Poetical remains of Lucretia Davidson, collected and arranged by her mother [M.M. Davidson]: with a biography by miss [C.M.] Sedgwick


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Seite 256 - Thy will be done !" 622. CM Prayer in view of Death. 1 WHEN, bending o'er the brink of life, My trembling soul shall stand, Waiting to pass death's awful flood, Great God ! at thy command ; — 2...
Seite 79 - In these poems," (" Amir Khan," &.c.) " there is enough of originality, enough of aspiration, enough of conscious energy, enough of growing power, to warrant any expectations, however sanguine, which the patrons, and the friends and parents, of the deceased, could have formed.
Seite 257 - O thou great Source of joy supreme ! Whose arm alone can save, — Dispel the darkness that surrounds The entrance to the grave.
Seite 5 - Illustrated Editions. 1. THE LAY OF THE LAST MINSTREL. 2. THE LADY OF THE LAKE. 3. MARMION : A TALE OF FLODDEN FIELD. 4. ROKEBY. These elegant volumes are uniformly printed in fcp. 8vo. and illustrated with numerous Engravings on Steel, price 7s. cloth ; 10s. 6d. morocco elegaut. LONDON.] DAVID BOGUE 8 ANNUAL CATALOGUE. Illustrated Works — continued. Cowper's Poems. With Life and Critical Remarks, by the Rev. THOMAS DALE : and 75 fine Engravings by J.
Seite 187 - It be freed From woes, to all since earliest time decreed; But may'st thou be with resignation blessed, To bear each evil, howsoe'er distressed. May Hope her anchor lend amid the storm, And o'er the tempest rear her angel form ; May sweet Benevolence, whose words are peace, To the rude whirlwind softly whisper — cease ! And may Religion, Heaven's own darling child, Teach thee at human cares and griefs to smile; Teach thee to look beyond this world of woe, To Heaven's high fount whence mercies ever...
Seite 259 - I paused o'er the valley, the glad sounds of joy Rose soft through the mist, and ascended on high ; The fairest were there, and I paused in my flight, And the deep cry of wailing broke wildly that night. I stay not to gather the lone one to earth, I spare not the young in their gay dance of mirth, But I sweep them all on to their home in the grave, I stop not to pity — I stay not to save.
Seite 39 - WHEN evening spreads her shades around, And darkness fills the arch of Heaven; When not a murmur, nor a sound To fancy's sportive ear is given; "When the broad orb of Heaven is bright And looks around with golden eye ; When nature, softened by her light, Seems calmly, solemnly to lie; " Then, when our thoughts are raised above This world, and all this world can give ; Oh sister, sing the song I love, And tears of gratitude receive. "The song which thrills my bosom's core, And hovering, trembles,...
Seite 306 - T is not the dread of death — 'tis more, It is the dread of madness. Oh ! may these throbbing pulses pause, Forgetful of their feverish course ; May this hot brain, which burning, glows With all a fiery whirlpool's force...
Seite 252 - That cheek may bloom, and that lip may smile ; That full, dark eye may brightly beam In life's gay morn, in hope's young dream ; But clouds shall darken that brow of snow, And sorrow blight thy bosom's glow. I know by that spirit so haughty and high, I know by that...

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