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is much more dangerous, by the additional dan ger of being dashed to pieces one against another. 5th, The same law that was given to Adam in his perfect state, and on which the federal law was founded; continues to us, as extensive in it's demands, as rigorous in it's exactions, and as inflexible in it's nature, under all our weaknefles, wants, and difficulties, as it was to hin when fraught with every qualification adequate to the extensive precept.

And is it possible we should yet imagine that we can do something to deserve the divine favour? Can we yet think to build a Babel whose top shall reach to heaven? No, we are empty pitchers ; we are enfeebled treatures ; yea we are guilty hell-deserving creatures. May we have an ear open to instruction, and an heart made wise to understand, what the evangelical prophet would have us learn in those words; wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread, and your labour for that whicb fatisfieth not? He here, would call our attention froin the broken cisterns of creature-comfort, to the full and overflowing fountain of uncreated goodness ; and from listening to the delusive overtures of flesh and blood, to lend our willing ears to the infallible teachings of his blefsed ípirit.

Seeing therefore, that falvation is not attainable, no nor even damnation avoidable, by our own works, what abundant reason have we to bless God for Jesus Christ our redeemer, surety, and Saviour ! What hopes could our guilty parents entertain, when arraigned at God's impartial bar, that the sentence should not be executed in it's utmost severity ? How unexpected therefore must

that that mercy be, that was manifested in the serpent's curse, and how full of consolation, the promise couched in the deceiver's doom! it, (hu,) be the redeemer of his people from the curse and death their fin deserved; the everlasting Son of the Father, the first and last, Jehovah, blessed for ever ; in the fullness of time shall lay aside his glory, and assuming the human nature shall be born, the feed of the woman, whom thou hast seduced, and ball bruise thy head, shall deliver his lambs from thy voracious jaws, despoil thee of the power thou art permitted to posless, and drag thee conquered at his chariot wheels.

But it is now time for me to draw towards a conclusion, leit I should intrude too much upon your time, and weary out your patience. Are we then by nature children of wrath, guilty and obnoxious sinners ? Let us then as such, humble ourselves under the mighty hand of our justly offended maker. Let us take to ourselves the shame that our sins have deserved, and let us give to the justice of God, the glory that is due in punishing the offender; and to his mercy and grace, the glory that is due in justifying, and saving the guilty.

The consequence of this doctrine is, that our falvation is left wholly in the hands of God, and none can be saved if this doctrine be true, but they must owe their salvation intirely to him, And who needs be ashamed of this consequence ? Good old Jacob was not, when he said, I have waited for thy salvation, O Lord, emphatically thine ; nor was the king of Israel when in like words, he said, I have longed for thy salvation. T'or the power to save poor hell deserving finners, is

with God, salvation belongs unto the Lord. It is needless that I should particularize and point out this or that person ascribing the salvation of finners unto God, seeing all the saints, the holy men, both under the old and new testament dis'pensation with one voice give God the glory of their salvation. And indeed if it were not thus, their song would be very different from that new song which is sung above ; for there the whole multitude of the redeemed, whom John saw “ standing before the throne and before the Lamb, “ being clothed with white robes, and palms in " their hands, they cried with a loud voice, fay“ing, salvation to our God which sitteth upon " the throne, and unto the Lamb." Rev. vii. 9. 10.,

It is not at all strange, that a doctrine which lays the ax to the very root of man's pride, should be so much opposed and rejected ; for we make it evident that we are no degenerate plants, but the real offspring of him, who aspiring to be as God, thereby funk beneath the dignity conferred upon him as man; seeing we are naturally actuted by the same spirit, and are in a way little different, doing the same thing. But this doctrine leaves us wholly at the mercy of God to save us, or damn us ; according to this no man has aught to glory in but the Lord alone, and his free grace; all boasting is excluded, and every faint in glory has been, and will be saved, as an helpless finner.

Methinks upon the whole, some of you are ready to say e'er this, why this man is so far from being a messenger of peace unto us, that we hear of nothing buí a dreadful and eternal war ; fo far from bringing us glad tidings, that he has arrested us in


dividually as malefactors, arraigned and sentenced us to everlasting misery ; for he insists upon our being guilty, and allows us no way of exculpating or acquitting ourselves. I answer, the remark is just, we all are guilty sinners, nor is it possible to acquit ourselves; yet thanks be to God there is a Saviour, a perfect, not a partial Saviour ; a Saviour not compounding with sinners, but compleating the whole of their salvation by his own perfect works. Let me therefore in a few words commend this Saviour unto you.

Ye are guilty creatures, and obnoxious to eter. nal sufferings ; are ye sensible of this ? Is this the poisoned arrow that drinks up all your fpi. rits, and drowns all your delights? Then Jet , me address you in the words of the baptist, bebold the Lamb of God; ye are obnoxious, but Jesus has undertaken for you the whole of your deliverance and salvation. David besought him saying, be surety for thy servant. Pf. cxix. 122. The Lord said, I have laid help upon one that is mighty. Pf. lxxxix. 19. Your sins have exposed you to everlasting sorrows, but Jesus the eternal Son of the Father, carried our forrowis, and bare our pins, in his own body on the tree. He engaged his heart to come near to the Lord, Jer. xxx. 21. as the high-priest of his people by his own most precious and invaluable blood; and in that exalted character he is now seated at the right hand of the majesty on high, and is a Saviour to the uttermost for all that come to God by him, seeing be ever liveth to make intercession.

Ye conscious sinners, let the fountain of your tears be dried up, since there is a fountain of mercy, grace, and everlasting love, opened to

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you in the side of a glorious Redeemer ; bring your ulcerous fouls, your corrupt and depraved hearts; here is the balm of Gilead; the bloody balm of a fuffering Saviour, which tried, was never yet found ineffectual. Ye need not imitate your parents in the garden, and attempt to cover your nakedness with leaves. Lo, here is a compleat garment, the righteousness of the adorable Jesus ; cloathed with this, ye shall stand with great boldness in the presence of those that accused you ; ornamented with this ye shall stand, not like Joseph before a Pharaoh, or Daniel when arayed in royal robes ; but ye shall stand in the presence of Jehovah; absolved from fin, purged from impurity, and cloathed in blood-bought linen, ye shall sit down at the marriage supper of the Lamb.


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