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Dick. Thou need'st not do that, for my mistress hath done it.

Rob. Ay, there be of us here that have waded as deep into matters as other men, if they were disposed to talk.

Dick. A plague take you, I thought you did not sneak up and down after her for nothing. But, I prithee, tell me in good sadness, Robin, is that a conjuring book?

Rob. Do but speak what thou'lt have me to do, and I'll do't; if thou'lt dance naked, put off thy clothes, and I'll conjure thee about presently; or if thou'lt go but to the tavern with me, I'll give thee white wine, red wine, claret wine, sack, muskadine, malmsey, and whippincrust; hold, belly, hold; and we'll not pay one penny for it.

Dick. O bravel Prithee let's to it presently, for I am as dry as a dog.

Fob. Come, then, let's away. [Exeunt.

In SCENE 7, after l. 48, the 1616 ed. Aroceeds as

Meph. Nay, stay, my Faustus; I know you'd see the

And take some part of holy Peter's feast,
The which in state" and high solemnity
This day is held through Rome and Italy,
In honour of the Pope's triumphant victory.

Faust. Sweet Mephistophilis, thou pleasest me;
Whilst I am here on earth let me be cloyed
With all things that delight the heart of man:
My four-and-twenty years of liberty

1 So eds. 1620, 1624,-Ed. 1616 “this day with."

I'll spend in pleasure and in dalliance,

That Faustus' name, whilst this bright frame doth stand

May be admired through the furthest land.

Meph. 'Tis well said, Faustus; come then, stand by me

And thou shalt see them come immediately.
Faust. Nay, stay, my gentle Mephistophilis,
And grant me my request, and then I go.
Thou know'st within the compass of eight days,
We viewed the face of heaven, of earth, and hell;
So high our dragons soared into the air,
That, looking down, the earth appeared to me
No bigger than my hand in quantity;
There did we view the kingdoms of the world,
And what might please mine eye I there beheld.
Then in this show let me an actor be,
That this proud Pope may Faustus' cunning" see.
Meph. Let it be so, my Faustus, but first stay,
And view their triumphs as they pass this way;
And then devise what best contents thy mind,
By cunning in thine art to cross the Pope,
Or dash the pride of this solemnity;
To make his monks and abbots stand like apes,
And point like antics at his triple crown |
To beat the beads about the friars' pates;
Or clap huge horns upon the cardinals' heads; .
Or any villainy thou canst devise,
And I'll perform it, Faustus: hark I they come:
This day shall make thee be admired in Rome.

* So eds. 1620, 1624.—Ed. 1616 "comming." To


Enter the Cardinals and Bishops, some bearing crosiers, some pillars; Monks and Friars singing their procession: then the Pope, RAYMoND, King of Hungary, the ARchBiSHOP of RHEIMs, with BRUNo led in chains.

Pope. Cast down our footstool.
A’ay. Saxon Bruno stoop,
Whilst on thy back his holiness ascends
Saint Peter's chair and state pontifical.
Bru. Proud Lucifer, that state belongs to me;
But thus I fall to Peter, not to thee.
Pope. To me and Peter shalt thou grovelling lie,
And crouch before the papal dignity:
Sound trumpets then, for thus Saint Peter's heir
From Bruno's back ascends Saint Peter's chair.
[A flourish while he ascends.

Thus, as the gods creep on with feet of wool, A
Long ere with iron hands they punish men,
So shall our sleeping vengeance now arise,
And smite with death thy hated enterprise.
Lord Cardinals of France and Padua,
Go forthwith to our holy consistory,
And read, amongst the statutes decretal,
What by the holy council held at Trent
The sacred synod hath decreed for him,
That doth assume the papal government
Without election, and a true consent:
Away, and bring us word with speed.
1 Card. We go, my lord. [Exeunt Cardinals.

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Faust. Go, haste thee, gentle Mephistophilis, Follow the Cardinals to the consistory; And as they turn their superstitious books, Strike them with sloth and drowsy idleness; And make them sleep so sound, that in their shapes Thyself and I may parley with this Pope, This proud confronter of the Emperor, And, in despite of all his holiness, Restore this Bruno to his liberty, And bear him to the states of Germany. Meph. Faustus, I go. Faust. Despatch it soon, The Pope shall curse that Faustus came to Rome. - [Exeunt FAUSTUs and MEPHISTOPhilis. Bru. Pope Adrian, let me have right 1 of law. I was elected by the Emperor. Pope. We will depose the Emperor for that deed, And curse the people that submit to him: Both he and thou shall” stand excommunicate, And interdict from church's privilege, And all society of holy men: He grows too proud in his authority, Lifting his lofty head above the clouds, And like a steeple overpeers the church: But we'll pull down his haughty insolence; And, as Pope Alexander, our progenitor, Trod on the neck of German Frederick, Adding this golden sentence to our praise,

* So eds. 1620, 1624.-Ed. 1616 “some right.” * So eds. 1620, 1624.-Ed. 1616 “shalt.”

“That Peter's heirs should tread on Emperors,
And walk upon the dreadful adder's back,
Treading the lion and the dragon down,
And fearless spurn the killing basilisk;”
So will we quell that haughty schismatic,
And by authority apostolical
Depose him from his regal government.
Bru. Pope Julius swore to princely Sigismond,
For him, and the succeeding Popes of Rome,
To hold the Emperors their lawful lords.
Pope. Pope Julius did abuse the church's rights,
And therefore none of his decrees can stand.
Is not all power on earth bestowed on us?
And therefore, though we would, we cannot err.
Behold this silver belt, whereto is fixed
Seven golden seals, fast sealed with seven seals,
In token of our seven-fold power from heaven,
To bind or loose, lock fast, condemn or judge,
Resign or seal, or what so pleaseth us:
Then he and thou, and all the world, shall stoop,
Or be assured of our dreadful curse,
To light as heavy as the pains of hell.

Fnter FAUSTUs and MEPHISTOPHILIs like the Cardinals.

Meph. Now tell me, Faustus, are we not fitted well? Faust. Yes, Mephistophilis, and two such Cardinals Ne'er serv'd a holy Pope as we shall do. But whilst they sleep within the consistory, Let us salute his reverend fatherhood.

Fay. Behold, my lord, the Cardinals are returned.

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