The Works of Richard Hurd, Lord Bishop of Worcester: Moral and political dialogues

T. Cadell and W. Davies, Strand, 1811

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Seite 187 - ... if he were taken once, then what shift, with biting, with clawing, with roaring, tossing, and tumbling, he would work to wind himself from them, and when he was loose, to shake his ears twice or thrice, with the blood and the slaver about his phisnomy, was a matter of goodly relief.
Seite 160 - Enriching moisture dropp'd on every thing; Plenty he sow'd below, and cast about him light. But then (alas!) to thee alone, One of old GIDEON'S miracles was shown; For every tree, and every herb around, With pearly dew was crown'd, And upon all the quicken'd ground The fruitful seed of heaven did brooding lye, And nothing but the Muse's fleece was dry. It did all other threats surpass When God to his own people said, (The men, whom thro...
Seite 148 - Full little knowest thou, that hast not tried, What hell it is in suing long to bide ; To lose good days that might be better spent ; To waste long nights in pensive discontent; To speed to-day, to be put back to-morrow ; To feed on hope ; to pine with fear and sorrow ; To have thy Prince's grace, yet want her peers...
Seite 68 - Hic subit et perfert. Aut virtus nomen inane est, Aut decus et pretium recte petit experiens vir. Coram rege suo de paupertate tacentes Plus poscente ferent ; distat sumasne pudenter An rapias.
Seite 128 - Where does the wisdom and the power divine In a more bright and sweet reflection shine ? Where do we finer strokes and colours see Of the Creator's real poetry, Than when we with attention look Upon the third day's volume of the book ? If we could open and intend our eye, We all, like Moses, should espy Ev'n in a bush the radiant Deity.
Seite 237 - Latin tongues, are thereto no less skilful in the Spanish, Italian, and French, or in some one of them, it resteth not in me, sith I am persuaded, that as the noblemen and gentlemen do surmount in this behalf, so these come little or nothing at all behind them for their parts; which industry God continue.
Seite 159 - Thy foolish gains by quitting me: The sale of knowledge, fame, and liberty, The fruits of thy unlearned apostasy. Thou thoughtst, if once the public storm were past, All thy remaining life should sunshine be: Behold the public storm is spent at last, The sovereign...
Seite 240 - Mr. George Herbert, being Prelector in the Rhetorique School in Cambridge, Anno 1618, passed by those fluent orators that domineered in the pulpits of Athens and Rome, and insisted to read upon an oration of King James, which he analysed...
Seite 162 - I lay, Thou, wicked spirit! stolest me away, And my abused soul didst bear Into thy new-found worlds, I know not where Thy golden Indies in the air ; And ever since I strive in vain My ravish'd freedom to regain; Still I rebel , still thou dost reign ; Lo!
Seite 161 - Leah left thy recompense to be. Go on, twice seven years more thy fortune try, Twice seven years more God in his bounty may Give thee, to fling away Into the court's deceitful lottery. But think how likely...

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