague - 406

Mr.John Robertson, F.R.S. 379 Three papers containing experi.

On polypes, fossils, &c. , 380 m ents on factitious air. By the

On the impressions of plants on the Hon. Henry Cavendish, F.R.S.

slates of coals. By Mr. Emanuel


Mendes da Costa, F.R.S. 381 Observations on animals commonly

Description of several small marine called amphibious. By Dr. Para

animals. ByJob Baster,M.D.382 sons, F.R.S. - 413

Of some fossil fruits, and other bo- An account of some peculiar ad.

dies, found in the island of Shep- vantages in the structure of the

· pey. By James Parsons, M. Ò. wind-pipes of several birds. By

F.R.S. -

. ib. Dr. Parsons, F.R.S. - 416

On the heat of the weather in Geor. Two letters from the Hon. Wm.

gia. By H. Ellis, Esq. 384 Hamilton, containing an account

Remarks on the several accounts of of the last eruption of Mount

the fiery meteor, (which appeared Vesuvius. Dated Naples, June

on Sunday, the 26th of Nov. 10. 1766, and Feb. 3. 1767 417.

1758,) and on other such bodies. Formation of islands. By Alex.

By John Pringle, M.D. F. R. S. Dalrymple, Esq. - - 419

. 385 On the eruption of Mount Vesu.

The regular diurnal variation of the suvius, in 1767. By the Hon.

horizontal magnetic needle. By Wm. Hamilton, Dated Naples,

John Canton, M.A. F.R.S. 387 Dec. 29. 1767 - - 421

Conjectures concerning the cause, Observations on the bones found

and observations on the pheno- near the river Ohio, in America,

mena, of earthquakes; particu. By Wm. Hunter, M. D. F.R. S.

larly of that great earthquake of


Nov, d. 1755, which proved so Of several phenomena observed

during the ingress of Venus into Maskelyne,' B.D. F.R.S. and

the solar disk, in 1769. By the astronomer royal - Page 458

Rev. W. Hirst, F.R.S. Page 425 Account of a woman in the shire of

A journey to Mount Etna. By the Ross living without food or drink,

Hon. William Hamilton • 426 By Dr. Mackenzie . 460

Account of a very remarkable young Of persons who could not distin-

· musician. By the Hon. Daines guish colours. By Mr. J. Hud.

Barrington, F.R.S. - 428 dart - - - 462

Journal of a voyage, made by order of the beat, &c. of animals and ve-

of the Royal Society, to Church- getables. By Mr. J. Hunter,

bill river, on the north-west

north west FRS. .

F.R.S. ' . . . . 469

coast of Hudson's Bay; of thir. The force of fired gunpowder, and

teen months' residence in that the initial velocities of cannon

country, in 1768 and 1769. By balls, determined by experiments.

William Wales - - 431 By Mr. Charles Hutton 465

Observations on the aphides of Lin. An account of a remarkable imper-

næus. By Dr. William Rich perfection of sight. In a letter

ardson, of Ripon, Yorkshire 433 from J. Scott - - 466

Astronomical observations made, by An account of the calculations made
appointment of the Royal So- from the survey and measures
ciety, at King George's Island, taken at Schehallien, in order to
in the South Sea. By Mr. Chas. : ascertain the mean density of the
Green and Lieut. Jas. Cook 436 earth. By Chas. Hutton, Esq.

The quantity of the sun's parallax, F.R.S.

- - 467

as deduced from the observations Account of an infant musician. By

of the transit of Venus, June 3. Charles Burney, Doctor of Music

1769. By Thomas Hornsby, and F.R.S. - - 468

M.A. F.R.S. - - 437 On the eruption of Mount Vesu.
Observations on vegetation. By vius, in August, 1779. In a

Mr. Mustel of Rouen . ib. letter from Sir Wm. Hamilton,

Experiments and observations on . K.B. F.R.S. - - 470

the singing of birds. By the Astronomical observations relating

Honourable Daines Barrington, to the mountains of the moon.

.V.P.R.S., .

439. By Mr. Herschel - 474

The history of the sea anemonies. A storm of lightning at East Bourn,

By Abbé Dicquemare, at Havre. Sept. 17. 1780 . - 475

de Grace -' - 442 Account of the Harmattan, a sin-
Letter from the Sieur Seignette, gular African wind. Dy Dr.
5 mayor of La Rochelle, and se. Dobson - - ib.

cond perpetual secretary of the Account of the termites in Africa,

academy of that city • 445 and other hot climates. By Mr.

