Camoens: his life and his Luciads. A commentary by Richard F. Burton


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Seite 517 - Mount Amara, though this by some supposed True Paradise, under the Ethiop line By Nilus' head, enclosed with shining rock, A whole day's journey high, but wide remote From this Assyrian garden, where the fiend Saw, undelighted, all delight, all kind Of living creatures, new to sight and strange.
Seite 666 - Gaui, before described, who happened to be passing that way, and did not perceive the holy man, shot an arrow at a peacock, which struck the apostle in the side.
Seite 738 - Vestae ; obscurata diu populo bonus eruet atque proferet in lucem speciosa vocabula rerum, quae priscis memorata Catonibus atque Cethegis nunc situs informis premit et deserta vetustas ; adsciscet nova, quae genitor produxerit usus. vehemens et liquidus puroque simillimus amni fundet opes Latiumque beabit divite lingua...
Seite 454 - Danube (iii. 7-12)1; frigid Scythia, and the numerous Scythians who contended that they were older than the Egyptians.2 It touches on the Russ (meaning the Rowers), and specifies " Moscovia's Zebelin " (vi. 95), the Sable. So Ibn Batutah (chap. xii.) brings the precious fur from the Land of Darkness (Siberia), where " dwell the Russians who are Christians, with red hair and blue eyes, an ugly and perfidious people.
Seite 573 - The moon, full orbed, forsakes her watery cave, And lifts her lovely head above the wave. The snowy splendours of her modest ray Stream o'er the glistening waves, and...
Seite 666 - AU 1524 the body of the Apostle, with the lancehead beside it, was found by D. Duarte de Menezes in his church near Maylapur,2 one of the 3,300 built by St. Thomas ; and, in 1558, it was removed to Goa by D. Constantino de Braganza. What became of it? Subsequently, says Osorio, broken tablets were brought to the Viceroy, Martim Affonso de Souza ; and a learned Jew (?) interpreted the characters to mean that St. Thomas had founded a chapel at Meliapor. Dr. Burnell was the first to point out that the...
Seite 654 - Idalium (tllov aX1ov ij\1ov), where King Chalcanor first saw the sun rise. Some derive the Island's name from Kypros, a son or daughter of Cinyras , it is the Semitic " Kibris " = henna (Lawsonia inermis). F. y S. holds that Venus and Cupid here represent the divine love of which Boetius sang : — O felix hominum genus Si vestros animos Amor Quo Ccelum regitur, regat.
Seite 423 - In the midst of this chapel there is a devil made of metal, placed in a seat also made of metal. The said devil has a crown made like that of the papal kingdom, with three crowns; and it also has four horns and four teeth, with a very large mouth, nose, and most terrible eyes. The hands are made like those of a flesh-hook, and the feet like those of a cock; so that he is a fearful object to behold. All the pictures around the said chapel are those of devils, and on each side...
Seite 677 - I also take pride in the ambition of familiarising my fellow-countrymen with a " man and a maker," a workman and a work not readily to be rivalled in the region of literature. It is my belief that no single publication extant gives so full and general a portrait of Camoens, his Life and his Lusiads, as this now offered to the public. My Volumes have been written where Libraries do not exist; consequently they contain faults and imperfections manifold. But the sins of commission and omission are,...
Seite 604 - Now have I thanne suche a condicioun, 40 That of alle the floures in the mede, Thanne love I most thise floures white and rede, Suche as men callen daysyes in her toune.

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