The Third Reader: Consisting of Interesting and Progressive Lessons

Sanborn & Carter, 1848 - 288 Seiten

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Seite 85 - Ye winds, that have made me your sport, Convey to this desolate shore Some cordial endearing report Of a land I shall visit no more. My friends, do they now and then send A wish or a thought after me ? O tell me I yet have a friend, Though a friend I am never to see.
Seite 85 - Religion! what treasure untold Resides in that heavenly word! More precious than silver and gold, Or all that this earth can afford.
Seite 84 - I AM monarch of all I survey, My right there is none to dispute ; From the centre all round to the sea I am lord of the fowl and the brute.
Seite 268 - A stranger animal," cries one, " Sure never lived beneath the sun; A lizard's body, lean and long, A fish's head, a serpent's tongue; Its foot with triple claw disjoined; And what a length of tail behind ! How slow its pace, and then its hue; — Who ever saw so fine a blue !"
Seite 262 - Unfortunately, the son was tempted, during a year of scarcity and agricultural hardship, to enter into the service of one of the small craft that plied on a neighboring river.
Seite 262 - The parents of the deceased had resided in the village from childhood. They had inhabited one of the neatest cottages, and by various rural occupations, and the assistance of a small garden, had supported themselves creditably and comfortably, and led a happy and blameless life. They had one son, who had grown up to be the staff and pride of their age. — "Oh, sir!
Seite 261 - The bustle around seemed to waken the mother from a wretched reverie. She raised her glazed eyes, and looked about with a faint wildness. As the men approached with cords to lower the coffin into the grave, she wrung her hands, and broke into an agony of grief. The poor woman who attended her took her by the arm, endeavored to raise her from the earth, and to whisper something like consolation — "Nay, now — nay, now — don't take it so sorely to heart.
Seite 43 - ... and when I began to multiply the strokes of one day by those of months and years, really it is no wonder if I felt discouraged at the prospect ; so, after a great deal of reasoning and hesitation, thinks I to myself— 'I'll stop !' " The dial could scarcely keep its countenance during this harangue; but resuming its gravity, thus replied : "Dear Mr.
Seite 42 - ... your life but to stare people in the face, and to amuse yourself with watching all that goes on in the kitchen! Think, I beseech you, how you would like to be shut up for life in this dark closet, and wag backwards and forwards, year after year, as I do.
Seite 194 - When he starts from his humble grassy nest, And is up and away with the dew on his breast, And a hymn in his heart, to yon pure bright sphere, To warble it out in his Maker's ear. Ever, my child ! be thy morn's first lays Tuned, like the lark's, to thy Maker's praise. What is that, mother...

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