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Ground of confidence and joy.
i Now I have found the ground wherein

Sure my soul's anchor may remain ;
The wounds of Jesus for my sin,

Before the world's foundation slain;

shall unshaken stay, When heav'n and earth ate fled away. 2 FATHER, thine everlasting grace

Our scanty thoughts surpasses far:
Thy heart still melts with tenderness;

Thy arms of love still open are,
Returning sinners to receive,

That mercy they may taste, and live. 3 O Love, thou bottomless abyss!

My sins åre swallow'd up in Thee'; Cover'd is my unrighteousness,

Nor spot of guilt remains on me, While Jesu's blood, through earth and skies,

Mercy free, boundless Mercy, cries ! 4. By faith I plunge me in this sea,

Here is my hope, my joy, my rest; Hither, when hell assails, I flee;

I look into my SAVIOUR's breast : Away, sad doubt, and anxious fear,

Mercy is all that's written there. 5 Though waves and storms go o'er my head;

Tho'strength, and health, and friends be gone; Though joys be wither'd all and dead;

Though ev'ry comfort be withdrawn;
On this my stedfast soul relies,
FATHER, Thy mercy never dies,

6 Fixt on this ground will I remain,

Though my heart fail, and flesh decay; This anchor shall my soul sustain,

When earth's foundations melt away; Mercy's full pow'r I then shall prove, Lov'd with an everlasting Love.


Comfort derived from God's presence.
1 My God, the spring of all my joys,

The life of my delights,
The glory of my brightest days,

And comfort of my nights ;
2 In darkest shades if He appear,

My dawning is begun:
He is my soul's bright morning-star,

And Xe my rising sun.

3 The op'ning heav'ns around me shine

With beams of sacred bliss,
While JESUS shows His mercy mine,

And whispers, I am His.

4 My soul would leave this heavy clay

At that transporting word, Run up with joy the shining way

To see and praise my LORD.
5 Fearless of hell and ghastly death,

I'd break through ev'ry foe:
The wings of love and arms of faith

Would bear me conq'ror through.

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1 LORD, how secure and bless'd are they

Who feel the joys of pardon'd sin !
Should storms of wrath shake earth and sea,

Their minds have heav'n and peace within.

2 The day glides sweetly o'er their heads, Made


of innocence and love; And soft and silent as the shades

Their nightly minutes gently move.

3 Quick as their thoughts their joys come on,

But fly not half so swift away; Their souls are ever bright at noon,

And calm as summer ev’nings be.

4 How oft they look to th' heav'nly hills

Where groves of living pleasure grow! And longing hopes, and cheerful smiles,

Sit undisturb’d upon their brow. 5 They scorn to seek our golden toys,

But spend the day, and share the night, In numb'ring o'er the richer joys

That heav'n prepares for their delight.

6 While wretched we, like worms and moles,

Lie grov'lling in the dust below: Almighty grace! renew our souls,

And we'll aspire to glory too.


God our only happiness.

1 My God, my portion, and my love!

My everlasting all!
I've none but Thee in heav'n above,

Or on this earthly ball,

2 What empty things are all the skies,

And this inferior clod! There's nothing here deserves my joys,

There's nothing like my God. 3 To Thee we owe' our wealth, and friends,

And health, and safe abode;
Thanks to Thy Name for meaner things,

But they are not my GOD.

4 How vain a toy is glitt ring wealth,

If once compard to Thee!
Or what's my safety, or my health,

Or all my friends, to me?

5 Were I possessor of the earth,

And call'd the stars my own, Without Thy graces and Thyself,

I were a wretch undone.

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6 Let others stretch their arms abroad,

And grasp at earthly store, Grant me the visits of my GOD,

And I desire no more.


God our All in All.
1 My God, my life, my love!

To Thee, to Thee I call :
I cannot live if Thou remove,

For Thou art all in all. 2

Thy shining grace can cheer

This dungeon where I dwell; 'Tis paradise when Thou art here,

If Thou depart, 'tis hell. 3 The smilings of Thy face,

How comforting they are!
s!l heav'n to rest in Thine embrace;

And no where else but there.
To Thee, to Thee alone,

The angels owe their bliss ;
They sit around Thý gracious throne,

And dwell where Jesus is. 5 Not all the harps above

Can make a heav'nly place,
If God His residence remove,

Or but conceal His face. 6 Nor earth, nor all the sky

Can one delight afford,
No, not a drop of real joy,

Without Thy presence, LORD. 7 Thou art the sea of love

Where all my pleasures roll, The circle where my passions move,

The centre of my soul.

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