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Arm me with jealous care,

As in Thy sight to live;
And, O! Thy servant, LORD, prepare

The strict account to give :
Help me to watch and pray,

And on Thyself rely;
Assur'd, if I my trust betray,

I shall for ever die.

Wymn. Love of Creatures dangerous. low vain are all things here below!

How false, and yet how fair!
cach pleasure hath it's poison too,

And ev'ry sweet a snare.
he brightest things below the sky
Give but a flatt'ring light;
Ve should suspect some danger nigh
Where we possess delight.

r dearest joys, and nearest friends, The partners of our blood, How they divide our wav'ring minds,

And leave but half for GOD!
4 The fondness of a creature's love,

How strong it strikes the sense!
Thither the warm affections move,

Nor can we call them thence.
5 Dear SAVIOUR, let Thy beauties be

My soul's eternal food;

From all created good.

heart away


A Land of Pilgrimage.

i LORD! what a wretched land is this,

That yields us no supply!
No cheering fruits, no wholesome trees,

No streams of living joy.

2 But pricking thorns through all the ground,

And mortal poisons grow,
And all the rivers that are found

With dang'rous waters flow.

3 Yet the dear path to Thine abodę

Lies through this horrid land; LORD! we would keep the heav'nly road,

And run at Thy command.
4 Long nights and darkness dwell below,

With scarce a twinkling ray;
But the bright world to which we go

Is everlasting day.

5 Our journey is a thorny maze,

But we march upward still ; Forget these troubles of the ways,

And reach at Zion's hill.

6 See the kind angels at the gates,

Inviting us to come!
There Jesus the forerunner waits

To welcome trav'llers home!


Vanity of worldly Enjoyments, 1

MAN has a soul of vast desires ;
He burns within with restless fires ;
Toss'd to and fro, his passions fly

From vanity to vanity.
2 In vain on earth we hope to find

Some solid good to fill the mind;
We try new pleasures, but we feel
The inward thirst and torment still.
3 So when a raging fever burns,

We shift from side to side by turns;
And 'tis a poor relief we gain,

To change the place, but keep the pain. 4 Great GOD, subdue this vicious thirst,

This love to vanity and dust;
Cure the vile fever of the mind,
And fill our souls with joy's refin’d.


Vanity of worldly enjoyments. 1 FONDLY my foolish heart essays

T'augment the source of perfect bliss, Love's all-sufficient sea to raise,

With drops of creature-happiness. 2 O Love, Thy sov'reign aid impart !

And guard the gift Thyself hast giv'n: My portion Thou, my treasure art,

My life, and happiness, and heav'n.

3 Would ought on earth my wishes share;

Though dear as life the idol be, The idol from my breast I'll tear,

Resolv'd to seek my all in Thee.

4 Whate'er I fondly counted mine,

To Thee, my LORD, I here restore; Gladly I all to Thee resign:

Give me Thyself, I ask no more.


Broken Cisterns.

í How long shall dreams of creature-bliss

Our flatt'ring hopes employ, And mock our fond deluded eyes

With visionary joy?

2 Why from the mountains and the bills

Is our salvation sought,
While our eternal Rock's forsook,

And Isr’el's Gov forgot?

3 The living spring neglected flows

Full in our daily view,
Yet we' with anxious fruitless 'toil

Our broken cisterns hew.

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4 These fatal errors, gracious GOD,

With gentle pity see;
To Thee our roving eyes direct,

And fix our souls on Thee.


The Worldling. 1 My barns are full, my stores increase; And now,

for many years, Soul, eat and drink, and take thine ease,

Secure from wants and fears.'
2 Thus while a worldling boasted once,

As many now presume,
He heard the LORD Himself pronounce

His sudden, awful doom. 3' "This night, vain fool, thy soul must pass

Into a world unknown;
And who shall then the stores possess

Which Thou hast call’d Thine own?'

4 Thus blinded mortals fondly scheme

For happiness below,
Till death disturbs the pleasing dream,

And they awake to woe.
5 Ah! who can speak the vast dismay

That fills the sinner's mind,
When torn by death's strong hand away,

He leaves his all behind.
6 Wretches who cleave to earthly things,

But are not rich to GOD;
Their dying hour is full of stings,

And hell their dark abode.
7 Dear SAVIOUR, make us timely wise,

Thy Gospel to attend,
That we may live above the skies,

When this poor life shall end.

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