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Evening Hymn.

, GREAT Source of light! to Thee I pray;

For night and day are Thine :
I walk before Thee all the day,

At night on Thee recline.

2 Now ev'ning's low'ring shades begin,

My off'rings, LORD, approve;-
A contrite heart for all my sin,

And praise for all Thy love.
3 And while I rest my weary head

From cares and business free,
May I, communing on my bed,

Hold-converse, LORD, with Thee. 4 To peaceful slumbers I retire;

O send my needful rest !
No other guard can I require,

Of Thy defence possest. 5 Should anxious thought, or tedious pain,

Disturb my midnight hours,
May arms of love my soul sustain,

And cheer my fainting pow'rs. 6 May sleep's sweet bondage kindly break!

May slumber gently flee!
At dawn of day Thee may I seek,

And find I'm still with Thee.'


Evening Hymn.

1 DREAD Sov'reign! let my ev'ning song

Like holy incense rise;
Assist the off'rings of my tongue

To reach the lofty skies.
2 Through all the dangers of the day


hand was still my guard ; And still to drive my wants away

Thy mercy stood prepar'd.
3 Perpetual blessings from above

Encompass me around;
But O how few returns of love


Creator found !

4 What have I done for Him that died

To save my wretched soul?
How are my follies multiplied

Fast as my minutes roll !

5 LORD, with this guilty heart of mine,

To Thy dear cross I fee;
And to Thy grace my soul resign,

To be renew'd by Thee. 6 Sprinkled afresh with pard’ning blood,

I lay me down to rest,
As in th' embrącès of my God,

Or on my SAVIOUR's breast.

runs my


Evening Hymn.
1 AND now another day is gone,

I'll sing my Maker's praise :
My comforts ev'ry hour make known

His providence and grace. 2 How

fleeting life to waste ! My sins how great their sum ! LORD, give me pardon for the past,

And strength for days to come. 3 I lay my body down to sleep ;

Let angels guard my head;
And through the hours of darkness, keep

Their watch around my bed.
4 With cheerful heart I close my eyes,

Since Thou wilt not remove;
And in the morning let me rise

Rejoicing in Thy love.


Saturday Evening.
1 How soon the busy, toiling week,

With all it's num'rous cares,
Is past! and bids my soul to seek

The rest that God prepares.
2 Like all my former fleeting days,

I see it stain'd with sin; The work of faith, and love, and praise,

Hath oft neglected been.

3 Vain wand'ring thoughts, and low desires,

And worldly views prevail'd; Unhallow'd tempers, carnal fires,

Have oft my soul assail'd.
4 The world's deceit, the tempter's art,

Have watch'd on ev'ry side,
While war has rag'd within my heart,

Ambition, lust, or pride.
5 Vain world! retire-no more prevail

To draw my heart away:
Come, weary soul! rejoicing, hail

The bless’d and hallow'd day. 6 Day, above ev'ry other blest:

To-morrow,' gracious word!
God calls his day of holy rest,

• The sabbath of the LORD.'
7 Rest! how divinely sweet the sound

To this poor aching breast!
O may my soul in frame be found,

T' enjoy this blessed rest.
8 Indulgent Lord, my soul prepare ;

And when the morn arrives,
In all the blessings may I share,

The Lord of sabbath gives.

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The Sabbath.

1 ANOTHER six days' work is done,

Another sabbath is begun;
Return, my soul, enjoy thy rest,
Improve the day thy God has bless'd.

2 Come, bless the LORD, whose love assigns

So sweet a rest to wearied minds,
Provides an antepast of heav'n,

And gives this day the food of seven. 3 O that our thoughts and thanks may rise,

As grateful incense, to the skies;
And draw from heav'n that sweet repose,
Which none, but he that feels it, knows!

4 This heav'nly calm, within the breast,

Is the dear pledge of glorious rest,
Which for the church of God remains,
The end of cares, the end of pains.

5 In holy duties let the day

In holy pleasures pass away:
How sweet a sabbath thus to spend,
In hope of one that ne'er shall end !


The Sabbath.

1 How welcome to the saints, when press'd

With six days' noise, and care, and toil, Is the returning day of rest,

Which hides them from the world awhile !

2 Now, from the throng withdrawn away,

They seem to breathe a diff'rent air; Compos'd and soften'd by the day,

All things another aspect wear.

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