Remains, Band 1

J.H. Parker, 1833
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Seite 295 - That he thought it not indifferent so to order the matter ; for,' said he, ' poor men's children are many times endued with more singular gifts of nature, which are also the gifts of God, as, with eloquence, memory, apt pronunciation, sobriety, and such like ; and also commonly more apt to apply their study, than is the gentleman's son, delicately educated.
Seite xxxvi - Holy Scripture and ancient Authors, that, from the Apostles' time, there have been these Orders of Ministers in Christ's Church — Bishops, Priests, and Deacons. Which Offices were evermore had in such reverend Estimation, that no man might presume to execute any of them, except he were first called, tried, examined, and known to have such qualities as are requisite for the same ; and also by public Prayer, with Imposition of Hands, were approved and admitted thereunto by lawful Authority.
Seite xxxiii - All Christian princes have committed unto them immediately of God the whole cure of all their subjects, as well concerning the administration of God's word for the cure of souls, as concerning the ministration of things political and civil governance.
Seite 163 - I dare not, contrary to the contents of the said letters, presume to come unto your Grace's presence; nevertheless, of my most bounden duty, I can do no less than most humbly to desire your Grace, by your great wisdom and by the assistance of God's help, somewhat to suppress the deep sorrows of your Grace's heart, and to take all adversities of God's hand both patiently and thankfully.
Seite 298 - Majesty; he who loved your Majesty, as I ever thought, no less than God...
Seite xxv - Thirdly, That priests, after the order of priesthood received, as afore, may not marry by the law of God.
Seite 296 - Wherefore, if the gentleman's son be apt to learning, let him be admitted ; if not apt, let the poor man's child that is apt enter his room.
Seite lxxii - And surely I myself sent for him three or four times to persuade him to leave that his imagination; but for all that we could do therein, he would not apply to any counsel...
Seite lxx - I believe he would make many reasons, little serving to the purpose. My mind is, that nothing be put forth till we hear how you shall have sped. I would have the right use preached, and the presence to be an indifferent thing, till the matter might, be reasoned in peace, at leisure of both parties.
Seite lxviii - ... the very body of the tree, or rather the roots of the weeds, is the Popish doctrine of Transubstantiation, of the real presence of Christ's flesh and blood in the sacrament of the altar (as they call it,) and of the sacrifice and oblation of Christ made by the priest for the salvation of the quick and the dead.

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