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2 Before the mournful scene began,

He took the bread, and bless'd, and brake: What love through all His actions ran!

What wondrous words of grace He spake! 3 .This is My body, broke for sin,

• Receive and eat the living food ;' Then took the cup, and bless'd the wine;

'Tis the new cov'nant in My blood.' 4 For us His flesh with nails was torn,

He bore the scourge, He felt the thorn: And justice pour'd upon His head

It's heavy vengeance in our stead. 5 For us His vital blood was spilt,

To buy the pardon of our guilt,
When for our crimes of deepest dyes

His soul a sacrifice.
6 .Do this,' he cried, 'till time shall end,

In mem'ry of your dying Friend; • Meet at My table, and record

• The love of your departed LORD.' 7 Jesus, Thy feast we celebrate,

We show Thy deatb, we sing Thy Name, Till Thou return, and we shall eat

The marriage-supper of the LAMB.


Design of the Lord's Supper. 1 COME, all who truly bear

The Name of CHRIST your LORD, His last mysterious supper share,

And keep His kindest word.

2 Hereby your faith approve

In JESUS crucified:
• In mem'ry of My dying love i

Do this,'He said, and died. 3 The badge and token this,

The sure confirming seal,
That He is ours, and we are Hiş,

The servants of His will.
Then let us still profess:

Our Master's honour'd Name,
Stand forth His faithful witnesses,

True foll'wers of the LAMB. 5 Part of His church below,

We thus our right maintain, Our living membership we show,

And in the fold remain.


Lord's Supper - Memorial, 8c. | JESUS is gone above the skies,

Where our weak senses reach him not; And carnal objects court our eyes

To thrust our SAVIOUR from our thought. 2 He knows what wand'ring hearts we have,'

Apt to forget His lovely face; And, to refresh our minds, He gave

These kind memorials of His grace. 3 The Lord of life His table spread

With His own flesh and dying blood; We on the rich provision feed, And taste the wine, and bless the God.

4. Let sinful sweets be all forgot,

And earth grow less in our esteem;
CHRIST and His love fili ev'ry thought,

And faith and hope be fix'd on Him. 5 While He is absent from our sight,

Tis to prepare our souls a place, That we may dwell in heav'nly light,

And live for ever near His face. 6 Our eyes look upwards to the hills

Whence our returping LORD shall come ; We wait Thy chariot's awful wheels

To fetch our longing spirits home.


Lord's Supper blessed Food. 1

THE banquet that we eat

Is made of heav'nly things; Earth hath po dainties half so sweet

As our REDEEMER brings. 2 In vain had Adamn sought

: Andrsearch'd his garden round, For there was no such blessed fruit.:

In all the happy ground. ... 3

Th’ angelic host above

Can never taste this food;
They fcast upon their Maker's love,

But not a SAVIOUR's blood.
We bless Thy bounteous hand,

And sing the solemn feast,
Where sweet celestial dainties stand

For ev'ry willing guests


Compassion of a dying Saviour.
| OUR spirits join t'adore the LAMB:

O that our feeble lips could move,
In strains immortal as His Name,

And melting as His dying love! 2 Was ever equal pity found?

The Prince of Heav'n resigns His breath, And pours His life out on the ground,

To ransom guilty worms from death. 3 Here we have wash'd our deepest stains,

And heal'd our wounds with heav'nly blood : Bless'd fountain ! springing from the veins

Of JESUS our incarnate God. 4 In vain our mortal voices strive

To speak compassion so divine;
Had we a thousand ļives to give,
A thousand lives should all be Thine.


Christ Crucified.
1 WHEN on the cross my LORD I see,

Bleeding to death for wretched me,
Satan and sin no more can

move, For I am all transform'd to love. 2 His thorns and nails pierce through my heart;

In ev'ry groan I bear a part ;
I view His wounds with streaming eyes;

But see! He bows His head, and dies !
3 Come, sinners, view the LAMB of God,

Wounded and dead, and bath'd in blood!
Behold His side, and venture near,
The well of endless life is here.

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During Celebration.
1 Jesus, dear redeeming Lord,

Magnify Thy dying word,
In Thy ordinance appear;

Come, and meet Thy foll’wers here. 2 In the rite Thou hast enjoin'd.

Let us now our SAVIOUR find,
Drink Thy blood for sinners shed,

Taste Thee in the broken bread. 3 Thou our faithful hearts prepare,

Thou Thy pard'ning grace declare,
Thou who hast for sinners died

Show Thyself the crucified ! 4 All the pow'r of sin remove,

Fill us with Thy perfect love,
Stamp us with the stamp divine,
Scal our souls for ever Thine.


Praise to Christ. 1 To our Redeemer's glorious Name Awake the sacred

song: O may His love (immortal flame!)

Tune ev'ry heart and tongue! 2 His love, what mortal thought

can reach, What mortal tongue display? Imagination's utmost stretch

In wonder dies away,

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