The native races of the Indian archipelago. Papuans

H. Bailliere, 1853 - 239 Seiten

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Seite 105 - ... recognize, the right of property, in the fullest sense of the word, without there being any authority among them than the decisions of their elders, according to the customs of their forefathers, which are held in the highest regard.
Seite 2 - A New Method of Learning to Read, Write, and Speak the German Language.
Seite 3 - LEBAUDY. THE ANATOMY of the REGIONS interested in the SURGICAL OPERATIONS performed upon the HUMAN BODY; with Occasional Views of the Pathological Conditions, which render the interference of the Surgeon necessary. In a Series of 24 plates, the Size of Life.
Seite 4 - PHILOSOPHY OF MARRIAGE, in its Social, Moral, and Physical Relations ; with an Account of the Diseases of the Genito-Urinary Organs, &c.
Seite 2 - ... in their frizzled or woolly hair, which does not spread over the surface of the head, as is usual with the negroes of Africa, but grows in small tufts, each of which keeps separate from the rest, and the hairs, if allowed to grow, twist round each other, and form spiral ringlets. Many of the tribes keep the hair closely cropped. The tufts then assume the form of little knobs, about the size of large peas, which give the head a singular, but not altogether...
Seite 154 - Semang prepare themselves with large quantities of combustible materials with which they quietly approach the animal, who is aroused from his reverie by an immense fire over him, which being kept well supplied by the Semangs with fresh fuel, soon completes his destruction and renders him in a fit state to make a meal of.
Seite 159 - The Aborigines of Cochin China are called Moys, and are the people which inhabit the chain of mountains which separate it from Cambodia. To these strongholds they were driven when the present possessors invaded the country. They are a savage race of people, very black, and resemble in their features the Caffrees.
Seite 147 - When the children are old enough to shift for them' selves, they usually separate, neither one afterwards ' thinking of the other. At night they sleep under some ' large tree, the branches of which hang low ; on these ' they fasten the children in a kind of swing ; around ' the tree they make a fire to keep off the wild beasts ' and snakes. They cover themselves with a piece of ' bark, and in this also they wrap their children ; it is ' soft and warm, but will not keep out the rain.
Seite 1 - Campbell. A Practical Text-Book of Inorganic Chemistry, including the Preparations of Substances, and their Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses, with Organic Analyses. By Dugald Campbell, Demonstrator of Practical Chemistry to the University College. 12mo. London, 1849 . .056 Chapman.

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