Anatomical observations on the tor. H. Smeathman.. - 476

pedo. By John Hunter .447 Of a thermometer for measuring

Observations on the solar spots. By the highest degrees of heat. By

Alexander Wilson, M.D. - 450 Josiah Wedgwood - 480

Experiments and observations on On the proper motion of the sun

the gymnotus electricus, or elec..and solar system among the stars.

tricai eel. By Hugh William By William Herschel - 481

son, M. D. of Philadelphia 453 Account of some late fiery meteors.
An account of the gymnotus elec- By Dr. Blagden - - ib.

tricus. By J.Hunter, F. R. S. 455 On the construction of the heavens.

Observations made on the mountain By Dr. Herschel - 482

Schehallien, for findipg its at- New experiments on heat. By Col.

traction. By the Rev. "Nevil ** Sir B. Thompson, Knt. • 483

On the strata observed in sinking for Hamilton, K.B. F.R.S. Dated

water at Boston, Lincolnshire. By Naples, August 25. 1794

. Mr. James Limbird, surveyor to

Page 541

the corporation - Page 485 On Hydatids. By Everard Home,

Of three volcanoes in the moon. Esq. - - - 546

By Wm. Herschel, LL.D. 486 On the nature of the diamond. By

Experiments made to determine the Smithson Tennant, Esq. , 548

positive and relative quantities Experiments to determine the force

of moisture absorbed from the at- of fired gunpowder. By Ben-

mosphere by various substances, jamin Count Rumford - 549

under similar circumstances. By An enquiry concerning the source

Sir Benj. Thompson, Knt. 487 of the heat which is excited by

On the natural history of the friction. By Benjamin Count

cuckoo. By Mr. E. Jenner 489 Rumford, F. R. S. . 553

Catalogue of a thousand of new Singular instance of atmospherical

nebulse and clusters of stars; refraction. By W. Latham 555

with a few introductory remarks The Croonian Lecture. Being ex.
on the construction of the hea. periments and observations on the

vens. By Wm. Herschel 494 structure of nerves. By Everard

Discovery of a sixth and seventh Home, Esq. F.R.S. - 557

satellite of the planet Saturn; On a submarine forest, on the east

with remarks on the construction coast of England - 560

of its ring, its atmosphere, its ro. Investigation of the powers of the

tation on an axis, and its splie prismatic colours to heat and illu-

roidical figure. By Wm. Her- minate objects. By William

schel, LL. D. F.R.S. - 499 Herschel, LL.D. - 563

Observations on the sugar-ants. Experiments on the refrangibility of

By John Castles, Esq. - 501 the invisible rays of the sun. By

On basaltes and granite. By William Herschel, LL.D. 565

Thomas Beddoes, M.1). 503 Chemical experiments on zoophytes;

On nebulous stars, properly so with some observations on the

called. By William Herschel, component parts of membrane.

LL.D. F.R.S. - - 507 By Chas. Hatchett, Esq. 567

On the Decomposition of fixed Experiments on the ascent of the sap

air. By Smithson Tennant, in trees. By Mr. Knight 573

Esq. F. R. S. -

512 Observations by Dr. Herschel, with
On the ring of Saturn. By Wm. a view of investigating the nature
Herschel, LL.D. F.R.S. ib. of the sun, &c.

Experiments and obseryations on Experiments on the light which is

" the production of light from dif- spontaneously emitted from van

ferent bodies, by heat and by at- rious bodies, and on solar light.

trition. By Mr. Thos. Wedg- By Dr. Hulme . - 574

wood . - - 514 On the theory of light and colours.

Observations on bees. By John By Dr. Young

- 575

Hunter, Esq. F.R.S. - 518 Experiments and observations on

Account of some remarkable caves certain stony substances, which

in the principality of Bayreuth, at different times are said to have
and of the fossil bones found fallen on the earth. By Luke

there. By John Hunter 531 Howard, Esq. - - ib.

On the nature and construction of On the construction of the heavens.

the sun and fixed stars. By Wm. By Dr. Herschel - 576

Herschel, LL.D. F.R.S. 535 Account of some cases of the pro

An account of the late cruption of duction of colours not hitherto de-

Mount Vesuvius. By Sir Wm, scribed. By Dr. Young - 576

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