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2 Thy promises our hearts revive,

And keep our fainting hopes alive;
But guilt, and fears, and sorrows, rise,

And hide the promise from our eyes. 3 O let not Sin and Satan boast,

While saints lie mourning in the dust;
Nor see that faith to ruin brought,

Which Thy own gracious hand hath wrought. 4 Do Thou the dying spark inflame;

Reveal the glories of Thy name ;
And put all anxious doubts to flight,
As shades dispers'd by op'ning light.


Desiring assurance of inward Religion.

1 THOU great mysterious God unknown, Whose love hath gently led me on,

E'en from my infant days, Mine inmost soul expose to view, And tell me if I ever knew

Thy justifying grace.
2 If I have only known Thy fear,
And follow'd, with a heart sincere,

Thy drawing from above;
Now, now, the farther grace bestow,
And let my sprinkled conscience know

Thy sweet forgiving love,

3 Ah! never let Thy servant rest,
Till, of my part in CHRIST possest,

I on Thy mercy feed;
Unworthy of the crumbs that fall,
Yet rais'd by Him who died for all,

To eat the children's bread.
4. Whate'er obstructs Thy pard'ning love,
This moment, gracious LORD, remove,

Thy glory to display :
Mine heart of unbelief convince,
And now absolve me from my sins,

And take them all away.


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Desiring assurance of inward Religion. 1 "Tis

a point I long to know, Oft it causes anxious thought; Do I love the LORD, or no?

Am I His, or am I not? 2 If I love, why am I thus?

Why this dull and lifeless frame?
Hardly, sure, can they be worse,

Who have never heard His Name? 3 Could my heart so hard remain,

Pray'r a task and burden prove,
Ev'ry trifle give me pain,

If I knew a SAVIOUR's love? 4 When I turn my eyes within,

All is dark, and vain, and wild,
Fill'd with unbelief and sin,
Can I deem myself a child ?


5 If I pray, or hear, or read,

Sin is mix'd with all I do:
You that love the LORD indeed,

Tell me, Is it thụs with you? 6 Yet I mourn my stubborn will,

Find my sin a grief and thrall;
Should I grieve for what I feel,

If I did not love at all ?

7 Could I joy His saints to meet, Choose the ways

I once abhorrd, Find, at times, the promise sweet,

If I did not love the LORD?
8 LORD, decide the doubtful case!

Thou who art Thy people's sun,
Shine upon Thy work of grace,

If it be indeed begun.
9 Let me love Thee more and more,

If I love at all, I pray;
If I have not lov'd before,

Help me to begin to-day.


Refuge in Doubt and Trouble. 1 DEAR Refuge of my weary soul,

On Thee, when sorrows rise,
On Thee, when waves of trouble roll,

My fainting hope relies.
2 To Thee I tell each rising grief,

For Thou alone canst heal;
Thy Word can bring a sweet relief

For ev'ry pain I feel.

3 But, O! when gloomy doubts prevail,

I fear to call Thee mine;
The springs of comfort seem to fail,

And all my hopes decline.
4 Yet, gracious GOD, where shall I flee?

Thou art my only trust;
And still my soul would cleave to Thee,

Though prostrate in the dust.
5 Hast Thou not bid me seek Thy face?

And shall I seek in vain ?
And can the ear of sov'reign grace

Be deaf when I complain?
6 No, still the ear of sov'reign grace
Attends the mourner's pray’r:

I ever find access
To breathe my sorrows there!

O may


The Fearful encouraged.
1 AND art Thou with us, gracious LORD,

To dissipate our fear?
Dost Thou proclaim Thyself our God,

Our God for ever near? 2 Doth Thy right hand, which form’d the earth,

And bears up all the skies,
Stretch from on high it's friendly aid,

When dangers round us rise?
3 Dost Thou a FATHER's bowels feel

For all Thy humble saints ?
And in such tender accents speak
To soothe their sad complaints ?

4. On this support my soul shall lean,

And banish ev'ry care;
The gloomy vale of death must smile,

If God be with me there.
5 While I His gracious succour prove
'Midst all


various ways, The darkest shades through which I pass

Shall echo with His praise.


The little Flock. 1 YE little flock, whom Jesus feeds,

Dismiss your anxious cares; Look to the SHEPHERD of


souls, And smile away your fears. 2 Though wolves and lions prowl around,

His staff is your defence: 'Midst sands and rocks your SHEPHERD's voice

Calls streams and pastures thence. 3 Your FATHER will a kingdom give,

And give it with delight;
His feeblest child His love shall call

To triumph in His sight.
4 Ten thousand praises, LORD, we bring

For sure supports like these :
And o'er the pious dead we sing

Thy living promises.
5 For all we hope, and they enjoy,

We bless a SAVIOUR Š Name;
Nor shall that stroke disturb the song,

Which breaks this mortal frame.

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