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4 A sinner, sav'd myself from sin, My happy fam’ly may I win,

And lead to sins forgiv’n: With richest gifts my household bless, And through the paths of pleasantness

Conduct them all to heav'n!


Hymn for Parents.

1 MADE apt by Thy sufficient grace,

To teach as taught by Thee,
We come to train in all Thy ways

Our rising progeny.

2 Their selfish will in time subdue,

And mortify their pride;
And lend their youth a sacred clew

To find the crucified !

3 We would in ev'ry step look up,

By Thy example taught,
T alarm their fear, excite their hope,

And rectify their thought.

4. For this we ask, in faith sincere,

The wisdom from above,
To touch their hearts with filial fear,

And pure ingenuous love:

5 To watch their will, to sense inclin'd,

Withhold the hurtful food;
And gently bend their tender mind,

Aud draw their souls to GOD.


Hymn for humiliation and fasting, i OʻMAY the pow'r which melts the rock

Be felt by all assembled here! Or else our service will but mock

The God whom we profess to fear! 2 LORD, while Thy judgments shake the land,

Thy people's eyes are fix'd on Thee ! We own Thy just uplifted hand,

Which thousands cannot, will not see.

3 How long hast Thou bestow'd Thy care

On this indulg'd ungrateful spot; While other nations, far and near,

Have envied and admir'd our lot.

4 Here peace and liberty have dwelt,

The glorious Gospel brightly shone; And oft our enemies have felt

That God has made our cause His own.

5 The LORD, displeas'd, has rais'd His rod;

Ah, where are now the faithful few Who tremble for the ark of God,

And know what Israel ought to do?

6 LORD, hear Thy people ev'ry where,

Who meet to mourn, confess, and pray; The nation and Thy churches spare,

And let Thy wrath be turn'd away!


Hymin for humiliation and fusting. 1 GREAT GOD of heav'n and nature, rise,

And hear our loud united cries :
See Britain bow before Thy face
Through all her coasts, and seek Thy grace.

2 No arm of flesh we make our trust;

Nor sword, nor horse, nor ships we boast: Thine is the land, and Thine the main, And human force and skill are vain.

3 Our guilt might draw Thy vengeance down

On ev'ry shore, on ev'ry town;
But view us, LORD, with pitying eye,

And lay Thy dreadful thunder by. 4 Forgive the follies of our times,

And purge our land from all it's crimes;
Reform'd, and deck'd with grace divine,

Let princes, priests, and people shine. 5 O may no GoD-provoking sin

Through all the camps and navies reign;
No foul reproach, to drive from thence

Our surest glory and defence.
6 So shall our God delight to bless,

And crown our arms with wide success :
Our foes shall dread JEHOVÁr's sword,
And conq'ring Britain praise the LORD.


God our Defence.-War deprecated.

1 LORD, how shall wretched sinners dare

Look up to Thy divine abode?UTA
Or offer their imperfect pray'r

Before a just, a holy God? yes yes 2 Bright terrors guard Thy awful seat, ow

And dazzling glories veil Thy face:
Yet mercy calls us to Thy feet,

Thy throne is still a throne of grace. S 3 O may our souls Thy grace adore !

May Jesus plead our humble claim! U While Thy protection we implore, brust In His prevailing glorious Name.

kord 4 With all the boasting pomp of war

In vain we dare the hostile field;
In vain, unless Thou, Lord, art there;
Thy arm alone is Britain's shiela.


*HT AL DO 5 O when shall time the period bring

When raging war shall waste no more; When peace shall stretch her balmy wing From Europe's coast to India's shore ?

Javo ne Wood 6 When shall the Gospel's healing ray vessel

(Kind source of amity divine !) Spread o'er the world celestial day w of

When shall the nations, LORD, be Thine ?



Conversion of the Jews.

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FATHER of faithful Abra'm, hear

Our earnest suit for Abra'm's seed ! Justly they claim the softest pray’r

From us, adopted in their stead, Who mercy through their fall obtain, And CHRIST, by their rejection, gain.

2 Outcasts from Thee, and scatter'd wide

Through ev'ry nation under heav'n, Blaspheming whom they crucified,

Unsay'd, unpitied, unforgiv'n; Branded like Cain, they bear their load, Abhorr'd of men, and curs'd of God.

3 But hast Thou finally forsook,

For ever cast Thine own away? Wilt Thou not bid the murd'rers look

On Him they pierc'd, and weep, and pray? Yes, gracious LORD, Thy word is past: All Israel shall be sav'd at last.

4 Come, then, Thou great Deliv'rer, come!

The veil from Jacob's heart remove ! Receive Thy ancient people home!

That, quicken'd by Thy dying love, The world may their reception find, Life from the dead for all mankind.

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