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A v below.

This fixth canto of the Dispensary, by Dr. Garth,

has more merit than the whole preceding part of
the poem, and, as I am told, in the first edition
of this work it is more correct than as here ex-
hibited; but that edition I have not been able to
find. The praises bestowed on this poem are
more than have been given to any
approbation, at present, is cooler, for it owed

of its fame to party.
ND now the Delegate prepares to go

And view the wonders of the realms below.
Thrice did the goddess, with her facred wand,
The pavement strike; and strait, at her command,
The willing furface opens, and descries
A deep descent, that leads to nether skies.
Hygeia to the filent region tends ;
And, with his heav'nly guide, the Charge descends,
Thus Numa, when to hallow'd caves retird,
Was by Ægeria guarded and inspir’d.

Within the chambers of the globe they spy
The beds where sleeping vegetables lie,
Till the glad summons of a genial ray
Unbinds the glebe, and calls them out to day.



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Hence Pancies trick themselves in various hue,
And hence Junquils derive their fragrant dew
Hence the Carnation, and the balhful Rose,
Their virgin blushes to the morn disclose.
Hence the chafte Lilly rises to the light,
Unveils her snowy breasts and charms the fight.
Hence arbours are with twining greens array'd,
T'oblige complaining lovers with their fhade :
And hence on Daphne's laurel'd forehead grow
Immortal wreaths for Phoebus and Nassau.

The insects here their ling'ring trance survive:
Benumb'd they seem, and doubtful if alive.
From Winter's fury hither they repair,
And stay for milder skies and softer air.
Down to these cells obfcener reptiles creep;
Where hateful Nutes and painted Lizzards sleep.
Where shiv'ring Snakes the summer Solstice wait,
Unfurl their painted folds, and side in state.
Here their new form the numb'd Erucæ hide,
Their num'rous feet in slender bandage ty'd;
Soon as the kindling year begins to rise,
This upstart race their native clod despise,
And, proud of painted wings, attempt the skies.

Now those profounder regions they explore,
Where metals ripen in vast cakes of oar.
Here, sullen to the fight, at large is spread,
The dull unwieldy mass of lumpish Lead.
There, glimm’ring in their dawning beds, are seen
The aspiring seeds of sprightly Tin.
The Copper sparkles next in ruddy streaks ;
And in the gloom betrays its glowing cheeks,


The Silver, then, with bright and burnish'd grace,
Youth, and a blooming luftre in its face,
To th' arms of those more yielding metals flies,
And in the folds of their embraces lies :
So close they cling, so stubbornly retire,
Their love's more vi'lent than the chymist's fire.

Near these the Delegate, with wonder, fpies
Where floods of living silver ferpentize :
Where richest metals their bright looks put on,
And golden streams through amber channels run.
Where Light's gay God descends to ripen gems,
And lend a lustre brighter than his beams.

Here he observes the subterranean cells, Where wanton nature sports in idle shells. Some helicoeids, fome conical appear; These mitres emulate, those turbans are. Here marcasites in yarious figure wait, To ripen to a true metallic state: Till drops, that from impending rocks descend, Their substance petrify, and progress end. Nigh, livid seas of kindled sulphur flow, And whilt, enraged, their fiery surges glow, Convulsions in the lab'ring mountains rise, And hurl their melted vitals to the skies. He views, with horror, next, the noisy cave, Where, with hoarse dinns, imprisond tempests rave; Where clam'rous hurricanes attempt their flight, Or, whirling in tumultuous eddies, fight. The warring winds, unmov'd, Hygeia heard, Bray'd their loud jars, but much for Celsus fear'd.



Andromeda, so, whilft her hero fought,
Shook for his danger, but her own forgot.
And now the goddess, with her charge, descends
Where scarce one chearful glimpse their steps bem

Here his forfaken feat old Chaos keeps,
And, undisturbid by Form, in filence sleeps.
A grisly wight, and hideous to the eye;
An aukward lump of shapeless anarchy.
With fordid


his features are defac'd; His lands unpeopled, and his countries waste. To these dark realms much learned lumber creeps; There copious M- fafe in filence fleeps. Where mushroom libels in oblivion lie, And, foon as born, like other monsters, die. Upon a couch of jett, in these abodes, Dull Night, his melancholy confort, nods. No ways and means their cabinet employ ; But their dark hours they waste in barren joy.

Nigh this recefs, with terror, they survey Where Death maintains his dread tyrannic sway: In the close covert of a cypress grove, Where goblins frisk and airy spectres rove, Yawns a dark cave, with awful horror, wide ; And there the monarch's triumphs are descry'd. Confus'd, and wildly huddled, to the eye, The beggar's pouch and prince's purple lie. Dim lamps with fickly rays scarce seem to glow ; Sighs heave in mournful moans, and tears o'erflow.. Restless Anxiety, forlorn Despair, And all the faded family of Care;

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