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proprietor Robert Hunter, 1807

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Seite xxxi - Majesty that it may be enacted ; and be it enacted by the King's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That from and after the Twenty-fourth Day of June One thousand seven hundred and seventy-seven, if any Engraver, Etcher, Printseller.
Seite xlviii - C, who is the handicapper, mikes a match for A, and B, who, when they have perused it, put their hands into their pockets, and draw them out closed, then they open them together, and if both have money in their hands, the match is confirmed ; if neither have money, it is no match. In both...
Seite xxxiv - Plates are appointed to be run in heats, the Horse, mare or gelding that winneth any two heats winneth the Plate, but if three several Horses, mares, or geldings win each of them a heat, then those three and only they to run a fourth heat, and the Horse, mare or gelding that winneth the fourth heat shall have the Plate.
Seite xxxv - As many of the riders as shall cross, jostle, or strike, or use any other foul play, as shall be judged by such person or persons as shall be appointed by the Master of the Horse...
Seite xlix - When a plate is won by two heats, the preference of the horses is determined by the places they get in the second heat.
Seite xlviii - ... into their pockets and draw them out closed, then they open them together, and if both have money in their hands the Match is confirmed; if neither have money it is no match; in both cases the handicapper draws all the money out of the hat; but if one has money in hand, and the other none, then it is no Match; and he that has money in his hand is entitled to the deposit in the hat.
Seite l - In running of heats, if it cannot be decided which horse is first, the heat goes for nothing, and they may all start again, except it be between two horses that had each won a heat.
Seite xlii - ... horses shall come in so near together that the Judge shall not be able to decide which won, those horses shall run for such prize over again, after the last race on the same day; the other horses which started are deemed losers, and are entitled to their respective places, as if the race had been finally determined the first time.
Seite xliii - The whip may be challenged for on the Monday or Tuesday in the second Spring or second October meeting in each year ; and the acceptance must be signified, or the whip resigned, before the end of the same meeting. If challenged for and accepted in the Spring, to be run for on the Tuesday in the second October meeting following ; and if in the October, on the Thursday in the second Spring meeting following.
Seite xl - ... in first or not, unless such person shall have previously obtained the consent of the party or parties with whom he is engaged, to his not staking. But this rule is not to extend to bets, which are to be paid and received as if no such omission had happened.

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