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Seite 256 - Breathing the smell of field and grove, attune The trembling leaves, while universal Pan, Knit with the Graces and the Hours in dance, Led on the eternal Spring." 7. Quo luco : ' And in this grove,' about Fergus. 10. aequales : '.her mates.' legendo : se. flores. Why abl. ? 11. simul : here = eödem
Seite 282 - through whose channel.' So Milton ("Paradise Lost," ii. 582586): " Far off from these, a slow and silent stream, Lethe, the river of oblivion, rolls Her watery labyrinth, whereof who drinks Forthwith his former state and being forgets — Forgets both joy and grief, pleasure and pain." 14. fecunda : because of the poppy's numerous seeds. Cf. P-
Seite 263 - visa fuisset. In the words of Pope (" Essay on Criticism ") : " Of all the causes which conspire to blind Man's erring judgment, and misguide the mind, What the weak head with strongest bias rules, Is pride, the never-failing vice of fools.
Seite 190 - by reason of my death.' Milton (" Paradise Lost," Book x.) has expressed a similar thought : " How gladly would I meet Mortality my sentence, and be earth Insensible ! how glad would lay me down As in my mother's lap !" 25. TRISTIA, V. viii. 11-18. " The curse causeless shall not come.
Seite 175 - Rome, A little ere the mightiest Julius fell, The graves stood tenantless, and the sheeted dead Did squeak and gibber in the Roman streets." 24. venit modus : ' there came an end (of).
Seite 290 - When beggars die there are no comets seen ; The heavens themselves blaze forth the deaths of princes." SHAKSPEARE : Julius Caesar. 24. METAMORPHOSES, XV. 871-879. "Not marble, nor the gilded
Seite 106 - aquis, ubi conditus antro Martius anguis erat, cristis praesignis et auro; Igne micant oculi; corpus tumet omne veneno, Tresque vibrant linguae; triplici stant ordine dentés. Quern postquam Tyria lucum de gente profecti Infausto tetigere gradu, demissaque in undas 30 Urna dédit sonitum, longo caput extulit antro Caeruleus serpens horrendaque sibila misit. Effluxere urnae manibus, sanguisque
Seite 140 - Ite simul." Parent ambo, baculisque levati 70 Nituntur longo vestigia poneré clivo. Tantum aberant summo, quantum semel ire sagitta Missa potest; flexere oculos, et mersa palude Cetera prospiciunt, tantum sua tecta manere. Dumque ea mirantur, dum deflent fata suorum, 75 Ilia vetus, dominis etiam casa parva duobus Vertitur in templum; furcas subiere columnae,
Seite 246 - H. 398, 4. 82. summum stringitur: 'its surface is ruffled.' 83. suos amores : for suum amantem. So often in English " love " is similarly used, as in Spenser's " Epithalamion " : — " Open the temple gates unto my love ! Open them wide that she may enter in." 84. indignos : ie which deserved not such treatment. claro plangore : ' with clear-ringing shriek.' 85. comas : why ace. ? 86. cruori
Seite 254 - 1. 26. 123. Praecutiunt: at the head of the wedding procession, ignes : on the altars. Wedding ceremonies were accompanied by religious rites. 12. METAMORPHOSES, V. 385 et seq. " That fair field Of Enna, where Proserpin gathering flowers, Herself a fairer flower, by gloomy Dis Was gathered—which cost Ceres all that pain To seek her through the world.

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